HBUS CEO Frank Fu: HBUS ≠ Huobi US

can you test who you are why you're here for this human I am the CEO of H bus which is a virtual currency marketplace based in San Francisco and you guys are the separate company of Hobie or do you guys are working – we are independent entity not affiliation of huapi H bus is the virtual asset exchange platform in the marketplace that offers the trading training trading marketplace for subscribers and investors so what's your plan for this year our plan for this year is to add a few additional members to our organization to build our build up our team to increase our user base to do branding and a product marketing gada this is a lot of things you guys are focusing well it's actually essentially just a one thing to offer our subscribers the best use experience together was the security and compliance what are the most challenge stuff out there the the most challenging I would say is to use experience and delivering what subscribers are actually looking for okay the blockchain technology is the building blocks the tokens are the incentives everything else are part of the ecosystem and we are – as part of the ecosystem can you tell us what's your background and work will be the most challenging saying for the field I used to have my own startups in digital media space I also invest in blockchain startups previously I also worked as global head for may 2 and Kingsoft office software wow that's a lot of experience any of the comments for today's event do you think HBase is here what'd you grab most of it out of this today yes it's a very important event we announced two things one is the launch of H bus product and services here in the US officially and also secondly in my appointment my appointment has a CEO congratulations okay so how BIG's your team and what's the goal of the hire so you guys are so new right now right definitely you guys are hiring a bunch of people who are the people you guys are going to hire we have several dozens of engineers and marketing folks in organizations already we will continue to hire and not only developers for the marketing as well as user acquisition experts so please spread the word for us they help us to hire sure what is the H best culture look like we work very hard we are loyal we play in a team and we also have a lot of fun okay so as a CEO and also as entrepreneur yourself what has the most challenging things for people like you the most challenging element would be to secure a resource account and budget funding for the team increase our traffic a subscriber base and to launched our branding efforts anything more you want to share with our viewers so our viewers a lot of people are entrepreneurs startup animals technology people and also like youtubers have tons of followers on YouTube well if you organize a few events in a Silicon Valley or any other places you know in a United States we'd love to participate and they'd love to meet in person and share more ideas and thoughts okay thank you so much for your interest

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