HACKLOG 1×25 – Guida alle Cryptovalute e al Bitcoin (Mining, Acquistare, in Dark Net)

Every criminal respectfull his tour
Trading: skimmer, cards and documents, anonymous sim, network cards, and so on.
But it would be very unfortunate if it were caught directly in the house, do not you think?
Obviously buy online anonymously should not be the sole prerogative
the cyber-crime world today increasingly people are buying on the web, unaware
the fact that each order feeds the biggest market analysis database
ever. Buy online without a trace in
Clearnet has become virtually an operation impossible: the orders are stored
the sellers, payments databases are entrusted to banks or payment networks
Virtual traceable shipments entrusted to third companies, for legal reasons or
simply choices of company policy, They may decide to check the content
of any package without having to provide any valid reason. As we have seen, with Dark
Net identifies that portion within Deep Web contains material considered
illegal in some countries. The criminals the web using the Dark Net to exchange not
only information but also products of any type, products which obviously can not
be marketed within the “Normal” market.
We are talking not only of drugs but also weapons, stolen property, pornography, tools
for forgery and duplication of cards Credit, drugs that require prescription
medical, forged identity documents, databases web sites, software 0day exploits and much
other. It is useless to put on the alert about the reliability
store and sellers in the Dark Net: Since the instrument to navigate
and what to buy are also thought to ensure anonymity considers that
the scam is on the agenda. In fact, the “dark” community that runs
Clearnet in – I’m talking about reddit, 4chan and many others – constantly releasing feedback
and links to new nodes sales, especially since the Silk Road (known illegal market)
was closed, new sales channels They increased tenfold. In darknet you can find several
types of markets that do not always share the same method of buying and selling. During
the years we have seen different types of market, so we managed to summarize in five
broad categories: Centralized Market: are shops where
Buyers and sellers use a wallet of cryptovalute in common. I am extremely
dangerous because the managers could decide to block the bill and then cheat
both. In this category we find the famous Silkroad.
De-Centralized Market: it is a new type the market – still at the design stage
– which consists of making no sale the use of external navigation tools
as TOR and others. When the project Bitmarkets and are ambitious but OpenBazaar
still poorly used and under development. Market Forum: they are the most popular in
As just a forum software to create them and maintain them. They are identical in all respects
all at the forum with the difference that contain for sale. Almost always supplied
escrow services (sales methods where He figures a third person who acts as a referee
in the sale) or package purchases VIP occurs, so as to limit the scams.
Market Multi-Signature: in these types of Market Trades occurs within
a shared wallet (like for the market centralized) with the difference that in order to
proceed to closing the deal two the three parties involved (buyer, seller
and moderator / middleman) must accept the trade, so it can be (almost) sure
that the sale was successful. Sale Single: This category
freelance vendors through their sites offer web services of any type. I’m
even those who, by defining their own rules, cheat more in the Dark Net. Linking here a list of currently store
online would make no sense since these They can last from a few weeks to a few
month, while this manual (hopefully) hard years without updates! We must also
consider that, as a result of attacks various anonymous networks, Darknet Markets tend
to move from system to system; in case of Silk Road, for example, we found
TOR is reborn on that of I2P. For this reason, if you’ll excuse me if I will
regularly update a list, however, you can follow one of the following portals:
Darkwebnews PsychonautWiki
In this regard it is interesting Grams tool, a dedicated search engine
exclusively to Darknet Market. For payments instead are cryptomonete
the method accepted by the online community: currencies are recognized in many situations
(Even physical) and with the right precautions make the user untraceable. Obviously it depends on cryptomoneta but remember
that in almost all of this structure such transfers are in the public domain,
so if you know the owner of a address automatically go up to his
movements and those to which he was connected. There stupidest thing you can do then is
trumpeting from the rooftops an address payment (called wallet) that is used
for dubious or even illegal trades. The Bitcoin is the most popular cryptovaluta
network that allows with the right protections making trades anonymously
and outside of the states and banks control; the technology of BTC is based on a network
Decentralized, this to avoid possible manipulations to the network and attacks on infrastructure
keeping in mind the cryptovaluta. We will talk about Bitcoin as they are socially
the most accepted into the network: there are many others (you should keep an eye Ethereum)
each with its own peculiarities, however it would be foolish to speak of tens of cryptovalute
that could disappear at any moment. The Bitcoin are stored inside
a Wallet (wallet) and can be transferred just like any other
e-banking online service – if you’ve ever used Paypal know what I’m talking about – but
They are not dependent on banks, are not taxable and in a sense are also anonymous.
Returning to the wallet, these can be of two types: software and web-based. In reality
there are also hybrids (as blockchain.info) that provide access to the portfolio
both locally installed program that from web interface. If you just do not to trust
external wallet you can always install the official site the official client (bitcoin.org)
or use alternative client (like electrum.org) but it will take some time for the
wallet will be aligned with the Bitcoin network. Each wallet is assigned an address (address):
This is a unique alphanumeric code It identifies the portfolio in the network, a kind
the telephone number, which will be sent or receive Bitcoin. The address is generated
the first installation of the program or enrollment the service; Also you can have more
wallet simultaneously and exchange between Bitcoin of them at no cost. The wallet must
be protected by a password and a passphrase: these elements guarantee the use
only the rightful owner and allow only temporarily also use the wallet
within an Operating System. Yes therefore advised to regularly
up their wallet and encrypt taking consider what has been explained
in the chapter on “Encryption.” We recall some general rules of Bitcoin:
The Bitcoins are digital: the BTC can not be printed on paper (or at least, are not
officially recognized). The Bitcoin are distributed: no server
that manage the Bitcoin. The Bitcoin are divisible: 1 BTC have now
It means having hundreds of euro. The currency most commonly used is the MBTC (which applies
0.001 BTC). Bitcoin is open source: the source code
Software is open to change and available for anyone
Bitcoin is (almost) anonymous: all transactions They are public, but you can only go back
addresses. If you know the property of the latter, privacy is compromised. You can get basically Bitcoin
in two ways: Generating it: in the jargon this computer
process is defined Mining. The cryptomoneta It began as a currency to be distributed
created precisely is “undermined” (hence the term mine). By downloading the software
Mining can create the real their spendable currency to buy assets
and services. Since, however, it becomes very popular, They are now many experts and companies
that aim to generate more and more cryptomonete, making it virtually impossible any form
competition. Purchasing them: this is obviously the method
easier. There are several markets cryptomonete trading any type
of cryptovaluta (Bitcoin, litecoin, Anoncoin, Primecoin and so on) in exchange for money
real. One of the most populated portals is LocalBitcoins.com that allows you to contact other
People of your city (or country) and purchase through different payment methods: Postepay,
Bank Transfer, PayPal, Western Union and so on. In some forums (like inforge.net)
you can buy them by the various users via method escrow.
Mistaking them: Bitcoin may also be used as a bargaining chip for other
currencies (including real coins). Sites like BTC-E.com, bitstamp.net, coinbase.com and others offer
Purchase services including precisely the cryptovalute. Unlike trades between individuals,
these sites require personal information User such as passports or licenses
driving, putting at risk the privacy User. Moreover, many services
who manage the platform with online wallet; one of these in 2014 unexpectedly closed
and it caused him to lose 387 million dollars to its Customers are talking about Mt.Gox, history
where the CEO was also involved in a scandal of fraudulent bankruptcy. The Bitcoin is often called “the coin
anonymous “digital. This statement is wrong on two points:
It is not a coin, is one currency It is not anonymous (or it is not of course)
Every single Bitcoin transaction is traced: to realize just visit the site
BlockChain.info. If purchases of Bitcoin will see clear your transaction on the site. This
clearly can be a problem for your privacy, so you may need
hide the traces of Bitcoin. Let’s be clear: if we have a website where we ask
donations showing the address next to Our first and last name and then will purchase marijuana
by Dark Net … well, the whole world will know There we smoke the grass! One way to “clean up” the BTC is to
to use a shared container Bitcoin called mixing services in practice
all users of a service in bringing together their Bitcoin, so they turn them in
different “mixing” transaction cards, then deciding how much to withdraw
from the online portfolio. The system works depositing a figure: this is applied
a rate that varies dall’1-3% and who will turn at least 6 transactions before further
available. Very simply, the registered user
Bitcoin sends in a mixing Service: these handles run them, making them
Anonymous. Once that is done, you will receive them a wallet that feels safer.
In the web there are several very interesting projects that deal with doing so: Helix by Grams,
bitcoinblender.net, bitcoinmix.org, PayShield, bitcoin-fog.org, coinmixer.se, coinmixer.net,
spacechain.io and so on. Their quality and reliability depends
not only by the seriousness of the service but also, and above all, by the way in which they are used.
Each service handles mixing in its own way transactions, the percentages and all that
concerning the times and the graphical interface; In any case the logic of a “washing
Bitcoin “it operates at about this so:
We create a wallet in Clearnet (which we will call wallet # 1)
We send – by purchasing or transferring – BTC the wallet # 1
We create a second wallet, this time via TOR or similar circuits (wallet # 2)
We send bitcoin wallet from # 1 to # 2 wallet We send bitcoin wallet from the address # 2
Bitcoin created by Mixer We create a new wallet (wallet # 3) and make
send there our Bitcoin (Optional) In the event of sale, we can
directly send bitcoin from # 2 to the seller using mixing service
From wallet # 3 we can resume our BTC clean and send it to the wallet # 1
From wallet # 1 can use the BTC to shop Anonymous or even Clearnet In the Bitcoin world there is another way
to wash them: the CoinJoin is a compression method a bitcoin transaction that was
thought to increase privacy of the parties, removing unnecessary information
the transaction. The CoinJoin is designed because the Bitcoin itself, sponsored by Time
as an anonymous means of payment, actually It is far from bulletproof but rather it could
say that it is even less of an anonymous Bank: at least on this are not available
the public domain transactions! The method consists simply CoinJoin
in connects to a server that acts as a point gathering of so many people participating
all the same transaction: doing so It will be much more difficult to analyze all
currency in circulation, in addition, unlike mixing of services, Bitcoin can not
be stolen. The cryptovaluta can be also used for other purposes in addition to
purchases in anonymity: among the best methods There are tax evasion and money laundering
of money. Especially for the first plea, Bitcoin has been outlawed by several
countries (Italy for the moment is excluded) and it is being considered by the world’s largest banks
which, together with the governments, they decide on are his fate.
It is logical to think that in the not too Remote this currency may be totally
illegal because they can be used replacing the official currency – despite
not being the cryptomoneta the real money – and this will cause the collapse of the entire
banking system. But that’s another history… The concept is still a cryptovaluta
new realities and as it should be must wait for years before having a real
landmark. At the moment this seems It is Bitcoin but the market tends to look
elsewhere, even in view of the strong saturation of blockchain, centralizing
market for BTC and its limits. There then their alternatives with a certain charm
as litecoin, Dogecoin, Quarkcoin, Primecoin, Peercoin and so on.
The future of Bitcoin, however, seems to be less prosperous than expected: it seems
that the new investors are focusing sull’Ethereum a new way of conceiving
exchange, solving the problems and limitations BTC, the appointment of getting the right
Bitcoin 2.0. For the purpose of anonymity is not it is necessary to deepen cryptovalute
alternatives, all share the their operating logic and not more
we are not sure whether, when and what will be the ones that will replace the Bitcoin. Only time
He will tell.

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  1. tutto il mondo saprà che ci fumiamo l'erba .cit
    mi sa che a fumartela sei tu! in questo video sei un pò strano XD

  2. Il mondo della darknet in modo particolare e delle criptovalute lo trovo molto interessante, cosi come il mondo della sicurezza informatica in generale..
    C'è un percorso di studi (universitario o non) in Italia che ti prepara ad affrontare al meglio tematiche come queste e a lavorare in questi campi?


    In ogni modo bel video, ti consiglio di farne altri su questi temi, perché sono interessantissimi

  3. Solo qualche piccola imprecisione:

    Ci sono 3 modi per avere bitcoin (o crittovalute):
    – Minarli
    – Acquistare
    – Vendere beni e servizi (io ad esempio nella mia attività li accetto dal 2013)

    Ti sei scordato di parlare dei wallet hardware o dei paperwallet.

    Sul fatto che ethereum soppianti i bitcoin poi sono molto scettico, ethereum è stata pompata da inizio anno da forti capitali di grossi investitori, ma per il momento ethereum non è ancora matura come bitcoin, poi con l'avvento ora di segwit e a novembre di segwit2x la blockchain di bitcoin dovrebbe snellirsi molto garantendo più transazioni a minor costo.

    Una delle novità più interessanti (a mio avviso) invece sono le nuove criptovalute che si basano sulla tangle e non più sulla blockchain, garantendo così transazioni istantanee e senza alcuna fee, la più famosa è IOTA staremo a vedere se avranno successo.

  4. Questo è uno dei migliori video che tu abbia mai fatto! Sono molto interessato all'argomento e questo video ha chiarito un sacco di dubbi che avevo a riguardo. Grazie 🙂

  5. I present to your attention two good platforms for cloud mining. In one project, you receive a bonus every 4 hours (Doge or GH/S) and in the other project you get start-up capital in the amount 100 GH/S. Platforms are reliable and pay! Not a scam! https://apextop.cc/ref/firecock and https://cloud-mine.co/site/partner/88459

  6. La miglior criptivaluta per mantenere l'anonimato è Monero…Piano piano il Bitcoin sarà soppiantato dalle Privacy coin nella Darknet…

  7. Ciao, io sono iscritto su Wirex praticamente mi hanno dato un Wallet BTC e spedito una carta visa a casa. Ora mi domandavo è anonimo? i gestori dell'app hanno i miei dati altrimenti non mi attivavano la carta in euro per trasferire i btc e quindi loro sanno a chi è associato il wallet quindi non è anonimo come dicono. La soluzione per non essere tracciati e poter prelevare in euro potrebbe essere usare 2 wallet? cioè Wallet 1 un'app senza registrazione che da indirizzi infiniti e fa creare wallet anonimi, ogni pagamento cambiare indirizzo wallet di questi e usarli per inviare soldi all'utente finale. In poche parole dal wallet wirex inviare a uno di questi indirizzi generati e poi pagare l'utente finale, stessa cosa per ricevere, farseli mandare su un wallet generato e poi mandarli a wirex in modo da convertirli in euro. Facendo questi passaggi magari anche sotto rete vpn penso che alla fine non si sa chi si paga visto che il 2 wallet è sempre diverso. O sbaglio? questo mi interessava

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