Happy 100k Youtube Subscribers! 5,000 pesos GIVE AWAY!!!

Hello and welcome back to my channel! And because we are noe reaching 100,000 subscribers is we are having 5,000 pesos free give away! I will show you later the mechanics how to join and ofcourse, everyone can join and everyone can win the prize! We will be having 10 winners of 500 pesos each and it will be sent to your coins ph So all in all, thats 5000 pesos give away for today And the result will be posted in my Telegram Channel which is extrang pera online to see if you are one of the lucky winners. For now, i already have 99,328 youtube subscribers and so close to reach the 100,000 . Thank you all for watching, subscribing, liking and sharing my videos and i am so grateful because without having you all, i am not here right now. Okay. enough of that i will now show you the rules and mechanics how you can join this 5,000 give away. This is my rules and mechanics ofcourse you must subcribe to my Youtube Channel so we can reach the 100,000 youtube subcribers. And also, subcribe to my Telegram Channel. This will be mechanis you should enter in the comment section. Alright, so in comment section please comment the following: Number 1, guess my birth year. No need for specific date, all i need is the BIRTH YEAR. Do not worry because you have choices. Choose between year 1900 up to year 2000. Good thing is that you can guess 2 years and attempt. Number 2, enter your telegram username. This is important, i can know if you really are subscribing in my telegram channel. Number 3, enter your Coins Ph (PHP wallet address) All i need is your PHP wallet address, not BTC. You will be the one who will decide if you win the 500 pesos you can convert it to BTC, you can use to as a prepaid load or use it to cash out. And number 4, give a message to my Youtube Channel. Here are the example format how you can make it as a comment. 1) Guess the birth year you can enter 1990, 1991 or choose between 1990 up to 2000 2) Telegram username mine is abmp23 3) Coins ph PHP wallet address 4) Your message to your Youtube channel like for example “Thank you and congrats!” Alright! Thats the rules and mechanics how to join the give away. Take note: 1 comment for every channel only So if you duplicate your comment I will consider the first comment you made. Thats how easy to join! and God bless and goodluck for guessing. Once again, thank you all for subscribing, for liking, for commenting and for sharing my Youtube Videos! Stay tuned at my Telegram Channel for the announcement of winners. Thank you again for watching, this is Aiza Mercado again and happy 100,000 youtube subcribers! God bless and have a great day!

100 thoughts on “Happy 100k Youtube Subscribers! 5,000 pesos GIVE AWAY!!!”

  1. 1. 1994,1997
    2. Wala po ako telegram sana okay lang ?
    3. 3BexgKvkRsaDCXVf75F2oE78oMYDX83Fab
    4. Salamat po sa mga videos na binahagi mo samin . More earnings to come ? . CONGRATS & GOD BLESS po ate Aiza ?

  2. 1.) 1993, 1995
    2.) Nikko Salac
    4.) Thank you po Ate Aiza sa channel na ito. Dame konapo natry sa mga videos mo and dame kona din po kinita.
    More power and videos pa po.
    Salamaaaat, congrats and God bless you po.
    – Philippians 4:13
    – Jeremiah 29:11

  3. 1) 1998, 1999
    2) Mitchie mae Mirador
    4) ayieee 100,000 subscriber kana ateee We will continue supporting your channel till you reach 1000,000 subs and more subs to come poo CONGRATS ate aizaaa thank you din po sa pag sheshare nyo ng mga helpful na apps and website para maka earn po ng extrang peraaa More power Ate aiza ❤??

  4. 1.) 1995,1994
    2.) Alywithrose
    3.) 4a4cb53300834c42a78f22231c2638bc
    4.) Thankyouuu sa pag share at sinusubukan ko mga shineshare mo na online kitaan. Nageenjoy ako panoorin mga vids mo. Continue sharing! ??

  5. 1. 1993/1994
    2. @mojitaeto
    3. 3HPq3KhVxh48R6mmfA3VcZZBmuTDfUHXAU
    4. Thank you for your legits tips and tricks! Hoping for more videos that will help alot of people especially students like me. Thank you and congrats Ate Aiza! ❤

  6. 1, 1993, 1995
    2,angelica baldomar
    4,god bless po sayo ang dami mong natulungan and thank you kasi isa n ako dun.

  7. 1. 1994, 1996
    2. Calhy
    3. 3M1S4KnAZKqm5e7gbjGSiJFFBYhJd39ELM
    4. Thank you and Congrats po!! More Blessings and Earnings to come ??

  8. 1) 1992, 1996
    4) Congrats! More vids to come and god bless you. Thank you!! 🙂

  9. 1. 1994,1996
    2. regz004
    3. 3CtUQbs7gaxuaJgan4VqYpRqD7nKrbpoVP
    4. Thank you Aiza sa pag inspired sakin sa lahat ng videos mo, kahit wala pako naccash-out sa mga yun dahil hirap sa internet, sinusubukan ko padin. Bihira lang ako mag YouTube pero nung napanood ko lahat ng videos mo nakakatuwa kasi tinatry mo yung best mo para makatulong sa iba. So yun lang. Just keep on posting and i will always be your follower… labyu! ? God bless you

  10. 1.) 1996,1997
    2.) Levi CubaJr
    3.) 3NoktPtJRSJPg27mKwL4yGKMEva4UdrvBZ
    4.) Thank you po ma,am Aiza Ikaw sa PH tunay na Legit nag vlog salamat po……

  11. 1. 1993,1994
    2. karl benedic garcia ( @karlbenedic)
    3. 3DtxKRbQqjgVy7PRyw6n6V58dTyFFyFuKf
    4. I am your subscriber when you were only 4000 subscriber.
    I need now because as I am a student, I need more allowance dor the sake of my grades and I will tell you that I am an honor student eventually I am a scholar. I am only grade 8 student but my mind is open for these opportunities. So please ms. aiza. Thank more power and god bless

  12. 1. 1993,1994
    2. karl benedic garcia ( @karlbenedic)
    3. 3DtxKRbQqjgVy7PRyw6n6V58dTyFFyFuKf
    4. I am your subscriber when you were only 4000 subscriber.
    I need now because as I am a student, I need more allowance dor the sake of my grades and I will tell you that I am an honor student eventually I am a scholar. I am only grade 8 student but my mind is open for these opportunities. So please ms. aiza. Thank more power and god bless

  13. 1993,195
    Mark Lister Gaza
    Congrats po ate Aiza sana po umabot ng 1M subscribe ka yun lng po salamat sana manalo ako hehehe

  14. 1.1995,1995
    4.Keep downloading about earning money! marami po kayo natutulongan! goodluck! keep it up!

  15. 1. 1996, 1995
    2. Eddie S
    3. 3EL5SjNhZ4iBykM9w4ixC2xsvDKwgoNSjB
    4. More subscribers to come and more power!!!

  16. 1. 1994,1995
    2.John harvey Sarno
    4.Congrats and thank you sa pag share paano kumita online kahit konti lng thank you po

  17. 1. 1995,1996
    2. Clarence Villanueva
    3. 3GPj7NXwQNqy8oe3Nva2cgBapSJseSVhbK
    4. Congrats! Road to 100k Subscribers! God bless you! ?

  18. 1.)1993, 1995
    2.) FelipeFloresent
    4.)sana mapili ako kasi lagi akong nanunood sa mga videos mo nung pagkita ko sa channel mo ?

  19. 1.) 1993, 1996

    2.) @oliver119

    3.) 44abe799287c458883ecf7d4969619a4

    4.) Congrats po and Thanks for sharing "God Bless".

  20. 1. 1996, 1997
    2. Michelle Nardo
    3. 35W4HbUy1UXneC9UmPoudjtgnU4tzQCYp1
    4.Congrats idol! More power Ms. Aiza.??

  21. 1)1996, 1997
    2)none Telegram account

    4)Thank you po sa mga videos na ginawa nyo at tips at kung pano lumaki ang bitcoin.

  22. 1)1990,1997
    2)James Alcala
    4)sana po mas dumami pa ang pa give away nyo at ang mga subscribers nyo po congrats po?

  23. 1. 1994, 1995
    2. Jhelai01
    3. 3HxHR4ogg35bpxnNidGLyGSxR56buTDysb
    4. Congrats Ms Aiza s 100k YouTube subscribers!

  24. 1. 1990,1993
    2. Roselle
    4. Thank you miss aiza sa mga video mo…dahil sayo may mga extra income din ako….godbless you always!!!

  25. 1)1999,2000
    2)Shido kun
    3) 3FUTFR8oASWDDuSAeLpKxiMLDhhVsShs2N
    4)Thank you and congrats pagbutihan mo pa gumawa ng video

  26. 1) 1992,1993

    2) none 🙁
    3) 32efUvwiXBwFKaQrZR69bm9ptCV7PRC9Va
    4) Thank you and Congrats Ate Aiza <3! Ang cute niyo po pati ng boses mo!

  27. 1. 1994,1995
    2. metometo
    4. Thank you po . And congrats sana dumami pa po .

  28. 1995/1996
    Ruth Ramos
    Congrats po. You deserve 100k subscribers kasi beneficial yung tutorials mo samin. Road to 1m na yan. More videos and earnings to come po

  29. 1992, 1994
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge to us. Road to gold button?

  30. 1.) 1992,1993
    2.) Kojelicious
    3.) 3QyGRkvrMbyFwmxDpCxWJbJGehggfeVEDW
    4.) Thank you Aiza! Congrats BTW. Kakafollow lang kita pero I'm interested in following your videos and looking forward to be friends =)

  31. 1.) 1999, 2000
    2.) Ian Unso Pajaron
    4.) ATEE!! Thankyou talaga sa lahat ng tulong mo saamin. Ikaw po yung nakita kong very responsable pag dating sa mga subscriber. Talagang iniisa isa niyo talaga kami tulungan para matuto. Ang dapat po sa inyo 500k subscriber dahil sobrang bait niyo po sa amin. Kahit paulit ulit na mga tanong namin. IM SOO THANKFULL na nahanap kopo kayo sa youtube!!? MORE POWER! MORE SUBSCRIBER!

  32. 1992,1995
    telegram user : jomar de guzman IDOL galing mo talaga dami kami natutunan sau idol ikaw ang da best

  33. 1) 1993, 1996
    2) Oliver Nardo
    3) Goodluck sa iyong journey dito sa youtube! Wag kang magigive up sa kahit anong mangyayari and congrats sa channel mo❤

  34. 1)1993,1994
    2)Juvilyn Velez
    4) sana po umabot nang 1m yung channel nyo sobrang clear nang mga paliwanag kada video maiintindihan talaga. Goodluck and godbless po more power ??

  35. 1.1991,1992
    3. 34JyrMbpJJJjyJJrhafXSRS36DThAMpScR

    4.Thank you ..i learn a lot how earn more..god bless you..

  36. 1)1996, 1992
    4)More than 100k subs na! Congrats po, and thanks sa continious uploads ng legit videos ? under construction ka na po to 200k ??

  37. 1.1993,1995
    2Jericho Palermo
    4.Godbless po ate aiza lagi po ako nakaupdate sa lahat videos mo po simula pa po nung 10k subs kapa lamg po hanggang ngayon sobrang thank you po ang laki po ng naitulong nyo kasi nagkaroon po ako ng knowledge at the sama time kumikita pa po ako?
    More power ate aiza God bless??

    Happy 100,000 subscriber ae aiza?

  38. Mam Aiza,tungkol po sa Einstein,paano po ma withdraw Yun? Canada and us lang po Ang country dun nklgay? Thanks and more power!

  39. 1)1997,1998
    2) thebtckid
    3) 38sJBWrSEoApUzYftk4Vpn25aXJVbByAgY
    4) congrats Godbless

    Extra stuff why 1997-8 kasi kaboses mo yung kakilala kong kaibigan and 1998 siya so why not and you sound young

  40. 1992 base on your voice melody , hinde nako sasali sa give away wala po ako telegram mahina signal d2 samin pero active ako sa lahat ng video mo salamat sa idea 😉

  41. Good day po maam aiza. Pa sagot naman po sa tanong ko abou po sa doubly. Io. Kasi po nag withdraw po ako may sinasabi pang pin pero nung una kong withdraw wala namanpo pin. Paano po malalaman yun Salamat po. Nag pm po ako sa messenger nyo po maam. Richmond gallardo po name ko po.

  42. 1. 1995 / 1996
    2. m4r1v3l
    3. 32J65dPPnN5i8s26NYYgcXHTSmUFFzo1gM
    4. congrats! keep it up. you are helping & inspiring a lot of people 🙂

  43. 1994, 1993
    Congrats po Miss Aiza. You're a great help to newbies like me. God bless. ?

  44. 1995,1997
    god bless aiza more blogs to come and god bless..sana tama ako?

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