Google 2 Factor Authentication Lost Phone, WHAT TO DO?!

welcome back to crypto Lent
Merry Christmas hope you had a phenomenal time during Christmas I know
this is after Christmas but today I want to talk about security and something
that that was really fucked up to happen to me personally and now today I got a
comment from Achmed need your help guys I’ve lost all the data on my phone
including the Authenticator code how can I get a new one
I cannot login to finance anymore please help me out same happen with ripple
because I lost my Authenticator code funny thing is same happen to me
I got a my phone my phone is being fixed now it’s in the store I got a phone like
a replacement phone for the time being but I I backed off my phone
forgot to back up my Google Authenticator so same happen to me
brother were in this together really quick what you need to do to get fastest
there are really two things there’s an app called on Google Authenticator I
think you’re referring to that one there’s also an app called
of–they it’s focus is here authy and the difference really is that I prefer
authy by the way Google Authenticator really hard to reset if you don’t have
your backup keys so if you have not lost your Authenticator code yet and you
don’t have this key try to go into all the accounts that you have your Google
Authenticator set up as reset it make a new one and write down on pen and paper
the key because if you lose your phone if it gets stolen if whatever happens to
your phone you’re fucked basically or not really fucked because
you can get it back but it’s gonna save you a ton of headache because you can do
a couple of things you can go to finance and then go to support and then just go
from there if you have the Google Authenticator you can go to and take a
tour or to FA your Google Authenticator to FA yeah how to reset Google
Authenticator so basically what you have to do is you have to go into all of the
accounts again go through all the steps sent your your passport cover identity
card all the stuff that is written here and then after that is done you cannot
make it withdrawal 48 hours after this is done for
obviously for security reasons but then you can get it back is you know also
with the other exchanges same thing applies if you use bit tracks the same
exact thing applies in my case I have some accounts on Google authenticators
Authenticator and the other one on Aussie and Aussie this is why I like it
an Aussie I can set a pin code it’s linked to my phone number and I can just
reset it from there so I can send a message to of–they and then the really
cool thing that they do is they sent me four SMS for text messages and four
emails saying are you sure are you sure are you sure so in case you get hacked
you get four warnings and in this email they basically say if this is not you
you can cancel here click this link and you can cancel that so you have four
warnings and then it resets and you can get you can get all your codes back so
that saved me a ton of headache over Christmas I still have some of them I
have to get back to the exchange and fix it myself
that’s gonna take me some time as well I haven’t made any video over Christmas
because obviously you probably wouldn’t be even watching because you’re spending
time with family and stuff like that so that was real quick what I wanted to
share today tomorrow and talk Tron a really cool project and I so stay
tuned for that like subscribe and I see you see you tomorrow until then stop
settling and start living the corn life

74 thoughts on “Google 2 Factor Authentication Lost Phone, WHAT TO DO?!”

  1. I opened an account on Binance but I never wrote down the authenticator code, do I still need to reset it or is there something else I can do? I have my phone with me but just in case I loose it.

  2. Bro i am panicing so hard. A lot of money on binance. Look, do i have to send the pfotos with the ticket ? Or with the email ? I don’t get it. After i send them my pfotos with a ticket i get a automatic mail…

  3. One more tip. You can also back up you 2FA code when you set it up by using Snipping Tool in windows to take a screencap of the QR code. Then save that screencap to a USB thumb drive and throw it in a safe. Now you have a copy of the key you can scan.

  4. Hey man liked your video but need your opinion or anybody who comes across this. Got a new phone didn’t think to back up the code to my account, I did the three steps in this video and submitted it on their support page and haven’t heard anything from them and it’s been 2 days now since I submitted (1/2/2018) and I keep getting bounced around with automated emails I really need help if someone has any suggestions

  5. how this program call aphy or what ?
    how this program call aphy or what ?
    how this program call aphy or what ?
    how this program call aphy or what ?
    how this program call aphy or what ?

  6. +CryptoLand can u help me please? i for acciden't deleted a google authenticator and now i can't logging to my binance account 🙁 Please help me!

  7. +CryptoLand can u help me please? i for acciden't deleted a google authenticator and now i can't logging to my binance account 🙁 Please help me! and i send a ticket to support and i get automaticly mesage please help!

  8. Hey this is a great video but I have a question and I hope you can help me out. I'm in the process of getting a new phone and before I activate it I want to add the Authy app to now have my 2FA. How do I change these? I don't see an option in Bitconnect, Binance, or coinbase. Any help is appreciated, still pretty new to this stuff. Sucks that you lose these codes when you get a new device… Oh and how do I find my backup keys? 🙁

  9. TO THOSE WHO SAVED THE 16 DIGIT KEY… simply put that 16 digit code in manually in the authenticator app and boom you're good to go like it never left! its really that simple as I learned the hard way. Love yall!

  10. i tried to use the binance support to reset a 2fa it says to submit a request and it takes me to a forbidden base is there any other way?

  11. Please Tell your Status about Ticket also Here:

  12. Bruh like holy fuck. I am trying to submit again since i had no response, but now its different. It has an option when signing in it asks you if you dont have the auth code so i put no i dont. I get the an email to my email account asking to confirm reset which i do confirm then i follow the steps to taking pictures of my id front and back then a selfie with a note saying to reset my 2fa. Im feeling a bit anxious at this time and then i click submit and a stupid little red circle with a line going through it shows. Did this shit even submit or is it fucking with me. Why cant i click submit like HOLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY fuck man.

  13. I did not enable Google Athuntication Option on, but now when i trying to login , require Google Athuntication Code, i can not to done bcz i did not enalble or set in Google Athuntication App

    plz help me i am in a trouble
    my WhatsApp +923120268006

  14. thanks alot. gone through helpful comments but still i am worried.
    created my account few days ago and enabled 2fa but after uninstalling the google authenticator i lost binance codes.
    already made deposits into my account.
    i am worried as i have submitted my id proofs(3 pics) for the first time and not submitted them while registration as it has not asked that time.
    please help me and suggest …
    i have successfully submitted the 2fa request with my identity proofs and waiting now.
    should i create a seperate ticket and inform about my trades and deposit histroy.

  15. in my case binance has temporarily disabled 2fa.
    also , support ticket said it may take around 7-10 days but they disabled it within 24 hours.
    i made the request according to 2fa guidelines along with that created seperate request mentioning the time from which i am not able to login. although this additional request is not needed but it is good to tell them from when you are not able to login.

  16. Had to reset my phone on the 2nd, lost my backups, tried to remove 2fa from bitconnect myself, had too many attempts at that, now am locked out since. I don't have allot invested but still have not been able to access my account since. I have emailed them multiple times but have had no response yet.

  17. Hey brother
    I have clear my credentials
    I can't open my Twitter
    How can I get back my credentials
    It's not in my phone memory!

  18. I uploaded a video on how you can access your Binance account in case you lost your device or delete google authenticator….
    Make sure to subscribe my channel and press bell icon

  19. im locked out of my original account. it was stolen and whenever i do account recovery even though i know the password, they wont give me my account back even though my face is on that channel and on this one..

  20. EX: Google 2 Factor Authentication LOST MY PHONE WHAT TO DO ? ! ANYON CAN HELLP ME…….!!!

  21. So basically, you are fucked. Thanks for the help dipshit. You'll have to contact every service you're using 2FA for and attempt to get them to believe it's you and reset them. Thank you google for fucking shit all up.

  22. bit club network won't let me click on anything bc of the incorrect google auth code.. im going crazy here… did you do anything with them?

  23. i wrote down secret code generated by coinbase when i scanned the QR if i lose phone or it breaks what do i do to get access to coinbase? thax

  24. So,i turned on 2FA on instagram,so after few weeks my phone got lost so now whenever i try to login to my account using my computer,it says a code has been sent to a phone number ending with XXXX.So now i am unable to login to my account.Please someone help me with this issue i am very desperate to have my account back and i also had more than 700+ followers in that account

  25. Thanks for video. I have my back-up code for google authenticator and I cant can access my GGoogle account, however, I can't see the codes in the google authenticator (exchanges, websites, etc). How can I retrieve them using the master back-up code? I mean without sending email to all exchanges.

  26. i acctivated 2fa for the macomine_offical discord account and i deleted the google authenator then i installed it again and the code was gone how do i deactivate it.Im not logined into it on anything else

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  28. Binance restore 2FA process doesn't work. You'll have to submit your documents many times before they accept the perfectly legible photos. Your face photo needs to be perfect and well lit. Then they do this face recognition process which will just never work. I've done it dozens of times in a variety of lighting. If they don't like it you just get a "FAIL!" red text notice. I've been doing it for months.

  29. @CryptoLand I hope you can help!
    I have an account on where I have all my crypto. I lost my google authenticator. I did send a "ticket" to the support group multiple time and….nothing!
    I've asked them to disable my 2fa, they replied to send more information about my account. I did send my username, IP, not sure how much crypto I have since I did not log in for about 8 months. I keep sending them "tickets" but no response. Any suggestions?

  30. Hi, I reset my phone and i dont hve seceret key i also forgot to DISABLE the 2FA code. Now i cant log in, in coinpot. What should i do?

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  32. Dm @55hack on Instagram he helped me with my 2FA security bypass cuz I lost my number I came in contact with him through recommendation

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  34. Hi! I lost my phone and with that I lost my two factor authentication codes and also recovery codes for my instagram, please help me!

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  37. Well Im using Google Authenticator and the Screen of my Phone broke… its basically all black and I cant see anything. Now I got a new Phone and cant log into my Ubisoft Account anymore

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