Grin Coin Exchange Announced! Trade Your Grin at BitMesh

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investing crypto slow with more crypto gains what’s going on guys just a quick
update on the grin maenette launched on tomorrow a lot of people are wondering
where they’re gonna be able to trade grin but I saw today I was in the
discord talking with a couple people and we’re proud to announce that it looks
like bit mesh now I don’t know anything about bit mesh is going to support grin
trading I guess they already do beam so I saw that so if you click on it
I went to bend bit mesh there was no kyc or AML was able to set an account up
pretty quick it does seem to be in English
like I said there’s beam trading going on and the green coin no volume as of
yet so it’s gonna definitely be interesting to see when this launches
you know a couple things actually number one how in the heck do you deposit grin
that does seem to be a mystery for us Windows users and all the Linux people
look good so easy but there’s no addresses so I’m still working on
understanding how grin gets moved around it just it seems adversely a little
complicated but had that obviously is the thing with the technology but it’s
gonna be interesting to see how this launches looks like they have the wallet
set up no deposits or withdrawals yet but head over to bit mesh get you an
account if you plan on doing some agreeing that trading this is crypto
slow as always if you’re not talking to gains then we’re not talking

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