GRAFT DAG – Shopify Integration

this is our store I will demonstrate
virtually sell coffee beans for example they have three
kinds of coffee; let’s buy one of them Let’s buy Indian roast Let’s use “Buy with Shopify Pay” I use “quick purchase” so I don’t need to enter all my payment data every time; it’s already there it started to my account the
buyers account at Shopify ok so I hit “right now” and I’m done with this purchase This is my buyer’s email. I’m supposed to get two messages from Shopify One saying that my purchase was complete with information about my purchase and it should by another message from our app here we can see our rewards 21 award tokens and now this is the key
the private key so I can copy this key and often account in this case the
future is gonna be just a link or QR codes or both now you can see here 21 we were talking
so note that we receive them immediately now we can redeem these tokens and get
some discount so for whatever it 10 reward points I can get 100 discount
without it it’s favorable so let’s say I would like to get 1 dollar discount on
my next purchase okay going type redeem command I need to enter the name of the
token in GUI graphical cue is going to be much
easier just one button click and these are discount amount I just want over
discount okay so now they were supposed to get $1 discount in exchange 210
reward point so now we’ve got $1 is count with
intention code because which we can use the Shopify jacquard and you can see the
balance of reward tokens the new Mouse is 11 so it’s 10 points left it used to
be used to be 21 now it’s 10 now we’re 11 reward still can be used for for
another discount and we won Dover discount point and this is the code so
in order to discuss it is copy this code and I go to my Shopify store continue
further now I can make another purchase if a dark road coach I should buy babe
now I can add discount code here okay even the discount code from here you

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