Government Regulation | Ripple XRP | Terrorists using Coinbase | and More

[Music] [Music] you testing hello okay this should be good test test hopefully you guys can hear me right now not sure there seems to be a little bit of a of a delay and I’m not sure checking on my end to see if it starts broadcasting there’s a lot of delay I might have to reboot was huge delay it’s very pixelated I’m getting a strong signal right now I don’t want to start if it’s gonna be delayed like this I’m going to reboot and then I’ll be right back on the live stream here in in a few minutes I think I need to do a reconnect to umm to the Wi-Fi here let me double check how does the video look on your end over there sounds good okay all right well let’s get started then I guess I’ll stick it out and see how we how we go from this point give it a little bit for some people to join in sounds good looks good all right awesome awesome give me a minute here it’s always the worst when you’re struggling with technical issues I got to turn down my audio over here Mahadeo coming out of my other laptop probably crazy feedback all right let me just pull up my notes hope it’s not the computer that’s causing these issues Wi-Fi is strong Internet seems strong but it’s still lagging on the other end all right so let’s uh let me jump into it I’ll get started we have 13 in the more the more I do these live streams I know it’s early morning live streams but the more I do them I believe more people come I’m looking at an evening day to start doing a live stream as well I think it what I like about doing these live streams it allows all of us to interact I’m just doing videos is great too I enjoyed the videos with this say I mentioned this before kind of taken me a little bit out of my comfort zone and doing something live like this really has helped out significantly if you don’t know who I am this is Jeff with the huddle report and welcome to morning crypto grab yourself some coffee I’m just finishing up a little bit of espresso I got a little bit more here really on the morning crypto we’ll have an opportunity to interact I have an opportunity to answer some questions as as I just mentioned and drink some strong espresso coffee for the morning if you get up early like I do then having some espresso at this point always helps out a little bit so no once again all right so I want to I want to go over and really talk a little bit about some of the things that have been happening in the news I’m going second real nice real nice we can have a discussion about that so let’s try to you know is not get go down that path not here if you want to stay in here that’s fine but we can we can definitely discuss if you want to make incorrect statements like that then that’s your prerogative but what I do want to talk about really what’s been happening over the over the past few weeks and this is really going to who into digital assets and the movement within government for government regulatory clarity if my voice is a little bit off this past week I’ve been suffering with a chest cold so but really there been some really loud voices from the left and really it’s coming from the Democrat Party you can make an argument from the far left of the Democrat Party you can make an argument it’s from those who are truly embracing embracing socialism and this could have a direct impact on what we’re all trying to achieve within the digital asset space within the blockchain technology space and I talked a little bit about this before with proposals that are calling for a taxation of 70% and greater then recently and this is really really troubling Elizabeth Warren made a claim and in her proposal or at least her statements she doesn’t really proposed anything officially yet is that she wants to place a 2% tax on every dollar of net worth and then a 3% tax a billion dollars and the reason why this is troubling and you might say you know Warren being that billion-dollar status and most of us probably won’t be in that 50 million dollar status hopefully with our investments in digital assets will at least be in the in the million dollar status but when we talk about net a farmland and so there’s a lot of things when we go to the net worth that could be added up in that and that then to me that’s extremely troubling because now that’s more taxation and if this is an really tax in general is is a is something that we have to contribute you know we have to to pay a part of what goes into the development of our country we talked about this before and I don’t want to go down this path too far but really when we see statements like this and really going after in targeting those who have produced within society those who create jobs those who build and develop those who are the innovators you can’t continuously find ways to take away from those individuals and create handouts for handout type socialist based programs and I was reading an interesting statement from somebody getting some lag audio lag to be back on and in like five minutes so hopefully you guys can join back on but I’m gonna so I’m gonna stop this the stream

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  1. This was 1st attempt to stream with unfortunate lag in video and then audio. After reboot of computer and test of network – completed 1 hour stream.

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