HBUS – Exclusive US Partner of Huobi Exchange!

hello everybody how are you doing today this is crypto Rick and today I want to talk about something a little different I know we talk about a ton of icos but I really am proud to say my channel is all things crypto it's icos its investment platforms and today it's going to be about an exchange in an exchange partner so hbus we are getting ready to launch hbus what this is is this is the u.s. partner for the Hobie exchange and if you don't know about what the Hobie exchange do some research I'll put the link in the description as well this is a very very rapidly growing exchange one of the top exchanges in the world right now and hbus is going to be the strategic US partner for them so if you don't know what Hobie means I actually got got a little fun I got to figure out exactly what that means in Chinese it means hot coin so you know it's it's these these guys are listening hot coins these guys are a hot coin and now being able to break into the US market here soon but with the partnership with hbus is going to be an absolute home run for all partners all investors in this platform and the coins that are on this platform as well so there's a couple of things that I wanted to talk about first things first is they're celebrating right this is an exciting day for everybody in the crypto world if you understand what this means you're right there with us if you don't understand what this means come check it out I want you guys to check out the website check out the telegrams and do your research on the Hobie exchange as well as what this means for for the crypto world in general especially those of us here in the US but they are celebrating like I said and by celebrating they're given some stuff away you can win up to point 1 BTC and a hundred days of zero fee trading right so that's pretty sweet I know a lot of us love to trade and don't really love the fees so this is cool a hundred days of free trading and point one BTC 4 for a little bit of a giveaway so it's pretty cool join here join the waiting list to get notified when they launched you simply enter your email address in here and click notify me now a little bit of about hbus well it's an exclusive us partner with the Hobie exchange hbus strives to be the reliable and efficient marketplace for a rich selection of high-quality virtual currencies high quality virtual currencies guys also known as hot coins right we've got quite a few hot coins on the market right now and we will make sure that they are listed here on the HP u.s. exchange so these guys here are gonna have obviously a competitive marketplace and a genuine potential to revolutionize the future of Finance now the US market is is a very very important market not just for regulation and all that but also monetarily wise when the US market starts jumping into things like like crypto and getting more and more exchanges that's going to grow the the market cap that's gonna grow the media attention and that's gonna grow the investments going into the crypto segments so the more the merrier registration is almost happening here so then what they're saying here is due to overwhelming demand we had to postpone the launch to accommodate the account creation requests in the deposit volume in other words they don't want to open up prematurely and have issues and errors this is way too important to not do right so they appreciate our patience while we work to augment in the infrastructure capacity to ensure a smooth and enjoyable launch for our customers I think we can all understand how important it is that if we're gonna be sending Bitcoin or aetherium or any of our our high dollar coins or valuable money to one of these exchanges we don't want to have issues we don't want to see delays and have website bugs and crashes and things like that so these guys are doing it right they're putting in the legwork right now to make sure when they do open up and they do launch that they already because they know how big this is and they know what this demand is really gonna be this is going to absolutely explode right out of the gates there's there's simply no way around it that the Hobie exchange is too big and the US market is just in such a need for for more competitive exchanges that that this is gonna be a home run for us BTC giveaway guys so here we go this is what we got to do 1000 USD t plus level two verification so once registration begins users who deposit at least a thousand dollars in value of USD t the equivalent so it can be in in coin as well and complete level to verification that way they know that you're not just making a bunch of accounts to try to win can win up to point one BTC in 100 days of zero fee trading in accordance with the Official Rules below so USB I'm sorry you be HP us will rank the users based on time of completion of the deposit and verification tasks users in each rank category will win corresponding prizes when in the form of BTC prizes and zero fee trades so that's pretty cool so they're gonna have as you can see 10000 winners the top one one person will win point one BTC and 100 days of fee free trading number two through ten point zero five BTC each with 60 days 11 through 100 point zero one BTC in 50 days 101 to 1000 point zero zero to five and forty days and one thousand and one to ten thousand point zero zero one and 30 days of fee free training so get signed up here as soon as you can be quick and get your stuff in there get yourself registered get yourself verified make sure that you get your deposit in there as soon as it opens up that way you are eligible for some free BTC and some free trading I think this is a win-win and this is an exchange that you're probably going to end up using anyway because if it's if it's anything like Hobie this is gonna be an absolute win for everybody here in in our US market so this is an absolute win for us I'm pumped up I'm excited I've joined them the mailing list and I've also done a couple things that I would go ahead and say you should probably do two if you're really interested in hbus I would say join their social media join in on the group a telegram group they have a telegram group right now very very active join that community see what they're all about get to talk to some of the admins here go on their Facebook their Twitter their reddit check them out do your research and see you will see exactly what I see and that is a huge huge potential here check it out let me know what you guys think in the comments below if you have any questions I'll do my best to answer them this is the first of many videos i'm sure that i'm gonna do on this exchange because i am super excited about it I am ready for more competition in the US market for exchanges and I love what I've seen so far with the Hobby exchange so seeing a strategic US partner that's great news for somebody like me who is is located in the US and is just chomping at the bit for more legit and that's the keyword legit exchanges competing and as we know competition always breeds success for everybody that the companies will get better and the users like ourselves will have a better experience the more competition there is so welcome hbus we are excited let's celebrate their launch let's get ourselves joined in the the notified list here that way we know when their exhaust and we can get ourselves registered verified and deposited and get some free Bitcoin and some free trading days so that's all I have for you today on hbus much more to come thank you guys very much for your time and until next time happy crypto hunting

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