Google Searches + Public Interest in Crypto Dying Out… GOOD! Let US Work!

well guys the revolution will not be televised and in many ways I can actually I can actually do this particular article I like it I like it let us go back underground my friends let us stew let us simmer and create and build the next generation of blockchain apps while no one's looking no fanfare no no hoopla about it no FOMO no fun just let us build let us build in peace and when people come back they will rejoice in what we have accomplished that's right guys I like it whether it's true or not don't care I like it anyway what's up crypto nation it's bueno we're decentralized Evie your best place for news on Bitcoin blockchain and cryptocurrency tech today's encrypted newsmen Google searches for crypto currencies declined significantly oh good I hope the the hole fever of crypto currencies dies down a little bit and it will allow us to build and what because we are moving bad guys I was waiting to do that I was waiting to do that it seems overall interest in various crypto currencies is on the decline good good a less fun info mom more specifically Google searches for Bitcoin a theorem and litecoin are undergoing a major decline as of right now Yahoo good given the current sentiment across the markets it will be interesting to see how things evolve after the crazy year we had in 2000 you blew up on me guys it didn't like me talking about it didn't like me talking about it at all after the crazy year we had in 2017 it's only normal that cryptocurrency markets would calm down a bit during early 2018 we have seen all major crypto currencies experience significant declines in the past few weeks and it seems this trend is now starting in Reverse as such it'll be interesting to see what the future holds for all cryptocurrency markets as a lot of things can happen very quickly in this industry with the decline of cryptocurrency prices also comes a decline in public interest good should change guys even though that is not entirely surprising the current Google search trends a painting rather interesting picture searches for Bitcoin etherium and litecoin are all down across the board and it seems the situation will not change anytime soon good even though Google search trends are not exactly the go-to metric to determine the future of crypto currencies it just showed that general public is not too impressed with the way things are going as of right now good the price decline has caused a lot of enthusiasts to cool off on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies by the look of things even though that could easily turn around once the market up uptrend turns into solid bullish momentum good more specifically the frequency of Google searches for Bitcoin has declined by nearly 75 percent over the last past three months it's not entirely surprising given the way things are going in and the markets right now I can't believe it's already like halfway through March guys the same applies to aetherium even though the particular Google Trends that seems to have remained relatively flat for quite some time now like coin searches are barely visible on the charts as of right now and it doesn't have to be a bad thing I think it's a wonderful thing guys cha-ching when looking at specific regions showing a keen interest in these currencies we we see Bitcoin remains the only global trend of the three right now whereas aetherium is mainly popular in North America smaller Eastern European countries and Asia litecoin is not represented anywhere on Google's chart but it is safe to say it's piggybacking on both the other currencies as of right now the big how many times does this all there have to say as of right now probably as of right now he needs to say it one more time as of right now the big question in what is what the remainder of 2018 will bring as of right now in this regard if most of the Bitcoin price predictions come true as of right now we can expect some major upward price momentum in late 2018 as of right now if that is the case we may very well see a lot of Google search and queries involving Bitcoin if you're mn a light coin as of right now it appears a combination of individual currencies with the term finance is quite popular across the board all right now sometimes these authors just when they get tired of writing it's okay I'm here and I'll always read it guys but this is a good thing at least for me now I'm not everyone I'm just me but this is a good thing and I like this I like the crypto currencies going down in the Google searches I'm glad that it's I wouldn't say heading underground that wouldn't make any sense but it certainly is taking a backseat to other more pressing considerations in most people's lives that's good let us build let the select few of us that are really committed to cryptocurrency in the long run let us stew let us make our applications let us do what we need to do and when the masses come back they will be very happy that we stayed the course this is also good in many ways in terms of the cryptocurrency content creation world in that many youtubers and many people who quite frankly can't hack it can't hack through it through the hard times well they'll leave good it leaves space for new people to come in and think anew and create new products and services in the market sometimes we need a culling like this sometimes we need a pullback in public interest here's the thing though it doesn't affect me and I'm certain it doesn't affect you guys either so let me know your comments or ideas in the Bitcoin doubt pop or the comment section below about the lack of interest when it comes to Bitcoin and Google searches are you gonna have stay in do you have a strong hand are you gonna weather the storm because winter has only just begun my friends winter has only just begun thanks for joining us in today's crypto news but brought to you by decentralized TV you hear make sure that you subscribe to our YouTube channel check out the 10 days of Bitcoin calm for everyone else smash the like button for strong hands only the strong will survive I like it guys let us go back underground let us do what we need to do good because we're going through the moon we're going to the moon

34 thoughts on “Google Searches + Public Interest in Crypto Dying Out… GOOD! Let US Work!”

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  2. The fact that all prices have stabilized to current levels for months now, shows this is the bottom. Good time to buy if you think there's ever going to be another surge.

  3. your money comes from your parents dumb fuck. you have zero expertise on anything. stop lying to these libtard kids

  4. Correct, that's great! I want the whole space to become immensely depressed, I want everything to bottom so I can move a big chunk of fiat in.

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    dude I like your shirts and gadgets
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    one of the best motivators out here keep it up !!
    handshake from Italy !

  6. Crypto currency didn't work; people understand crypto currencies will never be a currency and only central banks have the power and authority to issue a currency by definition depending whose definition you adopt. The term crypto needs a new hook if you want them to go mainstream. People like to gamble and you need to make cryptos not only sexy to people but also more safer to gamble with. Libertarian hook has failed; people are realizing cryptos are centralized. Cryptos are too focused on the cars and women appeal ( you have the young people but older people are more conservative) What will attract more people to cryptos is safety. Your investment in cryptos are safe; you can feel protect knowing that your future is secure; in this uncertain world cryptos can bring you peace of mind. Also, stop attacking other entities with cryptos: you want cryptos be everyone's friend. Cryptos are only targeting a sample of the population. Target the whole population. Cryptos are new, exciting, and for everyone. Got your bitcoin?

  7. Do I have to send my TRX to binance before mainnet test? I have no gas money in my MEW wallet Until next week.

  8. So "Winter has only just begun". Very Game of Thrones. I like it. I take it from that Winter remark that you suspect that this current "bear run" is just in its early stages, and that this is going to last for a LONG time to come, before things start looking up again in the crypto markets. This year being a polar opposite of last year. Yes?

  9. I stacked up on sia coin in this crash. Weirdly my gut feeling was to pull out of all the big coins and put my money on a coin I thought has good potential long term and was low cost. It also may be that ive just been up for 38 hours straight and im delusional right now. Love your videoes @decentralizedtv

  10. From the depth of the drop in price, it seems like it'll be at least two years before these prices rebound. Blockchain and decentralization are not the revolution we thought they were.

  11. What about the fact that there is a 91% correlation between the value of crypto and search trends on Google? Did you know that?

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  13. The minute an anonymous buyer bought 400 million in bitcoin last February I knew manipulation was coming. JPMorgan has purchased some 400 million oz of physical silver, at a cost basis of close to $10 billion; but it still took the bank four and a half years of consistently manipulating the price. Few have the skills and treachery of this bank and could never replicate what it has done…. Sounds Familiar?400 million in bitcoin and 400 million in physical silver can JP Morgan be manipulating crypto?

  14. Two months ago the crypto community was telling me the market was down as part of a seasonal trend due to Chinese New Year. None of you have any idea what you're talking about. The story and narrative changes faster than the values lol Children playing banker. Nothing to see here.

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