GXOS Layer 1 | Understanding GXLive

Welcome my name is Shropan and the CEO
and co-founder of Nvest the parents company behind Global Xchange. So in
this video we will be discussing GXLive or the data processing layer which is
the first layer in our five layered operating system and so GXLive is
really the way that people engage with global Xchange every person that uses
local exchange is a GXLive member you have two types of memberships you have
one that’s a free membership which still gives you access to the majority of
services global Xchange has to offer and you have a prime light value
membership that gets you three trades on all of the trades placed inside the
coordinator operating system so it’s really two memberships and through these
memberships who process all of the data that’s what the GXLive layer does it’s
a way to get data into your system. Now whether you want a news data both
proprietary news data that’s brokered bios and also data from other news sources
that’s aggregated by us whether you’re looking for alerts alerts that’s
brokered by our network of traders or that’s aggregated from other networks of
traders whether you’re looking for specialized indicators whether you’re
looking for algorithmic trading scripts whether you’re looking for market data
and your market API that’s all provided to you through your GX live
membership and so it allows you to process all of this data and see all of
this data through the terminal which is the second layer which we’ll be talking
about in our second video

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