18 thoughts on “Harmony Update | Next Generation Sharding-Based Blockchain | BlockchainBrad | Binance IEO”

  1. Nice presentation Nick as you simply explain Sharding. Harmony is applying sharding in a different way! That’s what makes the difference for them.

  2. Well there are so many blockchain companies that competing for this space even our beloved ETH 2.0 is coming with there own sharding technique how do you think they will compete with those projects which are currently valued at over billions of dollars.

  3. Well done Brad, always bringing in the quality interviews. I was wondering when update would be on the way from last vid

  4. I do not want brad to be another pump n dumper. That’s what Harmony will be. Wait and watch. They sponsored 10s of videos in last 1 week and releasing a mergre % for public sale.

  5. First time ever in 18 months I gave Brad’s video a negative review. Not brad’s fault but because the Harmony team is a bunch of dishonest arseholes.

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