Halloween pumpkin cufflinks metal cast at home with castable resin

Hey guys, Time was against me this week so I needed
to keep things nice and simple. Now a few of you guys have been requesting cufflinks
and as this is my last video before Halloween, I couldn’t resist. Making something roughly pumpkin shape was
easy thanks to Fusion 360. When it came to spooky faces, I find it helps
to think of the mother-in-law. I printed out some prototypes on my Elegoo
Mars resin printer to give me a better feel for how it will print and after a couple of
minor tweaks I printed again using castable resin. If you’re wondering about the strange thing
the prints are attached to, it’s one of my strange experiments that’s working great.
I’ll talk more about it next week when I have the time. These are a bit thin in places, so plenty
of small sprues should help the metal flow. I’m still loving this wax pen. Now if you’re familiar with my straw technique,
look at this excellent idea. It comes from our friend Dick Morris in Alaska and it’s
purpose is to really maximise vacuum reach inside a flask. On a quick draft setting it
prints in a little over 4 hours. Dick has kindly allowed me to share this file on Thingiverse
so look out for it there. Folks have been asking lately, so as a recap,
I do use a homemade vacuum system and this is it. The hot flask comes out the burnout oven and
sits on this silicone pad. A vacuum pump is turned on and a vacuum pulls through the plaster,
aided in this case by Dick’s lattice liner that has evaporated in the heat. Now something has gone wrong here. The button
has completely vanished into the depths of my slop buckets, but luckily the castings
seem to have survived. There’s a fair bit of flashing but that
should come away easily. One of these guys had a little metal in his
eye so I didn’t bother with him, but the other three turned out okay. I’m very much
a novice with pewter, but it does shine up well and if it’s good enough for jewellers,
it’s good enough for me. And if you’re wondering if they work, here
they are being modelled by my son Michael. As you can see, he’s the spitting image
of me. Two peas in a pod we are. It’s something about the eyes maybe… Just like Dick, I’ll be sharing this Halloween
themed cufflink file on Thingiverse for anyone who wants to print them, or even cast them.
And if you do cast them, drop me a line and maybe send me a picture. So that’s it for now guys, take care and
thanks for watching.

47 thoughts on “Halloween pumpkin cufflinks metal cast at home with castable resin”

  1. My SL1 arrived this week! My first prints are so cool! Hanging out to cast some stuff! Thanks so much for all your shared knowledge and experience mate!

  2. Hope your well VOG. Lol, you might find that changes after you see the Mum in law if she saw this vid! πŸ™‚ Have a great week. Hey Michael, you look just like your Dad! πŸ™‚ Nice to meet you.

  3. Cool cufflinks Geoff!
    Short one, yeah. But it was efficient! Succinct!
    I like pewter pieces, but not for jewelry.
    I have no need for cufflinks, personally.
    But these are great!
    Thanx for the show buddy! πŸ˜€

  4. Can you make good quality castings WITHOUT the vacuum setup? Maybe just one object at a time?

    I have a small stash of (lead-free) Pewter but I've just not got around to printing or melting anything in ages!! Always something else to do… πŸ™‚

  5. Have you tried larger thin pieces? I am curious if cheap plastic pieces could be replicated. Is there a limit to how thin you can go with this system? Especially over a large area. e.g. a cheap plastic piece on a vehicle that's made to look like chrome.

  6. 🀣🀣 "Splitting image of me"
    Good one! Like Crafsman Steady Craftin. Only a set of gloved hands and a puppet. Does not divulge anything. Skin, face, hair, nada!

  7. Very nice. As John Sellers says, red high-temp RTV silicone is the way to go with pewter, (I've done it) but if Geoff wants to give his investment casting gear a workout, that's all good.

  8. Very nice as usual. What type of investment do you use? Do you get it in let's say a 50lb bag. What is your range for the cheaper stuff. Thanks G.

  9. I'll really interested that you've decided that printing the lattice is more economical than running the wax straws down the sides of the flask.

    Is it the cost of the wax, or the effort to make them stick to the cylinder?

  10. Mate, when it comes to the little pour collection point before the fluid metal goes down the shaft towards the investment. Where did you read about that or where did you see about it, was there some science or documentation that goes into detail about the philosophy. Cheers.
    And as always bloody nice work. The videos are so clean and Profesional.

  11. Since you have the resin printer for details

    You should try bigger nozzles for you FDM like 0.8mm at 0.64height, its going to reduce printing time by ALOT for those disposable "technical" parts.
    You probably are going to need to improve the Ender 3 parts blower to a 5015 tho, it's worth it.

  12. hello can you pls make a 3d printed replica model 10 revolver receiver and cast aluminum because i want to know how to cast a 3d printed pla revolver

  13. This is the first time I've seen your vacuum system for investment casting – is there a video about it (or one like it) that you could point me towards? Please and Thank you!

  14. These new affordable resin printers seem could be a game changer for hobbyist jewelers and people making other small detailed castings! The cufflinks turned out great, very nice.

  15. I kind of like the one with the bit of metal in its eye. It just got a seed stuck there haha. Sometimes the imperfections just give things a bit of character.

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