Has FaceBook Libra Started the Next Bull Run? [BLOCKHEAD NEWS#25]

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slo was more crypto gains what’s going on guys welcome to blockhead crypto news
let’s get right into it it’s been a pretty awesome week man
I cannot complain let’s turn on our streamers so we got our prices up here
so right off the bat market cap 324 billion things are looking good Bitcoin
had that nice nice little pump it jumped off actually it kind of jumped
off there was a if you were watching there was actually a four bar set up
which is common for a breakout if you have four bars so yeah we we spiked up
there nicely it was over 11 K and now we’re holding nicely at ten six eight
eight you know a lot of the alts you know we had a little movement but I mean
obviously it’s not that pump that everyone was waiting for yet east not
too bad not too bad 308 through nine litecoin at 140
our beloved tron at point zero three seven you know this just blows my mind
that Tron just does not overtake card a no but as you can see it is a supply
situation so in essence we’re actually if that was 75 three times 3x we are
trending ahead of Cardno in the sense if cardano’s supply was similar to ours
tron would be ahead I just yeah nothing against card oh no I just you know I’m
not a big fan and I really don’t have any in my bag so yeah overall not a bad
week I can’t complain so let’s talk about the news
Bitcoin surge over ten thousand bombs traders as shorts 64 million dollars
Fred so this is an example again where I
stress bit max is gambling it is gambling you were better just to
accumulate you know invest a small amount that you can afford to lose and
just sit on it man crypto has come in mass adoption has
come in it takes time but if you try to beat the system the system will usually
always beat you and it will beat you hard so basically what this surge over
10k means is that on bit mix the shorts had a stop price and their stops got
called out and everybody got liquidated so somebody made a lot of money so again
in my opinion bit max risky risky risky stay away from it cryptocurrency scams
are coming back in full force okay so if you’ve been watching Twitter and some of
the other things this is very very important as this market starts to pump
again the scammers come out to play and never it especially if you’ve been
through the 17 bull run the scams were rampant and quite honestly you’re just
better best to stay with known entities that have actually been through the
crypto winter and are still around a lot of the new stuff I just tread lightly
with it because like I said with this newfound money becomes greed and
believability and people will be scamming yeah so now what you all when
waiting for BTC will bounce to eleven point eight K correct ultra pump for 80
days so this is this has been tough man this has been tough because everyone’s
been waiting for this massive pump and everyone’s like man this big only gonna
go up and then the alts aren’t you know like I was looking at a graph of Tron
the other day and let’s see I’ll show you what I was talking about
so Bitcoin in 2017 when it was let’s see if it’s go to all okay seventeen so
let’s look at November of seventeen we were sitting at about BTC Oh November
yeah it was around nine ten K so let’s just let’s just we’ll say yeah
was around ten K November 25th so now if we go back and we look at Tron November
25th oh okay right yeah it was Oh point zero zero five so there’s a gap
there’s a gap it’s if you overlay these charts they don’t match up so it’s gonna
be very interesting to see what happens with these alts but anyways what the
news articles talking about is is that flow back so what happens is everyone’s
like well why are the old skin a pump a lot of it has to do with basically the
money races to BTC BTC pumps but then the people look at their BTC and they’re
like mmm I could get these alts really cheap so it creates a surge of volume
back and it’s kind of it’s called the drip back and yeah but yeah so just have
faith be patient if you chase BTC it will probably correct and then you’re
also go so I mean I look at BTC as an accumulate don’t try to chase after the
price if you want if you want SATs just get your SATs but bouncing around
trading it’s just it’s very risky because then you know the ult’s when the
old do go they just take off like a rocket and then you’re chasing it and
since it’s a good way to get wrecked so anyways
blockchain firm Hedrick claims Facebook Libre copied so this is this is very
funny well not funny haha but Facebook by
making all their big profound statements they’re gonna be under a lot of fire so
basically a company is saying that they they you know they copied their idea
well you know crypto basically I see like I said I see Libre as a PayPal but
the big the big reason why Libre is so important to the crypto space is the
size of their network Facebook has a two million plus size of network so it’s
going to push crypto out to everybody and if people have Libra then they’re
like oh maybe I want some trunk maybe I want some Bitcoin so the this is like
letting the lion out of the cage once it’s out its out and there’s
nothing you can do about it but his vision of creating this global currency
you know you have to be realistic they’re not gonna let me facebook pal
somebody in Zimbabwe and send Libra to them it’s not gonna happen because the
government on their side is gonna block plus kyc and AML it bottom line crypto
moving forward it is there was gonna be kyc and AML you can’t send nothing to
nothing that is gonna be the future that’s gonna how it’s gonna be you know
all this thing of sending global payments and stuff you know it’s a great
idea but governments don’t want that and as a result you know you’re just you’re
gonna have KYC naml they want to know who and where and when the money is
going to and there’s gonna be limits on the amount so enough about that but
overall Libre is good for the crypto space because of the introduction I mean
think about it in a way it’s the largest bank in the world in the sense of all
these people two billion people or in the same Bank so we’ll see what happens anonymous developer Forks Libra
blockchain so somebody Libra classic this is hilarious so someone is already
forked of the project and this you know this goes back to scams and such someone
is going to create Libra classic this is so funny don’t know much about it but
once the secret room in Sedona was if Libra Libra classic this is hilarious
actually you know what I’m gonna try to find the Libra classic telegrams II see
we can get to it oh nice I’ll leave a link below to the Libra
classic nice Lyra ice all right so yeah no no man yeah so anyways Libra classic
telegram group this is funny but you get the idea
let’s move on a theorem set to surge by nine hundred percent according to crypto
analysts so this is something I was overlooking eath was a hundred dollars I
mean let’s just put that in perspective man that is just massive growth I’ll do
a three-month oh my goodness gains three hundred percent bro so anyways the
reason eath is so important is decentralized
finance is coming to blockchain and eath is going to be the the the vehicle which
that is going to happen on so I yes actually yesterday I bought my first
eve yes I have have one but I will be taking some of my divs and trying to
collect some eath as we go along you know just because it is looking very
good with all the upgrades to their network
and there’s a lot of new developments and things and defy these centralized
finance is the buzzword that is the buzzword so moving on
more–the news my ether wallet steps in to defy with maker dao integration so a
lot of people talk about maker and the the leveraging and the ether wallet is
getting an upgrade to do that and this you know like I said this just cement
smore that you know eath is here to stay because I know a lot of people were like
Manny’s brew drift and eath kind of seems to be lagging behind bitcoins
rally but that’s what it does the last time in the bull run in 17 II
just sat there boom doing nothing and then boom it went up you know so don’t
want to miss out on those gains it’s cheap you know it’s definitely a good
one to own in a bottle alright it’s drawn trying to reduce his launch of
stable point TRX D on the blockchain so we got
another stable coin after really the update so this is the main net update to
Tron and we’re getting TR XD today our DX D will be available on carbons
website along with whether a carbons modular Fiat on an off-ramp plus fiber
gets integrated and using an automated Clearing House deposit and wire
transfers so this is cool this is basically just another on ramp to get
Fiats you know switched over into crypto so definitely good news for the network
coinbase CFO overstock security tokens are the future okay gotta give it a
little baby pump but you know I know if you followed my channel early on I was a
raven fanatic and being transparent you know I held my
Raven I mind it for over a year and actually a lot of my gains and my
portfolio were from Raven as I moved into Tron I wish I wouldn’t have sold as
much as I did and wish I had more as you can see we just had this massive blast
off I think I think I sold around four cents or so a decent amount of my stack
so I’m actually trying to rebuild my stack and it’s kind of good we’re seeing
a trade sideways but if you’re not familiar with the Raven coin project
basically allows you to issue assets on blockchain so the concept moving forward
into the future would be that you know companies like Apple Tesla all these
companies would actually issue their stock shares has a crypto token based on
the blockchain similar on how on Tron how you can create tokens you create
these sto security tokens on the blockchain and they would represent so
if I wanted to send my buddy a share of Apple I could just pull my wallet up
send it boom you know I personally do have you know a couple asset names
myself on the Raven coin Network but I’m just sitting on them for now because you
could create names of assets so yeah but we’ll see how that goes I’m sitting on
that for a while you know who knows someday maybe my my Raven coin asset
name will be worth something but anyways we’ll see we’ll see if there’s overtakes
or anything like that of people trying to take over people’s names but you know
Raven point initially pumped it is proof-of-work on the X 16 our
and you know it’s kind of going sideways so people stop talking about it as much
but you know you have bruce fenton and overstock and all that you know and
t0 yeah they were supposed to be doing something with you know with the Raven
coin but yeah it’s it’s tough to say but anyways so don’t forget about stos if
you don’t have a little raven it’s always good to add a little bit to your
stack could be pretty awesome in the future what a job promotion learn
blockchain so Ashley I’ve been struggling with this a little bit you
know a social influencer and stuff I spend a lot of my time making videos for
you guys in the community trying to keep you up-to-date on crypto but you know
moving forward with these centralized finance and such blockchain programmers
are going to be on like on fire like it’s going to be very high demand for
anybody that can do blockchain and you know I’ve thought of you know just
trying to you know myself get to a situation where you know I can learn
some solidity or you know stuff like that a little exciting but you know it’s
really just finding the time for it and you know trying to leverage that moving
into the future but we’ll see so yeah so if you’re looking for a career in this
future you know blockchain is definitely a cool place to be
let’s see onto the DAP alright looking at app analytics 2800 anyone dabs one
hundred eighty one thousand users so this is interesting though you know I’m
looking on analytics top dot review only a hundred eighty thousand users imagine
imagine if we could get that up higher and it would be awesome it just kind of
shows you that the daps are really under rated right now as far as what you you
know what you can get looking at the 90 day forecast on Tron
we can see that the number of gaps is still increasing volume is trading
sideways the users are down just a bit so it is pre-emptive to say that dabs
are dead most definitely not dead you know they’re going through stages and
yeah they’re just they’re going through different stages and such so if you look
on the top ranking of course you have drawn dead at the top shun trade you
really can’t look at users per se because of the bots drawn up 888 Ron ace
you know pretty much just the dice platforms and such so yeah but with that
being said looking at what is new on the gap space so it looks like you know just
some more casinos and stuff which you know / yeah just I’m really not
interested in any of that because it’s just an easy way to get rekt tron owls
don’t know what that is oh geez say bye now al token cost will
grow 10 for some one percent yeah Mystikal game with earnings of
cryptocurrency oh geez yeah not really too interested in that as far as iOS t
not much to report there I do have a stake at Lee people leave a poll is
which one is that it is a place to earn or dips now I had been playing iOS to
play but I am on staking my coins and quite honestly I’m probably just going
to sell my coins because the divs just
really aren’t the greatest I know I did a previous video of the Dex where now
you can get rid of your iOS T coins and this is this is the tip that I gave to
my users is I honestly think this platform will kind of crash the price of
a lot of these tokens just because you know there’s gonna be an oversupply but
yeah I don’t know so anyways oh and other news boom the
bank roll teespring shop is open pretty awesome – spring comm stores bankroll –
network so anyone looking to get some sweet bankroll gear I actually had a
t-shirt coming in I’m super excited and actually there may be a limited edition
crypto slow bankroll collaboration t-shirt that will be available as well
so definitely exciting news on the bankroll Network and you never know what
kind of surprises in the DAP space bank teller has yeah so you know another side
of things I wanted to talk about you know just touch base on credits you know
a lot of people are saying you know hey slobo why would I get into credits it’s
a stable coin it’s it’s not a ponzi it’s not a pyramid
it’s just basically people moving in and out of the network you get divs well the
answer is as these like I said on these daps a lot of these coins you get
destroyed on price when there becomes oversupply that doesn’t happen with
credits credits is a stable point it’s a place to park your TRX but people are
like well you know the the fees in and out the banker fee is in and out
hi how am I gonna ever recover from those that is not the point the point is
as we go into the bull run and TRX goes the Fiat value will easily cover your
fees in most cases now is there a guarantee the Tron is gonna moon no but
do I think it’s probable in my own personal opinion you know definitely
definitely also don’t forget about the air air is the free push a button that’s
all you do is just push the button and you can win 100 credits no strings
attached it’s not gambling it’s no luck it’s just a button you push the button
you win you could win a free hundred credits so very very cool yeah so that
is a bankroll Network so yeah that’s my view on it it’s basically it’s basically
a safe place to put your divs and earn divs as we move into the bull market and
then you know once the bull market happens and then let’s say Tron’s 10 20
30 40 cents it’s going to be hard to get a position in a platform like this where
it says good right now because the TRX is lower so that is it that is this
week’s news I really do appreciate you guys watching I appreciate the community
I’ll leave a link down to the bankroll t-shirt shop if you want to get some of
that gear and we appreciate you supporting the bankroll Network I will
add I am not part of the team official team on bankroll I am just a user like
everybody else but I am an admin in the bankroll group community and tried to
contribute to the community so that’s it this is crypto slo we’ve been not
talking gains then we’re not talking

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