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get the best quality content ever right so let’s jump right into this number one
the US Congress releases extraordinary report praising cryptocurrency and
blockchain technology then I’ll tell you we were having some great news about
adoption stuff like that there we go the US Congress just released its massive
joint report on the state of the economy and for the first time an entire chapter
is dedicated to cryptocurrency what’s even more extraordinary is the number of
bullish sentiments are the number of bull sentiments on the future of the
emerging technology now guys what if I told you the technology is here to stay
this is good technology everyone is starting to recognize this the
technology is not going anywhere blog chains not going
we’re and it’s needed it betted there are benefits of using it it helps save
money save time so it’s going to happen it’s just a matter of time for the
adoption phase to come then you guys can see some of the quotes that are from
their blog she looks like the new internet cryptocurrencies could outshine
government via blockchain is secure and efficient blockchain may transform many
industries all true statements so very cool to see if you guys want to go read
this article I’m guys go check it out um I thought it was really caught there was
a great sign towards adoption this was posted in our Facebook group so thank
you for posting this in the Facebook group guys I told you make sure to join
the Facebook group there’s a ton of value in there also follow up from
yesterday which we talked about or wasn’t the day before g20 considers
crypto and you read the guys remember remember the g20 meeting and how it
actually went pretty positive there was a speech on there
that was pretty positive and I helped him you know pump the market up a little
bit to where we are right now but the g20 considers crypto as assets not
currencies according to document drafts so here they’re saying that they lack
the traits of sovereign currencies thinking that there’s so apparently
there’s three roles that money plays in the economy and they don’t think any of
these three roles are satisfied it’s a satisfied by crypto so they said you can
call it crypto assets crypto tokens definitely not crypto currencies now I
think this is short-term thinking I think this is good in the beginning
sitting in some sense in the sense of you know again just like growing
adoption let the tokens be used let assets be used whatever you may call it
but once people see you know once people start using it and they start realizing
well hey you know what this kind of could replace the dollar then that’s
when it’s going to go in and try and take over actual currency so I think
it’s a step-by-step process I don’t think tomorrow we’re gonna you know
throw down every curve every country’s currency and just use cryptocurrency
it’s going to take steps and I think the first step would be utilizing certain
certain tokens certain assets just use of the utilizing crypto currencies in
general right but first different type of
transact not fully you know a curtsy not 100% a currency that you know of the
world yet yet and then once all that’s done in people start you people more
people are using and everyone kind of realized the potential then I think is
when we can move into it being an actual currency so that’s kind of my take on it
let me know what you guys think down below it’s kind of how I’m looking at it
the third one is president Trump bans u.s. citizens from buying petrol
you guys remember petrol the minute Venezuela government backed
cryptocurrency Trump has made it yeah Trump the president the US has made it
hasn’t made a ban for the people in the u.s. to buy apparently so it’s now
illegal to buy petrol if you live in the US and I guess you know I can’t blame
the guy it’s probably you know not what cryptocurrency stands for in any sense I
don’t know why you would be buying petrol I personally don’t have any pet
show I don’t actually know anyone who does if any of you guys have petrol
please leave a link down below but I’ve also seen question is this gonna affect
you know other cryptocurrencies I saw comment asking can I still hold
although crypto you can hold whatever other cryptocurrencies you want it’s the
band is just on petrol just petrol and now let’s move to the overall markets
give a little refresh to see where we’re at we are a little lower from where we
were yesterday makes sense they’ll probably close to
300 billion dollar mark let’s just see what it loads oh wow 330 we’re actually
doing actually went up since the last time I sent something okay anyways
forget when I said 330 billion dollar market cap nice last hour is looking
pretty green nice the last 24 hours is looking you know pretty solidly Green as
well for most not for all Bitcoin etherial down a little big eyes can see
a Bitcoin dominance it’s now forty three point nine percent but overall in the
week we can see that you know there’s still a ton of red for most crypto
currencies except not county EOS iota and cue them for example and if they’re
in classic they’ve all had apparently pretty green weeks
cool but most crypto currencies are in the red and you know so the green was a
good pump up which we saw the technical now
I’m gonna show over I’m gonna go over at the end we saw you know we reached a
support line bounced a little back up above that thankfully didn’t go all the
way down to the other support but the good news that came out from the
conference and everything also helped pump the price up a little bit and now
you know we’re kind of moving back up in the direction that we want to go to so
we’re gonna cover that in just a bit but for all you Tron fans real quick just
want to share with you guys know you guys are all impatiently waiting for the
end of March for everything to come out you know the beta coin burn test net
then later on the main net all that stuff coming out so soon you guys are
all waiting got to come out and waiting to see if that’s going to affect the
price of Tron so I want to update you guys while we wait because nothing’s
been released yet I want to update you guys while we wait on what’s been going
on so first of all Trog versus Facebook this was also posted in the
cryptocurrency all-stars Facebook group our Facebook group down below which I’ll
leave a link to where Justin son fires shots at Facebook so Christopher here
I’m not exactly sure why he posted to get banned on Facebook but he’s been
suspended by Facebook for blowing the whistle on something they have
previously known for they have known previously for two years and then in
comes Justin’s son a decentralized social platform will game account
ownership and data back to the people no more profiting from sitting on our data
goldmine Tron taking shots at Facebook you know
what they’re trying to do it is a good move
why not pump up the community get the community excited get the community
behind you on this get the community bashing Facebook while they well you
know pumping Tron why not it’s uh – great move I thought it was really cool
to see that he is like he he’s on there he’s waiting for all of these you know
things to happen so he can jump on it and say something and that I thought was
really cool I thought was funny to see just the Sun taking shots now
also I wanted to say that now the largest OTC exchange in Asia Tron hasn’t
been listed on TC BTC which is like I said the largest OTC exchange in Asia
which ok it’s good for them they’re just trying to get on every extra
which it means decentralized centralized and OTC exchanges to increase their
diversity and resilience they’re trying to be everywhere so I guess that is work
you guys know they are on pretty much every main exchange every exchange I
know of I think charges on I don’t things any that I don’t know that
they’re on anyways let’s move to technical now so you guys see we’re
still in the downward the downward channel right here but we did bounce up
above the support line and now we’re moving back upwards within this these
two between this resistance point and this support line up top so I know
there’s a lot of stuff going on in the graph
overall see if I can zoom in make it a little easier so overall we have this
resistance and this support which I would love to see us get back into this
and kind of you know make a move upwards from this moving up to $12,000
resistance which is what I’m excited for it’s the big point a lot of people are
looking at and yeah I see a lot of people though who are saying I’m only
gonna buy trouble I’m only gonna buy a Bitcoin when it’s low and you know when
the bullets have arrived and bitcoin is at 12,000 why why would you buy Bitcoin
at 12,000 when you can buy Bitcoin at 8,000 and you know 9 10 11 12 make
$4,000 profit per Bitcoin that you buy on the way up like if you expect it to
get here at any point in the future then it would be it would be pretty dumb not
to buy it to it now because eventually it’s going to get there even if it takes
a week maybe it takes a week even if it takes a week maybe it takes two weeks it
doesn’t matter if it gets back up there you made $4,000 per Bitcoin that’s not a
bad investment rather than waiting and then once it gets here you never know
once it happens when it gets to 12 thousand total it might turn back down
and then you’re gonna be then then you’re gonna sell down here and then
you’re gonna leave angry comments on my facebook on my on my youtube channel
saying cryptocurrencies are gone they’re dead you guys know I’m talking about
closer you guys to watch the video like two three days ago this was gonna happen
so make sure you don’t wait until the you know we’re at the peak of the market
I’m not saying 12,000 people to market but don’t wait till we are at you know –
don’t wait for the Bulls to be here for you – then think of bye-bye before the
Bulls are here so that when the Bulls do get here you make a lot of profit
summary of how people make money on cryptocurrency so hopefully you guys
enjoyed that I’m gonna go real quick and just pick the winner of the giveaway so
125 unique commenters you guys are absolutely killing it on the previous
videos super super thankful to all of you let’s
see who wins this round so W sell great videos so mad and get more Tron at rock
bottom but did okay I’m holding long long long like you said nice holding
long that’s definitely my game plan as well there’s so much potential in this
market I don’t I think short term nobody knows what’s going to happen long term
all I think is things are going to you’re going to be rewarded for a
holding that’s kind of all I can think about long term short term it’s hard to
predict day to day but long term that that’s where it’s at that’s where
investments that’s where real money and wealth is made so W Sal congratulation I
wanted to give away make sure to claim it down below if you don’t claim it 24
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all so much for that I’ll see you guys tomorrow for another video


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