: Paypal money adder – Legit or Scam?

$1,000 party can imagine. Hey guys. I’m ready from landing beam today I’m going to say something about your website called best make money online and I’m gonna give a shot to review of their site So are you ready? Let’s get started If you have any questions you getting this video feel free to ask me in the comment section and if you really like this video Then don’t forget to subscribe my channel and hit the bell icon to get more update Okay, guys, this is our site based mate. One taught online. Oh my god so much traffic there I need to wait 12 weeks to get inside there and Look over here. You cannot as much money as you want. You’re gonna be his so, huh? guys, please don’t trust this kind of site because no site will pay you with that kind of mass money that Kind of beat money within this can short time. I Hope you got it. And you know that kind of to be main point you can see their domain name It seems like not secure what you mean door signal mean. They don’t have any kind of SSL certificate do you know what is SSL certificate SSL certificate is something that will secure your information from a website and Any web site? requires Login or signup? The master is a certificate to secure information because if any site requires information I Mean your PayPal information or any kind of log information and they don’t have any gate that is a certificate that that means they can Steal your information So guys, I hope you got it now. I’m gonna introduce you with some website Quality bubble comm is on all of the cap Center website. You can learn from there. Look over the domain name there HTTPS that means they have SSL certificate Another one to CAPTCHA. They also have SSL certificate And another one new many of you maybe know that know this side They also have SSS a teepee so I do you mean that side is scam ourselves and you can see if you give your information here in this form if you It will give you paper information or other information. You can lose your information easily. So guys we are up there Okay, wait 11 minutes and see what’s gonna happen Oops after a long time they take me here Look over the domain name They also loves the help. It’s a certificate What do you think? this kind of all All these kind of sites are discovered. They just wanna ruin your information They’re wanna steal information and look some advertisement here See the first link born of premium is a pornographic website Okay, let’s see. Is that link? True or false? Right. Click that click this link and Copy the link and paste it to anywhere of the computer like notebook See it says it is pornhub website, but look here. It’s CPA build website That means they gonna learn from you but they’re not gonna pay you anything for everything here just it false information and if you look over their website They don’t have any kind of contact number or any kind of email address so that you can contact with them So guys don’t trust them Learn something and start earning from mini website like Fiverr Upward there are huge platform to one, but don’t trust that So thank you for watching if you have any question, please Feel free to ask me in the comment section and don’t forget to subscribe my channel and hit the bell icon to get more update

72 thoughts on “ : Paypal money adder – Legit or Scam?”

  1. And yet look at all of these idiots trying to promote this Scam ! But I thank you for letting us know that it's all a Scam so I also would advise for nobody to fall for this Best just because of the Cash they say you will get but after the long run you may end up in prison for doing this !

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