Hanukkah Gelt, Coin, and Money Themed Play Activities for Preschool Aged Children

hi I’m Melissa from little kosher lunch
thanks for joining us today it is Hanukkah and winter break is right
around the corner which means that you need to have some ideas to occupy your
kids today I wanted to share with you a few extended play ideas for using coins
and gelt that you might already have at home this is a setup that I like to
offer to my children depending on the age of your child you may or may not
want to have very tiny pieces like these I have a four year old so she is fine
with it but in this little setup I have a jar of
dreidels which she loves she spends a lot of time dumping them out putting it back in trying to fit them all putting the jar lid back on all of which is great
for fine motor skills you can use this setup for traditional dreidel play with
gelt or coins and then when that gets tiring and your kid is done or you are
done here are some ideas for props that you can add in to keep the play going so
playing store with a cash register that you may have if you have a preschooler
this is a great toy and every child who comes over loves playing with it I’ve
pre-loaded it with gelt which makes it a Hanukkah cash register I also have a
secondhand wallet which happens to be nicer than my own that I’ve given to my
daughter we have pre-loaded it with pretend money
from her cash register solicitations and cards that come in the junk mail old
gift cards that are already used up and I’ve also pre-loaded this one with some
Hanukkah gelt so it’s a fun little treat that makes it more like Hanukkah play
and if you’re not eating all your gelt it’s just something else that you can do
with it if your kid isn’t just sorting an egg carton is a great item to have
around before it goes in the recycling this one I’ve loaded with some of our
pretend coins from the cash register and your child can spend some time sorting
as they like making patterns I’m sorting by coin type it’s a great learning
activity and it’s something that you can give to your child like this and they
will know what to do and they’ll do it the way that they want to
lastly there is a lot of meaning behind giving gelt to children at Hanukah one
of the nice reasons is that it gives your child the chance to decide for
themselves what they want to do with money it empowers them and it also
reinforces the teaching about tzedakah and giving to others so since tonight is
Friday night it’s a great opportunity to give your child some real Gelt and allow
them to make a decision with a setup like this on how much they want to give
to their ownselves in the piggy bank and how much to give to other families and
children in need in their tzedakah box this is great for fine motor skills
picking up coins getting them to go into a coin slot it’s the type of activities
that preschool teachers want to encourage children to do and you can
keep that going on at home as well I hope these ideas are helpful to extend
the play of dreidel gelt and coin play during Hanukkah and the holiday break
thank you for joining us I’m Melissa from little kosher lunch you can
subscribe if you like these ideas and we’ll be putting out more soon thanks

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