#GXToken Utility Series: Part 2 | Overview

Welcome, My name is Shorupan. I’m the CEO
and co-founder of Nvest Inc parent company to Global Xchange thank you for joining
us on this beautiful day we’re sitting here in our new GX offices in business
vague goodbye and we are thrilled to announce the launch or pre-launch of the
GXT or the GX Token. And the GX Token rush is an acronym standing for Global
Xchange token and it really is the passport or the fuel that navigates you
through our GX OS or our Global Xchange operating system for those of you that
don’t know much about GX OS if this is the first time you’re hearing about what
we’re doing I would encourage you to go do your research out to click the video
archives that we have so that you can learn firsthand engage in an opinion on
the remarkable things that we’re accomplishing through our technology and
financial technology solutions but in terms of the GXT. The GXT is an ERC 20
token. A complete utility that’s used for four different cases within our product
line that simplifies the lives of our traders while exemplify their
performance. Those four use cases are number one it gives you a reserve of GXT
in your global exchange wallet gives you a GXLive. The GXLive is a data
processing trading membership that allows you to access all of the features
of Global Xchange that’s priced at about 20 US dollars per month it’s a
very Amazon Prime light membership you get three trades when you have it and
you get unlimited sources of data alerts, market, news it’s quite the remarkable
product and it’s complete shift in the way we think about engaging with our
exchange you get that for free you don’t even have to pay for that when you have
a holder reserve GXT. The second use case is for money
managers and for people that are looking to contribute capital to money managers
the GXT is the default vehicle of the IFO our patents and Technology initial
fund offering that allows people to contribute capital to a decentralized
trusted way to a money manager who will then be managing an initial fund which
will watch over their capital make investments and allow the customer to
retain control over that asset because the money manager has not issued a
tokenized security that allows them to do so and so the way that you repatriate
your funds in that IFO process is ofcourse through GXT providing a huge use
case in a massive industry which is just money management investment management.
The third use case is to access the GX markets the GX markets are our
decentralized money market protocol that we’re bringing into existence for all of
our customers the GXT is the way that you get to gain
the interest that you deserve by contributing to the money market and
also pay the interest that you need to pay when you are borrowing from the
money market all done through smart contracts automated away from any
centralized Authority and paid out in the GX. And the fourth use cases for our
brokers you know we have a great and vibrant broker community
the GX brokers whether you’re just a affiliate partner with us or you’re a
full-blown licensed institution you are receiving your payouts you are receiving
a bulk of your revenues in GXT and so those are four enormous use cases with
real effects and real implications that they can feel each of those customers
using it for each of those users will feel everyday the simplicity that the
GXT engenders into the global change ecosystem is second to none and we
couldn’t be more excited to bring you this new product this new utility that
will help you like we set the mission of the GXT
is to simplify the exchange while exemplifying performance

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