Hackers Steal Hundreds Of Millions Of Bitcoins – Cryptocurrency Crash 2018

It was only a matter of time before crypto
currency was stolen by a bunch of hackers, but a Japanese crypto currency exchange just
reported that they have been a victim of the biggest digital money theft ever. More on this today on IO. What is good this is inform overload, where
we overload you with information. I’m charlotte and don’t forget to like
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world. If you were thinking about getting your hands
on some crypto currency, this next story might make you want to think again. Tokyo based crypto currency exchange, coincheck
just admitted that they lost 500 million NEM Tokens. NEM is a type of cryptocurrency, it’s the
eighth largest by volume. Just before the theft occurred, it was up
in the markets by 30 percent. Crypto currency, though its rewards can be
substantial, is extremely lucrative. One minute its up 25 percent, another its
down 50 percent. And apparently crypto currency is also vulnerable
to hackers. Bac in 2014 850 thousand bitcoin was stolen
from the Japanese exchange Mt. Gox.. That was worth 400 million dollars, and the
exchange has gone bankrupt since this happened. But the recent theft from Coincheck is even
bigger. 530 million dollars worth of cryptocurrency
was stolen. Coincheck said they have no idea how the theft
occurred. The 530 million was illicitly transferred
off the exchange while it was held in a hot wallet, and they are investigating how it
happened. Hot wallets are methods of storage linked
to the internet. That being said, Coincheck said that 98 percent
of its currency is held offline in cold storage. For now, trading and withdrawals through coincheck
have been suspended. They also said that they would be reimbursing
the 260 thousand people this has affected, but they have not explained how or when they
would be paying everyone back. In less than 10 years, almost 1.2 billion
dollars worth of bitcoin and Ether has been stolen by hackers. Gabester – Charlotte come back. Guys I leave for one day and you freak out. Philip rose – I like you better ron. Daniel S – like this comment to ge ta free
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  2. It's not the coin that is vulnerable to hackers, it's the exchange. The short version is don't keep coins on an exchange. Do you blame dollar bills when a bank gets robbed?

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