Grayscale Investments Annouce 4 NEW Crypto Investment Trusts – #ADOPTION

I do like greyscale I do like a greyscale a lot especially since they like aetherium classic you should probably do some research on that yo what's up donation its beta with decentralize TV your best place for news on Bitcoin blockchain and cryptocurrency tech it isn't crypto news but brought to you by lending the first cross-chain lending a platform grayscale Investments announces four new cryptocurrency investment trusts hey if they can spread out cryptocurrency to more people guys I am all about that let Bitcoin rain explore is exposing more people to the cryptocurrency ecosystem is an ongoing challenge for all companies so far the general public has seemingly cooled off when cryptocurrencies ever since their prices started to dip earlier this year tis but a scratch guys tis but a scratch greyscale investments will try to make a positive impact in this regard the company announced four new investment trusts meant to bring cryptocurrency to the masses I can say that's a big win that's a big win no one can deny greyscale investments is attempting to become a household name in the world of cryptocurrency investing it is one of the big big first big firms to launch a Bitcoin investment trust which exposes investors around the world to the Bitcoin price through a traditional investment vehicle later the company launched an aetherium a classic investment trust as well that choice has always been considered to be rather controversial yet it seems to have worked out quite well for the company and for the bags that I'm holding they're not bags actually they're gold bars no with yeoreum classic guys over time it has become evident that a lot of investors would appreciate having exposure to different crypto currencies as well this industry is about so much more than just Bitcoin and aetherium classic is not exactly the most popular altcoin out there right now in fact it is taking a backseat to a lot of other coins right now greyscale why do you have to say that guys grayscale investment says taking note of this which is why the company announced a new few new investment products this week they're not doing it because if their own classic guys they're doing it because they want to make mo money more specifically the company will launch a total of four new investment trusts in the near future the new products will focus on a theory on Bitcoin litecoin and XRP all these currencies aren't very high demand as right now although it remains to be seen how the general investment base will respond to these vehicles in the coming weeks or months I will tell you this my friends I will be looking into it now I haven't invested in any of the grayscale investment funds or anything like that just yet but I but now with coin bases new fund of sorts I'm beginning to think it might be nice to diversify a little bit in the overall market of source does that make sense so I'm gonna be looking into a coin basis for sure and now I'll be looking into grayscale guys hey even if I don't invest it doesn't hurt to be in the know expanding a list of crypto related vehicles offered by grayscale investments is a big deal for the cryptocurrency industry as a whole although it remains to be seen how this will affect all the other markets investors have been demanding more exposure to various crypto currencies although the current market sentiment appears to be rather bearish that's the time to invest it is important to note that these investment trusts do not guarantee that the value of the individual currencies will rise and as we have seen in the company's previous offerings market volatility tends to shake things up quite a bit although one could also argue these vehicles have indeed spurred more global interest in crypto currencies as a whole I would agree with that this news comes at a time when companies are contemplating issue an altcoin related futures contracts although nothing has been finalized as of yet but please guys don't miss what was just said there car companies who are looking into cotton and thinking about issuing altcoin related futures contracts what does this mean what does this mean guys what does this mean this means that if they create a futures contract layer above alt coins it's only going to further legitimize cryptocurrency and those alt coins I mean guys this is a big chicheng this is a big yay this is a big yay guys this is a very big yay for us for the time being we'll have to wait and see how this plays out for grayscale investments and the associated crypto currencies all these all coins are quite popular and they all have a lot of room for future profits but no one can guarantee that any of these currencies will rise in the value in the short term but for the long-term perspective they all appeared to be relatively safe bets well guys I'm gonna throw this right back to you guys in the Bitcoin table or the comment section below let me know your thoughts on grayscale rolling out some more opportunities for investment could this be a good thing for the 2018 year in my opinion I think so guys thanks for joining us today scripted news but brought to you by lending blocking comm if you're new here make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel and check out the 10 days of Bitcoin comm if everyone else smash the like button for etherium classic

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  2. I’ve been in GBTC for awhile and it’s been great. I don’t have interest in centralized crypto ETH and zCash funds..

  3. Where’s the ETC adoption? In a fund? What customers are they servicing? Are they attempting to be BAAS? What do they do to justify their CMC? I’d like to see customers to call it “adoption.”

  4. When futures contracts came out on bitcoin they tried to crash it…and now they will do the same to altcoins…there going to try to rip the face off altcoins…while embrassing bitcoin with ETF'S paving the way for institutional money

  5. Check out simple token.. u literally can create ur own branded token in 5 min without having knowledge of programming. A great add to ur portfolio.

  6. Is it me or ur doing a vid at least once a week related to XRP (ripple) Yhea Yhea i know the difference lol dam near love every video ur the reason why I diversify! #litecoingang

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