Gregory Mannarino – Bitcoin Futures Biggest Pump and Dump Ever

I am Greg hunter welcome to us a watchdog calm with us a good friend of mine I'm telling you I'm just gonna tell you there's a calling out of four or five times a week and and I don't have an exact amount of times he tells me something and then I watch it and it turns out to be right yeah I don't know exactly what it is it's something between 70 and 80 percent I kid you not more often than not he's right he's wrong sometimes but it more often it right he's not I'm talking about the man that found it and runs traders choice net Gregory Mannarino Gregory bannerino thanks for joining us today on USA I love this show Greg thank you and thanks for having me on and I'm not just buttering your bread man I can't I can't tell you how many times Gold's gonna get down tomorrow Oh Gold's gonna go up tomorrow oh the stock party's gonna sell off tomorrow oh this doc I'm gonna short tomorrow oh this is gonna go up like crazy tomorrow you watch it's gonna go to I mean starting with the Trump thing you were very negative on the stock market that's you know Donald Trump one you said this is the game change it's gonna go up sure enough another one of your many calls but anyway you put all your calls on traders choice yeah and I want to get into this about this I mean I was thinking about how was I going to start this interview and I want to say there's so many big people that hate this market rally I mean David Stockman hates the rally he hates the the stock plan he thinks it's inflationary a lot of other big people are very nervous here some people are who party you know till it's nineteen you know twenty nine now it's those two thousand twenty nine I guess I don't know but anyway but it's just a lot of people that are party in and think this is fantastic and there's some people to say this is a bit of a worry where do you fall where do you order you gonna land are how do you feel about this it's pretty straightforward is pretty simple it's we are existing beyond any doubt in in the land of make-believe and I don't care what asset class you want to look at at this particular time now it's interesting that you say that and it's absolutely true a lot we keep hearing like almost every on a weekly basis yet another fund manager is coming out speaking out against stock market against what the Federal Reserve is doing as a matter of fact today today yet another one comes out Stanley I'm gonna get a mess up his name Stanley Druckenmiller this guy you got it right yeah multi-billionaire a hedge fund manager he actually Greg this is crazy he came out on CNBC and they didn't turn him off pace he said that the Federal Reserve is the Darth Vader of the financial markets and has inflated asset bubbles all over the place and they let him talk they didn't cut him off I was kind of shocked about that now he's just you know another one and then look there's no doubt that anybody here who understands these markets even with one brain cell truly can see that with runaway central banks that have done what they've done now for a decade by artificially suppressing interest rates it has created bubbles okay this this is no secret you and I have been speaking about this for years and the market is twisted it is distorted there is no real true price discovery mechanism and there will not be until these world's central banks you know stop managing the markets that's the entire problem all they have done is monumentally increase the amount of well fakery a way worse than it was at the top of the last bubble but that does not mean and I want to be clear here that does not mean that this stock market is not going to go higher the stock just like you said when Trump got in the presidency here you and I spoke that that day and I said that's it we're gonna see record after record after record it was a game-changer it's a game-changer it was and it's gonna continue here but it's getting to the beyond the point of ridiculousness here and again I think this is why we're getting more and more of these big players you coming out publicly saying hey you know what something's wrong because again these guys are fund managers right so they want to at least say well look what I did I was trying to tell people that the market was ridiculously overvalued and in bubble territory so this is what they're doing we're gonna hear more and more of this but again it doesn't mean this markets not going to go higher you know how I operate we talk all the time when I when I'm trading you know I I know it's the land of maker we'll make believe but this is I think having an understanding of that is a strength for someone like myself who's just trying to capitalize on what's going on here I don't care where the market goes you know that it just gets me angry to see what it's doing and how people are eventually going to get melted down by this it's always the same they run the markets up and then they dump them they run look Wall Street games everything and they're taking advantage what the Fed has done full of these years they have their gaming every single asset class now believe me I know we're gonna get a lot of trolls here Greg they're gaming Bitcoin look what's already happening okay well I'm gonna talk yeah right let's segue into that real quick here okay well before we go well before we go on with Bitcoin I wanted to talk the elevator you heard about the story work Europe and China they're they're pissed they're angry with this tax deal they're saying you're changing the rules of the game I mean I guess they're afraid the dollars gonna strengthen strike them interest rates are gonna go up you know I mean I you know it just hit me that I thought maybe Obama's job was to make America a sub 2% growing economy if you believe the numbers I mean some some quarters it was it was barely positive and it's usually the numbers you know I mean but now that this has changed we got these and if you believe the numbers but still they are higher we got three percent growth supposedly well John Williams the shadow stats not comp which they it's not all that great but better than Obama I mean and they're pissed about this tax plan and there are they're gonna talk about retaliating and all that this is part of your theme about say hey this could go hot you're you're saying that this could go higher well absolutely and everything obvious after China and Europe is worried about write that book though yeah they're worried because you know maybe we're gonna get jobs coming back here corporations are gonna want to relocate back to United States that's what it's all about you look every country is looking out for themselves finally we have someone who's actually looking out for America there's no doubt about it in in my opinion here and I think you will affect everyone that knows my work I believe is aware that I thought Obama was was a curse literally on on this country and it did everything he possibly could to make sure we would fail and he tried to institute a completely new style of government and that's why there's a lot of this ruckus going on here right now these anti-trump this these people they don't want a they don't want to be free they want to live under a government dictatorship good for these people get the hell out of the country really you don't belong here that's not the principles that this country was built on but but that's that's the truth and I think that's what we're gonna start hearing a lot of this noise from other countries as well but you made a great point that I want to I just want to hit hard again that they're worried that America is gonna do better they're gonna bring jobs back they're gonna cut the corporate taxes to bring why should we be abroad if we could just be over here the exams gonna bring jobs they're gonna make investment people are gonna invest in America that that's what you're saying right I mean didn't do a little a deeper dive on that why why would foreign countries be mad that America is gonna still doing much better well because you know look I think four years now unfortunately was it since the look there are a lot of countries around the world that would love to see America fell that's just exactly it's sadly it's human nature I think when when on a micro scale look you know as above so below what however you want to look at this year on a micro scale Greg there were people out here that would love to see you and me fall off the earth and fell that's just the way it is and any successful person gets the same kind of thing so a successful country same kind of thing it says it's a competition it's always is it's survival of the fittest however you want to look at it that that is the natural order of things and things are not going to ever fall out unfortunately out of this nut or fortunately out of this natural order so we just need to accept that but but seriously that's really what it's all about look China China has been white wanting to take over the world like well since forever here they would love to see America fell oh there's no doubt about it they would love to have the reserve currency as well I mean we could go on and on with all of this but it just goes back to I think you know however you want to look at it there are people out there that want even our own citizens even our last president I believe wanted to see America fail now I believe that America is strong enough to get through what we're seeing right now and it's uh it's out of control we I think we all know that but I think personally we're going to get out of this which seriously the whole the debt is another problem but I'm talking about with regards to the attitude of the American people I think once again they're gonna start adopting the a more positive outlook on what's going on around them and realize that there's a lot of potentially in fact that's the whole beak that's the whole big deal there's an enormous amount of potential here in the United States if we get the tax thing right if we start bringing jobs back here our companies start coming back it will turn around but it seems like even in Washington there are a lot of people still that want to squash this whole thing they want America to fail I told it like I said before get the hell out just get out of the country go someplace else finally better place to live it looks like that Trump's got to be successful is already the earmarks are already successful I knew a 3% growth if you believe the numbers but I want to move on to what you're saying that that they're afraid of Trump actually doing what he's saying is going to do and being successful of course everyone a lot of people want to see him fail a lot of our own citizens want to see him fail – look I was not an Obama supporter but I did not want to see him fail if he fails our country fails I know it's it's an incredible situation here that we're in it's like us and them no no we're all on the same boat here and we all got to get behind the same person and just try to make it work you know as a people but unfortunately again there are some factions here that want to bring down the government and they're not going to be successful whatsoever it's it's laughable in my in my opinion you remember the whole Occupy Wall Street thing I wrote articles about that I say this is gonna fail I got trolled oh no this is gonna be the biggest thing they're gonna Occupy Wall Street we're gonna take over the Occupy Wall Street tell that to a younger person tell you they wouldn't even know what it is I mean these things fail they always fail and they always will fail because the the majority that's on the right side of it throughout history always wins you know you said that that a lot of people are on the on the other side of the trade they're on the Trump side of the trade which is a very important thing a lot of people are on the Trump side of the trade there's think that you know a there's a lot of pushback for the people want to see him fail look at that said oh the deck you know Hillary in in with the debts going to get us either way but who's gonna be in the White House when we have to really deal with the debt and that's Trump why is he gonna cancel the debt I mean or is he gonna say we're gonna hold those 10 years 30 year Treasuries to maturity is he gonna cancel the debt what do you think is gonna happen cuz we gotta do something with the debt mm-hmm well the great thing that happened with it that can I have a really sad story to tell everyone here the debt can never be cancelled the dollars in your pocket I mean this is at its core are these are units of that if the debt gets cancelled the cash goes goes down in value like you would not believe you will not be able to survive the whole system is dependent on debt being borrowed into existence in perpetuity can never ever stop we are at a critical juncture here what are they going to end up doing with it I don't know but it can never be canceled could it be restructured in some way like you were saying possibly but you come out with another currency a Treasury dollar you know like if dimes and quarters in nickel and pennies in and Sakakawea dollars are actually treasuring instruments they're not Federal Reserve notes they're actual dollars could we come out with dollar dollars just good old-fashioned dollars not notes but dollars and then just tell the Fed sorry yeah you can sit on this but I guess a lot to do with pensions and everything else would go down right I mean am I being stupid not Liam but but no world Central Bank thing we're talking about the photos over we'll never give up power we've given them unlimited power here they've fought Wars to maintain it they have their own police force it's unbelievable it's they cannot be stopped they're too powerful and people are too weak to do anything about it they're gonna follow along like sheep because it's the way the system has been structured they are debt slaves every single one of them there are very few people in this country that have a positive net worth this is how the Federal Reserve keeps a stranglehold on everyone through this mechanism of relentless debt acquisition in perpetuity again once we stop the entire system collapses that's it people think that we have a wealth based system I mean I talk to people every day educated people lawyers to some of them and they have no conception about how the debt based economic model works people are walking around in la-la land every day and they don't understand the most basic premise of why they go to work what are they working for what are they doing they don't get it they just understand it they get up to an alarm clock every day they do what they have to do throughout the day and dig themselves in a deeper hole that's the nature of the beast and it's in our lifetime it is never going to stop so we're to get about that forgiveness not gonna happen okay feeling about canceling if the actual canceling the debt you don't think that it'll be cancelled it might be restructured immediately then this brings us to this chart right here which I'm gonna go full screen here is the three-year Bitcoin chart you sent me and boys that's not hockey sticking up here I guess it'll end up I don't know up here off the chart somewhere the point you sent me this chart and I said send me a chart that just kind of says it all about what's going on here it is and this is the Bitcoin now we're at I don't know near 17 as we do this seventeen eighteen thousand seventeen six seventeen eight on a Bitcoin or the unit of the price of Bitcoin and that's just that's the real that's not like the coin chart not the not the you know the futures market tell me about this chart well what we're seeing here is has a lot of earmarks of things that we have seen before with regard to an assets run go parabolic here it's interesting going back to the futures or since since Wall Street has now decided to dip their toe in here and start you know think in a game Bitcoin as well in a lot of ways and I've been covering this but a Bitcoin hasn't really done much of anything since the futures markets open but what has done a lot either and litecoin I mean you know you kind of see the writing yeah they're starting to take off here people are running to other other coins they run into other coins as well do III believe and I really have if anyone knows my work I've been nailing I have nailed the run of Bitcoin from when they hit twenty eight hundred up to ten thousand one hundred percent I told everyone where it was going I told him what I was doing outlined it all for them I I sold my last bit of it at 95 hundred and people are like oh good good cursed out of the market so like went higher I don't care I make good money there I reallocate those funds into other things I'm not a one-trick pony I think most people know that okay but what we're seeing here with Bitcoin is a bit I I have to say it's a bit unnatural and why am I saying it's a bit unnatural here before the trolls attack us here going people are now taking out loans they're taking out mortgages on their homes to buy Bitcoin okay wrong exact this is a very frightening prospect here because if it does go south this is gonna be people that are gonna get hurt like you cannot believe now this is what I believe is going to happen I want to be very clear on this I want people to understand this now I have said and I publicly that we already understand and if you don't understand this you are deluded Wall Street games everything this futures market I wish was never created never created again it gives Wall Street a hand to game what's going to happen now understand let me just really quick right I don't know if we're limited for time here but the futures markets have literally almost nothing to do with what happens with the actual Bitcoin exchanges the futures markets are purely speculative there's no holding of a Bitcoin there there's no owning of a Bitcoin there it just allows speculation not only does it allow speculation but it's leveraged to like you know you'd have no idea people don't understand how it works so what's gonna happen here and you can see this happening already is the Bitcoin futures are being bid up higher and higher I expect to see Bitcoin although it's pretty lofty to continue higher here to those futures targets know just what it's just a pump and dumped in is what you're saying then they're gonna this up maybe a bit quite a hit 30 40 BOE pony well he's a friend of mine on the phone he has been on but but he said I think things bitcoins gonna go to February and February will be almost 40,000 a unit well let me say this wow we could it and right now he may be right yeah he may actually be right there's no doubt about it there's no doubt right now the fact that Bitcoin has Wall Street has their hand on on Bitcoin here means to me it's going to be gained now what do we know about bitcoins just real quick number one it has the market cap of like $1 ponent or one major company here it's very thinly traded it's not widely held very few people actually hold this and the bulk of it is held by very few so to game Bitcoin through the exchanges if someone out here with deep pockets or a bank with unlimited fiat currency could run the biggest pump and dump the world has ever seen with regard to Bitcoin and they're gonna play it using the futures markets they're gonna bit up those futures then they're gonna start gaming Bitcoin through the exchanges make it reach it because again you don't have to hold a Bitcoin in the futures there's nothing new they're totally disconnected however if you got one end to be sitting here pumping up the actual Bitcoin while bidding on this end in the futures market that is gonna go higher the leverage associated with this will create more money cash then people can't believe that Wall Street is gonna game it and how do we know that they game everything and they don't care where it goes so we just as you were talking about they may pump this up to Heights that people won't believe and then they'll dump it they could dump it tomorrow if they want to I don't think they're going to because we're the futures are because again it's just getting started futures right now pay attention to the people they're very thinly traded we're gonna start to see more exchanges opening when that happens I think the gaming's really gonna start going but this is how I see it so near-term near-term you think that coin is is going higher you think I just because of the gaming nature of Wall Street and their yeah the end of the CMB is gonna have their Exchange open up soon you think for the near term and I might tell people to get out there to set mortgage their house and go buy it it's unbelievable but you're saying that the second mortgage on your house I'm sorry no you're saying that you think near-term it's gonna go higher it's gonna be gained I think it's going higher here but I also believe we're gonna see some cash going into other coins we're already seeing it Gregg um varium yeah and litecoin I mean these things really should be getting the attention but they're not even on the mainstream financial channels it's they're focusing a Bitcoin Bitcoin Bitcoin Bitcoin you know it's it's the brainwashing I don't know they don't want this like look over here don't look over here they play the same game all the time so the people that are investing in cryptocurrencies you're just running around the futures market they're saying oh okay you're gonna game this all right well I'm gonna go buy litecoin or I'm gonna go buy a theory em or I'm gonna go buy you know whatever I'm just I think I think we're people who do here they look as I said earlier when I heard about this when I heard that Wall Street was going to start getting involved III said that's it I mean these are probably you know think in a game it they're gonna push it higher than gonna push it lower but it's not gonna be real anymore I believe and I've taken a lot of heat for this on my own blog that up until when Bitcoin when we cruise trading without a futures market it was it actually had a price discovery mechanism behind it I really believe that and I said over and over again that it wasn't in a bubble I explained to people why I believe that wasn't added but now that Wall Street's got there they got their claws on it I don't know I don't like it so and I think a lot of people don't like it too it's not just Greg Mannarino I think other people are gonna start looking to go into alternatives like ether like like corn I might buy some of this stuff myself I don't know um abliss no it's not so you're in a market that's not gained by Wall Street that's what you're saying exactly well you know it is you know one that's a that's a great point I mean that's a fabulous point nobody's come up with that then ok there look over here look over here Bitcoin Bitcoin Bitcoin futures futures you just see in the you know CBOE all this and all of a sudden what about litecoin what about aetherium what about writable what about exactly I mean we've never run around it they're gonna say okay why don't what are you gonna do with that I'm gonna buy some bills that's what they could very well do that and but believe me argue it they do exactly they are doing it but I think that they get a game Bitcoin it's a very unfortunate thing here people seem to believe that Bitcoin has a market cap like in the trillions or something they it's a joke in reality if you look at the market cap of Bitcoin it's the same as maybe one down component that's it we're not talk about anything being here I mean about also two years people are just gonna replace the dollar and you were telling me oh come oh come on there's no way because the dollar is just incredibly deep the bond market the dollar at least not at this stage maybe ten years from now I don't know you know there could be a block chain back asset at one particular time err I would frankly love to see it I think was but it's I don't think it's gonna happen and all I this would give this would take away control of everything from the central banks who have rigged the system to the highest order and they're not done rigging it it's unfortunate man it's so sad to see what again let's use a Stanley Stanley Druckenmiller calling the Fed to Darth Vader of the financial markets let's use I mean they've they've ruined it they've taken away every element of this free market they don't want anything out of their control Wall Street just games at all and it's gonna hurt everybody reg when this corrects to a fair value it's going to happen but the markets going higher and all these guys coming out of the woodwork you know hedge fund managers like you were talking about multi billionaires saying oh this market stress this markets distorted it is it absolutely is but they're gonna keep big in a pump it higher and that's all I'm doing is is taking advantage of that you know Gregg and I went over this with you recently and I'm not Tooting my own horn here but I cannot remember the last time I had one losing trade that's the truth and everything for my subs for weeks now I've been going over my trades telling them what I'm doing that doesn't mean that my next trade is gonna fail very well could but I'm just taking advantage of the gaming that is going on here with regard to the stop mode Smok market via the bond market the bond market Gregg is being rigged oh I want to get into that big time the bond that's one of the things that you've been talking about you've been telling me for the last couple of weeks I even brought this stuff in a couple interviews saying that you know they're just buying the bond market like crazy they will not let interest rates rise every time it sells off a little bit in the morning in the afternoon whatever the last couple of weeks tell me about what you see in the bond market and why they're doing it it's incredible it's unbelievable Kay look they are very desperate to keep the rates around where they are okay they do not want to see rates rising all that much here they must maintain control of the bond market at all costs at all costs because again the debt market the bond market wanted the same for those of you that do not know is in the largest bubble the world has ever seen by export it makes the Bitcoin if you believe bitcoins in a bubble it makes it look like one grain of sand on the entire earth that's literally hutch the truth how big the debt bubble is and they have gone through unbelievable lengths world central banks to prop all this up quake you know this and I how long how long can they do this well that's the thing I mean how long can they keep doing this I mean I know there's 21 trillion missing just from the DoD and an HUD net HUD but how long can they do it we're gonna keep doing it until we start to get at one particular time because well how are they doing this okay the Fed doesn't have any magical power they can't say that they're gonna keep rates at a certain rate they'd have to get into the market and make it happen how do they do that they print cash out of thin air and or add it to a digital screen and buy bonds if he's gonna kill the dollar they've been killing it for years it's lost almost all of his purchasing power has a fraction of it left and that's gonna go away to at one point and that's the issue at one particular time when don't know don't care I really don't but but the warning signs gonna be when we start seeing in inflation in big inflation that's your warning sign when you start gonna be that's gonna be the end that's gonna be that the bell ringing in the in the top of this market I'll tell you when the bell is gonna start ringing in a second but let me just cover a few more things here real quick to put this together so what we have here is a Federal Reserve on that is determined to not allow the bond market to establish a fair value this is why they have suppressed interest rates for a decade now they have two main control of it if they don't everything else linked to it will eventually evaluate it would be very very rapid now we understand stock markets in its hyper-inflated on the back of the debt bubble so is housing right now at this particular time so they are desperate to keep that bond market we is and I urge people they can see this live right on my website traders choice net right side of the page underneath the chatroom have a chat room for people there you can watch the action of the bond market it's unreal literally and I mean it's unreal what we're seeing over the past several weeks here every time we get a sell-off they start getting in here and buying it up and it doesn't matter if it's a risk on environment or risk off environment doesn't matter they're just getting in here and stabilizing it and they're ready for tomorrow because tomorrow we're going to hear from from the Fed with their decision on great ice so they're going game it they've been gaming it big time and that by gaming the bond market they're able to have stocks remain where they are in their upward trajectory this is how I have been playing it and frankly ripping its freaking face off and that's what I will continue to do and I want everyone to do the same thing you know and seriously I really want to level the playing field Gregg you know that I care about people legitimately and they do not want to see anyone get fleeced here because some people are going to suffer at a on a biblical level when this does melt down here now what is the red flag what is the red flag of red flags I'm gonna outline that right here it's pretty simple and this is not just Greg Mannarino talking anymore you better listen to other guys that are saying the same thing one of them alan greenspan who said the depth was in a bubble when we see a sell-off in the bond market that does not stop and then we see a simultaneous sell-off in the stock market when these two assets classes all of them together start to sell off at the same time there's the biggest is the gang of gongs if you want to talk about it that's going to be the moment where people need to run for the hills if you can get out if you can get out now let's think about why cuz a lot of people may be confused about why that will happen okay we understand that markets in a bubble it's truly epic central banks but reserve suppressing rates for a decade now when the market and it will is allowed to determine fair value for debt no one even knows what the actual interest rates would really be in an actual real environment where the Fed wasn't suppressing them buying up all the debt they're buying everything but at one point there's going to be a mass exodus out of the debt market and the Fed is not going to be able to buy everything and if they even attempt to do that they will melt the dollar so the Fed is caught in a real bad spot here so bond walkie will sell off at one particular time and the Fed is powerless to stop it when that happens this is not Gregg Mannarino speaking although it sounds exactly like me Alan Greenspan said that rates will spike rapidly okay I've been saying this for years I think Greenspan watches my work Greg I really do that happens when rates don't to spike because you get that sell-off that's gonna put a lot of pressure on the stock market you can see how it's reacting now soon as those bonds start to sell off stocks start to dip okay this is kind of contrary to what we're usually used to but this is how it's playing out lately so spike in interest rates puts massive pressure on the stock market they sell off in tandem like the World Trade Centers coming down when that happens we're gonna watch a wealth transfer Greg it's simply going from one group of people to another group of people and it's gonna do this through several avenues several people gonna say okay well what do I do about it I'm gonna tell you right now because it can't possibly be easier for you we understand what is being done here by banks deliberately suppressing the price of gold and silver look it up people Wikipedia has a page the London gold fix it's rigged don't believe me believe Wikipedia okay so at one point we're gonna see a movement of cash from these two markets dead market stock market falling like the World Trade Center okay moving into commodities not just gold not just silver but anything that is our hard asset even crude oil we're gonna see all this stuff vault higher the dollar we'll melt down this is what's going to happen here the other Avenue that with this wealth transfer is going to occur is by the banks themselves I trade exactly like the banks do I don't care if the market goes up I don't care if the market goes down I will buy calls on the way up I will buy puts on the way down these banks are gonna do the same thing they're gonna see all this cash bleeding out of the market do you think they're gonna sit there like a deer in the headlights and watch their their wealth go up in smoke of course not they're gonna shut the markets they're gonna be putting cash into hard assets as well a whole whole bunch of things are gonna take place during that transfer of wealth but that's what's going to happen people are gonna be left destitute on one end and at the other end people are gonna become very very wealthy and that's the same scenario that we have seen over and over and over again most people who are watching this Greg are not that old that can't remember 2008 we saw the same things we saw the bank's betting against their own clients banks shorting the market they're gonna do the same thing this time is gonna be much worse and there's no way to stop it the Fed can't get in here and keep and buy anymore Greg work where they're maxed out I think they're really out of bullets here and that's what is so fearful about any sell-off in the bond market and you would be a buyer just tangible stuff get your cart I look at your house tile buy gold buy silver buy food buy you know a Renoir or buy paintings by artwork by diamonds buy anything real what you're saying yeah I think you should buy things that are real with regard to other assets for example like paintings that are selling for 450 million dollars I think is ridiculous I think it's rich yeah I think it's a reflection of the distortions that we're seeing here right now I don't think I would personally be going out and buying pieces of art who's gonna be able to buy it other than other very wealthy people I think the most undervalued assets which continue to get hammered here through the futures markets through the paper derivative markets is gold and silver they've become the bastard child here and a lot of people are starting to get very perish even holders of it long-term oh that being any very bearish on the metals and that tells me that were that this should turn around here but again they're gonna rig it they're going to twist it London gold fix Greg what they do is unbelievable how they rigged the markets here between themselves and they allow people they take away any free market forces took for price discovery and I'm talking about with regard to the gold and silver and I urge people to go look it up and if it gets you angry do what I did I wrote to the CFTC the SEC major news organizations I haven't heard back from one not one single entity has written back to me about it although I did talk to a couple of people about it that I hope will get involved but we'll see see interest rates I'm going to close out with this question you know Jim Rickards he's a smart guy thinks they won't do it they don't with the dollar going up they don't have enough inflation the way it is right now you're saying oh they got to do it because they have to do it what happens whether no matter who's right or who's wrong I want to put you against Jim Rickards although you're both smart guys what happens if they raise interest rates the dollar goes up right and there's a bond market do they have to put that in check what happens if they raise interest rates that's where you you're coming down okay first of all I don't know if this is true but I heard from a few people that Jim Rickards flipped Jim Brooke had said they are going to raise rates now I do not know if this is true I I did not hear it from him I don't know if this is true this is just chatter so I don't know if this is a fact here here's my take on why they have to raise interest rates tomorrow and let me just say this waiting today now it's today now exactly let me just say this for anyone that might be listening here and you know this to be true in all of the years that the Fed has been talking about raising rates once I was wrong one time my record on calling the Fed is the best on the street that's a fact I don't think anyone's got it as accurately as I have now with that said the real the reason is very simple it's a confidence game Greg this we're living in fantasy land the land of make-believe the Fed has got to act they've been fist beating every single one of us now for how long that our economy's in recovery that we're doing really well we're in boomtown the stock market is in record high up the record high of the record high ok well now is the time where they have to do something or don't do something if they do not raise rates tomorrow it's a no confidence vote for the market and the market will sell off if they do raise rates tomorrow which I am in that ballpark I'm saying they're going to do it the market will probably go higher or shrug it off I mean I don't I think it's priced in I think a radar hike here we're talking about 25 bases paints that points to the federal funds rate the short end of the curve nudge it up a tiny little bit here it's not gonna have any dramatic effect at all the Fed is already printing so many bills out of thin air I'm adding them to digital screens to buy up the ball market to keep it stable that's what's gonna keep pressure on the dollar here so I don't think they're worried about the dollar getting too strong but that's my case for a rate hike it's a confidence game confidence game notice that word we're gonna not have a sell-off between now at the end of the year no way I don't think so I don't think so I think this market is gonna hit record more records throughout to the end of the year they're Guinea they're gonna keep that bond market stable they are going to keep that bond market stable and I'm urging people go look at it it's right on my website you won't believe what you see it's unbelievable it really is and that's gonna keep stocks moving higher they're gonna prop it up and until they can't prop it up anyone these distortions that these multi billionaire hedge fund managers are talking about Gregg are going to get worse they're going to get worse not better and there but there's going to be a moment where it corrects the fair value it's not ever going to be a crash it's going to be a correction to fair value everything is going to and it's really being held up on the back of the debt bubble that's why they are so determined to get in there and keep that stock market the bond market where it is Gregory Mannarino a founder of traders choice dotnet all your trades are free anybody can go on there get in the chat and also look at all your trades Gregory bannerino thanks for taking this to school or where we are now between now in the end of the year for the stock market Bitcoin the debt market boy skits getting lofty running out of oxygen up there but thank you for joining us today on USA thanks good

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  3. New pumping channel for bittrex. From 1K members start the signals!

  4. Mortgages…? thats nuts.. at least diversify, ltc, ppt, ppp, iota,sub, data. qsp, pay. ctr,veri,neo, eos, salt, omg, xrp, snt. plr….. off top of my head… For gods sake dont put it all in BTC…

  5. Mannarino is out of his turf on this one. These futures are CASH bets on where the price will go. CASH. There are no BTC purchases. Its CASH. Kind of like betting on a boxing match.

  6. but wouldnt it make sense for them to get as heavily invovled in cryptos and then create a lot of fear around it too keep average fokes out so they have the marked for themself, and then when the dollar becomes to unstable they will open the floodgates into cryptos ?

  7. Why Gold Has Been the "World's Reserve Currency" for Thousands of Years

  8. Hi I was in the military in the 1980's i was stationed close to where Gregory M, lives i knew him as a teenager he was way over peoples heads on market stuff, one of his friends told me this he gone nut so on this stuff, well i remember him! he understands the markets and metals

  9. Remember Bitcoin IS NOT the only crypto game in town. 1) Just watch the BTC futures price and you will have a very good idea of where the price action of Bitcoin will go. 2) Start diversifying into other cryptos, look for up and comers.

  10. Before you can even contemplate to solve problems or anything for that matter, you need to know what the problems actually are. All the problems you're seeing right now were done by design by the criminal elite … who've proselytizing all these ring-wing/libertarian free market nonsense. All we had over the decades: Deregulating Tax-cutting, Union-busting, etc. to screw the common workers(people). Big corporations have been the main culprits in all this — corrupting everything through corporate monetary contributions. If you want to see a turn-around, then you must destroy the current corporate structure and mentality.

  11. Step 1 create a currency out of thin air.
    Step 2 swap the new currency for the peoples gold.
    Step 3 destroy the cryptos after most gold is collected.

  12. … this is the address of the largest single BTC holding entity …. my guess is that BTC would have to go below than $500 before this address sold. So far shorters of BTC have gotten wrecked and if WS tries it the same will happen. And it would be a one and done deal. Total loss of position.

  13. Just wait until the government comes out and says only gold and silver can be used as legal tender and they ban bitcoin and all other cryptocurrency. It would be the easiest way for them to control/ban it because it's Constitutional! Cryptocurrency is technically Constitutionally illegal and so is the Dollar of course.

  14. BTC itself is already corrupted with lighning networks and high fees. All plays into the hands of the big institutions and banks. Bitcoin cash ftw

  15. Falsifying economic signals is like dangerously stretching a rope, and the longer you falsify signals the more dangerous it gets. Ten YEARS of total falsification reminds me of when a Chief Bosun's Mate on the USS Coral Sea attempted to lift the 22 ton anchor with a nylon rope. When it broke it killed 4 men in the anchor windlass compartment, one of them cut in two. Stand well clear of this fake economy!

  16. Look at the experts and know-it-alls and marvel at the human race's problems. Your riches are corrupted and your garments motheaten. Stop giving advice you think you've got it made Manarino what a couple of worms. This country's in a bubble. 200 years of war. How about that dollar.

  17. Bit Coin Is Another SCAM! Greg and Gregory. WHY? Do You Really Think That The Entity That Controls The Worlds Monetary Policy Just Gonna Let Something Else Come In And Destroy Them? I Don't Think So! COMMON SENSE YALL

  18. The world has been made risk free for the top and risky as hell for the rest of us. It's not wealth inequality, it's RISK inequality that sustains this.

  19. yes the debt can be cancelled… that's where cryptocurrency comes in. in 5 – 10 years, all countries will have converted to national block-chained cryptocurrencies, and wipe out their debt. watch venezuela very xcarefully over the next couple of years. It's coming

  20. I think he is exactly right. The big boys are already toying with Bitcoin to see just how much it takes to affect its movement. After they determine this they will let it run to $22K -$25K and then pull the rug. Mannarino knows very well how the system works.

  21. Gentlemen, I rely on both of you for the truth. Remember Ross Perot saying NAFTA will suck the jobs out of America? Since that statement, 70,000 companies and 30,000,000 jobs have left. Donald Trump may turn the ship around but it will take 30 years to make America great again. The GDP statistics are only up because the government changed the way GDP was calculated. They have added health care cost into the GDP calculations. So the more health care cost rise and Americans go broke, the GDP statistic will go higher. The 3.2% GDP statistic is nothing but a manipulated lie to fool the masses. Please don't let it fool the two of you. The government is buying higher GDP with higher deficits and debt. America can be great again but it will take 30 years and a lot of pain.

  22. wow so informative for the layman thank you Greg and Gregory!! Merry Christmas thank you for the gift of information

  23. BTC Futures will not end well for CME. If you want to look at crypto, look at LTC, ETH and ERC-20 (tokens based on ETH) such as VERI and PPT.

  24. Hi Greg, Thanks for sharing your knowledge. 2 questions; 1) if you are of the opinion that gold could be a go-to solution if/when the sh-t hits the fan, then since bitcoin/bitcash is becoming widely understood/accepted as "digital gold", then don't you think that this will send a lot of folks running to these types of crypto-gold? 2) If you think bitcoin has potentially been infiltrated by the vampire-sqid of Wall Street, do you think BCH is a better way to go?  Thanks!

  25. Greg Hunter…Thank goodness your not pushing crypto currencies. Many other channels are
    losing a lot of viewers because of this. You are truly the good guy of youtube.

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