46 thoughts on “Harmony – Major Ethereum Competitor To Rock Crypto Economy – Hot Binance IEO”


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  2. Hi Lark, love your work as always. Any thoughts on Sentivate SNTVT and their plans to revolutionize the web.

  3. Chico Crypto is calling out Harmony. Posted you in the recent Pump & Dump video. What's your thoughts on that, Lark?

  4. Nice review from crypto Lark as always. had my eye on Harmony, but you making a review on it makes me even more interested.

  5. #Dataism#AntiGAFA @TheCryptoLark. Check our Scott Scheper and Arie Trouw as well. They run a great company called XY – The persistent Company. They and a team of talented individuals created a Cryptocurrency called XYO. They even have a song by DJ XO and Drumma Boy ? Pretty cool song lol


  6. Just look 4 another videos about Harmony and found that this is the best 😉 Don't waste your time guys for other videos.

  7. Nick, he is quite confident in answering all the stuffs. Time will tell how capable the project is but very few project is so much informative and transparent. I appreciate the details on token release schedule file.

  8. Yet another Hype IEO from Binance. Another Credits in the making LOL. Claiming 110K tps on a controlled environment may be equal to 10 tps on real mainnet LOL. Get you mainnet to work before you start comparing with other proven blockchains.

  9. A factor we should take a look at is the capacity of the harmony team. The unity and harmony between them is great , this is essential for the project growth and success.

  10. Sigh… Another "Ethereum killer" initiative. There are many good projects with huge development teams behind it, like Aeternity, that are already alive and kicking. Of course competition is good, but the argument of "scaling" is already addressed by the existing 30+ Ethereum killer projects…There is more required than just scaling to create a full Dapp ecosystem.

  11. Harmony (ONE) Token – New IEO From Binance, the Coin Will Be Listed Soon!

  12. Yeah! Harmony is great. But we need to wait their maiinet and see how they will work. I'm in crypto since 2017 and I'v already seen 100500 killers of ethereum. But all of them didn't kill it 😉

  13. Whoa! 40k nodes with 200 shards giving 118k TPS is pretty amazing. BTW crypto lark thanks for the interview video 🙂

  14. Harmony really do come across as genuine people that wan to help the community and devs. I think this will proceed more success in the future

  15. just to show a perspective of different project aiming at the same target : Fantom / FTM – 70k testnet tps, 0.7 sec finality, unlimited validating nodes, turing complete VM, low fixed cost transactions – hard to beat…

  16. Come on, guys, do you really think that harmony can compete with etherium? Vitalik is a genius, eth tothemoon!!

  17. Thanks for this great interview, it’s nice to hear from NIck. I can see the brilliance from his presentation and it gave me more confidence about harmony project.

  18. If this is the fastest blockchain, then one of the main problems will be solved, and the blockchain will reach a new level. good video

  19. no thanks, ill stick with investing in MATIC… best IEO of the year no doubt.. real life partnerships, backed by Coinbase and Binance, real world utility for scaling the King of platform crypto, ETH.. with ETH scaling nobody will need a competitor, ETH all the way with MATIC powering the scaling. MATTIC and ETH will be HUGE!!

  20. Thanks Crypto Lark for the interview. More insight into Harmony for those who are preparing to participate in this hot IEO.

  21. So what is the application? Like real use case? So many projects build their own blockchains, but who is using them? Why do I need one more? How do I or average Joe benefit from yet another blockchain? Too many words for me, but zero benefit.
    P. S. A quick flip is amazing, but apart of that…

  22. Looks like it could go some places. 12 600 000 000 tokens is not to many at a price of 0.00317. Am buying when they are on secondary markets, assuming if it drops back down to 0.005.

  23. I fail to see a real benefit in Harmony – great team no doubt, but how many crypto coins can eventually have a place in the world. Always someone looking for money claiming some vague BS – good luck to anyone investing.

  24. He kept saying "That's a very good question " over and over again ,trouble is they were. Excellent interview.

  25. Well Lark, I gots to say pooh to Harmony, I don't trust another low cap coin, but most of all I don't trust ANYONE from, googly goo and Harvard school + that dude don't seem too into his hustle, just my OPiNION!

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