Google Pay/Paypal integration, App Engine updates, & more!

[MUSIC PLAYING] DAN GALPIN: Hello. I’m Dan Galpin for
“The Developer Show.” This is your weekly update
on the coolest developer news from Google. Now you’ll be able
to accept PayPal with Google Pay on your app
or website in the 24 countries where your customers
can link their PayPal account to Google Pay. When you enable PayPal as a
payment method on your Google Pay integration, customers
who use their PayPal account to make a purchase on
a Google App or service will be able to seamlessly
checkout on your website or app using Google Pay. Check out how to enable
PayPal and how to integrate Google Pay on the post. Go 1.12 and PHP 7.3 runtime
through App Engine standard are now generally available. And the Java 11 second
generation runtime per App Engine standard
is now in beta. Also, all App Engine
second generation runtime instances will
receive double the memory. App Engine second
generation runtimes let you use any
language library, have direct network access,
and connect to Google Cloud VPC networks, giving you a
more idiomatic developer experience, support from native
modules, and faster execution. Check out the post
for more info. Over 250 Googlers were
in attendance at the 2019 conference on computer vision
and pattern recognition in Long Beach this week
to present papers, talks, and organize and participate
in multiple workshops. You can learn more about our
research at the link below. With WebAssembly,
the W3C web standard for bringing native
code to the web, the Google Earth
team found a solution to render the whole
world in real time while moving across
multiple browsers. Check out the Earth
preview beta to see what the Earth team has achieved. And in the post, you can
read about their technical implementation and
see how you can get started working in WebAssembly. We announced the
open source release of Security Crawl
Maze, a universal test bed for web security crawlers. Code is available on GitHub
and through a public deployed version. Read more at the post. Please remember to like,
subscribe, and share. I’m Dan Galpin for
“The Developer Show.” Thanks for watching, and
we’ll see you next week. Wait. Why is Dan Galpin
doing the show? [LAUGHS] Or just Timothy. Put Timothy there
just the whole time.

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  1. How about paypal integration in flutter ??? Please guys make it as soon as is really important!!

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