24 thoughts on “Hackers Now Demand $10k Per Day In Baltimore Cryptocurrency Ransomware Attack”

  1. Most of these areas are run by dumb Democrats and their relatives. These areas are so socialist micro managed that they fail on a cloudy day. In my small town we need a permit to operate an outdoor grill.

  2. Does anybody really understand why China built their empty cities? Did they expect a sudden boom in population? Makes no sense to me.

  3. American consumers need to shut the F up and HELP Trump put China in its place. We don't need a bunch of crybabies whining because they can no longer order cheap crap from China. Anybody who doesn't pull himself up by his bootstraps and get through the trade war with China can go split logs as far as I'm concerned. We don't need such people in the US. They can go live with the invaders in Mexico. We need to concentrate on helping our farmers right now… not a bunch of wimpy flakes who can't get their woozles for ten cents from China.

  4. Also reveals the ineptitude of the government by not having a contingency plan for this particular issue.

  5. Here's what the information gleaned from that attack can be used for – blackmail – regardless of meeting the ransoms.

    Many so-called decent people, sadly, watch porn. That information could be made public if the individual refuses to vote a particular way or meet some other demand(s).

    That was a test run in the Dem-run Baltimore. Next stop, the public.

  6. I got hit with ransome ware few years back called crypto lock I acidentally opened up an email stating I had a package coming soon as I opened it up noticed my pc had big red screen pop up saying my pc was under crypto lock & wanted me to pay 750$ to get back my pictures & data I never paid for it I had 97% pics backed up I heard others places as hospitals & law agencies had same thing happen to them & understand they paid to get all the their hijacked material back so word of CAUTION to everyone DO NOT… be opening up emails ever especially if you know you are not expecting a package coming or even if it is any email from someone someplace you do not know..

  7. They should look into the mayor who just got busted for corruption odd both happen around the same time

  8. Martin, to me, that cyber attack is certainly a DS attack and then the "fear mongers" do their job scaring people. Crypto-currenty was clearly invented just for this very thing – blackmail just like the NSA surveillance, called "The Hammer", which has just recently been revealed to have been used for surveillance not only of any Presidential candidate after Obama but Judges including the Supreme Court (e.g., Scalia, Roberts were identified). This is just another "false flag" meant to scare people by associating these things with Trump's administration. It will get worse – a lot worse as we get closer to the election.

    This is all the left and the Deep State have left – fear. Their fear-mongering about Trump has failed terribly so we will see REAL fear based on fear evil in coming months.

  9. I wonder if the cyber attacks are the ff that are expected? Also China…the tariffs only add 4% to the cost of goods…from China, not 25%. That's why China is suffering…as USA and other countries that deal with them, have suffered and lost out over the past 20 plus years in trade deals with them. The entire thing is set up to strip western countries of their wealth and their original self sufficiency and weaken them by making them dependent upon overseas countries.

  10. Maybe this is payback for Baltimore becoming a sanctuary city and going against we the people and President Trump. GOD does punish the *EVIL TRAITORS*.


  12. Time to make computer crimes a capital felony. The NSA can crack anything, and find anybody. Put them to work and start executing these computer criminal scumbags.

  13. Wow, Baltimore must be in really bad shape if the hackers realized that asking for more than $10k/day was unreasonable.

  14. all will be fine.. 2.4 B. that's 1/4th the population of the world.. LOL White Hats are already in IRAN.. the building were investors that can NOT by law invest outside of China, But they are Too expensive for people to buy, so Empty Cities with only maintenance people there.

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