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with some humor jamie dimon we talked a little bit about him and JP Morgan
yesterday he says I don’t give a shit about Bitcoin I’ve heard two different
quotes one was I don’t give a shit and one was in other words I’m not gonna say
otherwise this video is going to get to monetize on YouTube but it starts with F
and it ends with the word Ock right so you guys can meet you you can figure out
what that is now he says he doesn’t care about Bitcoin he’s been saying this for
a very long time he says I never changed what I said I just regret having said it
I don’t want to be the spokesman against Bitcoin I don’t really give a shit
that’s the point okay blockchain is real it’s technology but bitcoin is not the
same as fiat currency and I agree bitcoin is not the same as fiat currency
after guys gonna agree as well it’s better but
then he went on and said a bunch of things like it’s waste of time it’s
worth nothing it’s a fraud it’s stupid now that I don’t agree with but I do
agree with the fact that’s not the same as fiat currency and fiat currency has a
lot of flaws that I think are going to continue to get exposed and that’s why
we are going to see cryptocurrency succeed even if it’s Bitcoin or if it’s
another cryptocurrency this is why it’s going to succeed now what makes me the
most interested in I’ve repeated this so many times because I just don’t
understand the logic from someone who says I don’t want to comment about this
from someone who says I don’t care he certainly seems like he cares a lot for
someone who doesn’t care he certainly seems like he cares a lot he mentions it
all the time always talking about it and the company JP Morgan even though Jamie
Dimon says a lot of things against Bitcoin the company JP Morgan which we
talked about yesterday looks like it’s trying to give its clients that because
that’s what its clients want so very interesting overall situation here again
I think Jamie Dimon might may have spoken a little too early about
something and now he says I just regret having said it I think maybe he’s
starting to realize that things are shifting a certain direction and maybe
maybe he was too quick to judge maybe that’s something he thinks about before
he sleeps at night I don’t know either way this is at this point I
believe it’s just comical now I wanted to get your guys’s thoughts on this
because I’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews and obviously it’s going to
depend just how much you believe in things being decentralized and how much
you hate banks so Bank of America acquired a new patent and that’s for
private keys storage now the interesting thing is here because obviously your
private keys super-super report you shouldn’t be giving one and you
shouldn’t be giving anyone your private keys that’s how most people lose their
money and cryptocurrency it’s happened a ton but apparently there is now a patent
for Bank of America to store your private keys so I wanted to ask you guys
what you think of this of this overall thinks there’s a lot of things in play
here one it’s giving somebody else responsibility for your private keys
another one it’s obviously a bank so I wanted to hear your guys’s thoughts let
me know in the comments down below what you think of the
this overall situation like I said there’s a lot of mixed feelings there’s
a lot of mixed mixed feelings overall in the cryptocurrency space because on one
side I don’t trust I wouldn’t trust anyone with my private keys but on the
other side when it comes to mass adoption I don’t know if I trust most
people with their own private keys and the fact that they might lose it and
then turn around and try to find someone to blame that’s definitely something
else it takes it takes responsibility to keep these in a safe place and it sounds
silly but it takes a level of responsibility to keep your private keys
in safes place the safes place make sure nobody else gets ahold of them and also
make sure that you don’t lose them very important stuff it’s an interesting
patent I didn’t see this coming but actually makes sense for banks if that’s
other than if that’s a direction they’re trying to shift towards but again not
sure if I like the idea of a banks of banks holding my private keys I can’t I
don’t like the idea of that I wouldn’t personally do this I wouldn’t trust them
doing this but again it varies person to person I want to know your guys’s
thoughts on that now happy birthday – at the Bitcoin white paper I actually
forgot to mention this yesterday but yesterday was actually my birthday and
then today the 31st so October 30th was my birthday October 31st is the Bitcoin
white paper birthday so Satoshi published the Bitcoin white paper on
October 31st 2008 ten years ago exactly creating the blockchain ecosystem so I
figured we should do something interesting for this day and I want to
know again your guys’s thoughts if you have any ideas of what we should do for
both the Bitcoin white paper birthday and maybe also for my birthday as well
now again the Bitcoin white paper birthday is a lot more important I get
it I get it but what should we do on the channel what should we do as a community
that we can make this a memorable 10th birthday for the Bitcoin white paper so
if you guys have any ideas let me know them in the comments down below as well
should we do giveaway should I give away you know some more Bitcoin like we do
every week should I give away you know maybe a call up a portfolio review call
maybe I should give away you know spots inside the trade the inside the trade
alert group or maybe you have an even cooler even bigger idea let me know what
your guys thoughts are on that but happy birthday again to the Bitcoin
white paper ten years old today now Goldman Sachs violently signs up
clients to its Bitcoin derivative now this is interesting again because it’s
and it’s something I’ve actually heard a lot of people say recently is finding
proof finding evidence that these big investors that institutional investors
big money has been secretly scooping up more and more Bitcoin as prices have
been falling and around this $6,000 region that we are at right now again
maybe one of the reasons are trying to hold it at that region to continue to
pick up more and more at the cheap prices now the things are going to play
out a certain way if institutional money comes into cryptocurrency which
obviously a lot of us believe that it will otherwise you’re probably not
watching this channel because you’re not much of a believer in cryptocurrency but
if you believe institutional investors are gonna come into cryptocurrency then
you have to realize that institutional investors always always always are
looking for a profit 100% of the time that’s why that’s where they make their
money is with a profit in a lot of the times in terms of Wall Street in terms
of stock market they can actually manipulate and control certain things
now obviously that’s not what we want to happen here with cryptocurrency but if
they are investing their money in it is because they are seeing a high
probability of this being one of the better investments that they can make if
it is to hedge against stocks going down whatever it may be this is to them is
looking like a good investment and for them if they’re looking at a good
investment they’ve got teams that you know they’ve got countless teams
countless amounts of insider information just overall experience in this that you
and I don’t have if they’re looking at this and saying you know what maybe we
should be picking up some bitcoins 6k then now is the time for you to get
excited about what’s going on not worried about the stagnant prices not
worried about prices even dropping this is the time to get excited about it
because they’re seeing the potential in it and like I said they invest in things
only when they’re pretty certain that they’re going to make a good return from
it and that’s what I think they are seeing with cryptocurrency right now but
anyways Wall Street giant goldman sachs had this purportedly started to load up
on clients for its upcoming bitcoin derivative product now they’ve also
mentioned that they were in the process of delivering a
similar derivative for aetherium however the blog source states that that isn’t
the case the main thing right now going on obviously is the Bitcoin sir most
things are going to start revolving around Bitcoin first before they expand
into everything else and continue to grow in the overall ecosystem but again
they’re doing this in secret people haven’t been hearing about this they’re
signing up clients quietly and guys there’s a lot of interest in this so
there are a lot of clients getting signed up more adoptions happening and
overall very good news with a very big name attached behind it Goldman Sachs we
talked about JP Morgan yesterday these are huge huge there’s a lots of lawyers
think they have a lot of money they have a lot of clients there’s interest in
this things are gonna get really really interesting really really soon now on
the day to day scale we haven’t had much price action you guys are gonna see in
the chart just a little bit Bitcoin continues to trade in a range since
Monday’s jobs so if we actually look at the hourly chart we had Monday’s drop
right here which consisted of basically two hours worth of shopping we went from
roughly six thousand three hundred and ninety down to six thousand two hundred
twenty let’s say I think that’s how far this week is showing obviously depend on
what exchange it might have been plus/minus a little bit but then after
that which we you know previously the two weeks before that we had been
trading basically in like a fifty dollar range for the longest period of time and
then what happened after that which we had the you know the stuff we talked
about a little bit about why it may be happen if you haven’t watched that video
go ahead and check that out cuz there was a lot of cool information regarding
for the possible reason why we could have seen that drop now again we started
trading sideways in mainly another you know thirty to forty dollar range we
imagine of the day we are spending in a thirty to forty dollar range with a
little bit of a wick here and there that may take us to aid you know maybe a
sixty seventy dollar range but overall Bitcoin still being the stable coin that
it has been for the longest period of time it’s getting a little boring but
again this is just the short short-term perspective there’s a lot more going on
in the long run that are showing very very good signs
now the key takeaway from this article is Bitcoin is back trading in a range
which is very similar to the price action prior to Monday’s job which means
that Monday’s job could have literally just been what we talked about in the
video and again if you haven’t seen it go ahead and check that out but it
literally could have just been what was going on there and then once that
happened we’re back to trading 100% sideways it makes a lot of sense the
volume is still low with many traders not participating in the price action
trading conditions are not ideal for those looking to speculate on price
movement and many may be waiting for Bitcoin to exit the range but a range it
is currently forming well honestly the two weeks prior to the job we were up
over 35% the trailer group so I don’t know what they’re saying exactly there
but either way I get their point volume is low and in terms of trading Bitcoin
it’s very very difficult to do because you’re trading in a 30 40 dollar range
which is very very small for Bitcoin there’s no profits to be made in that
range even if you are leveraged training now bitcoins dominance now is 54.2% its
movements are likely to have a significant impact on the direction of
the all coin market I completely disagree it’s going to have full impact
on the direction of the altcoin market if we look at the market we see Monday’s
job again and then just continuous sideways trading similar to what we have
but we literally could just take this out and we would just be one straight
sideways line biggest gainers of the day 15.6 percent 4 dead 2 coin pivots nano
also up as well we’re gonna talk about a little bit and some of the biggest loser
Rebane rave and coin of we see futures is downside coins down or see a coin
have you wanna pronounce it Komodos down overall if we do a scroll we are seeing
that we have maybe a 50/50 split in terms of what is Green actually looks
like you might have a little more red than we have greed in the market today
but overall again another sideways date with very very small small percentages
change honestly you can’t even say anything is in the red when it’s down
0.14 percent in crypto currency because that can change in the blink of an eye
the market caps at 202 billion dogs with bitcoins almonds at fifty four point one
percent now Tron has some exciting news I know the Tron community is huge and we
have a lot of Tron supporters as viewers and subscribers
to this channel I wanted to keep you guys updated on what Tron is doing
because honestly Tron is another one like ripple that is always in the news
it’s always having things going on now it may have been quiet for a little bit
but apparently it’s for a good reason so the Tron foundation tweeted Iran has
released its decentral first decentralized exchange DX in beta mode
known as the Tron watch market the company’s official blog states that the
executives first began planning the exchange last summer and have been
working with a team of five individual developers to get things up and running
and well they have so I don’t know if you guys are going to be using this
decentralized exchange what do you think it’s does it stand a chance to compete
with other exchanges or other decentralized exchanges honestly a lot
of things are moving to decentralized exchanges as a lot of people are
predicting that’s where we are going to end up eventually finance is looking to
become or is looking to launch a decentralized exchange as well been
talking about that um the last few months as well so definitely a lot of
hype happening a lot of stuff happening do you think Tron is going to compete
with finance I think is gonna be very hard for it to compete with finance but
in terms of its huge community I think it could definitely compete with a lot
of other decentralized exchanges out there and be one of the top ones as long
as it runs well and its perform and it can perform what it needs to perform now
Nano is a four point three nine percent as well and that might be because of a
new listing so who OB looks like it’s going to list Nano deposits will be
available from 4:30 October 31st 2018 G M T so a lot of good news there for Nano
obviously they’re already on Finance now they’re going to be added as well – who
will be there however by NASA honestly being the biggest one
they’re already on there so good news Fernando still very bullish on it’s
still holding on to all my nano waiting for it to continue to climb and
establish itself as one of the top all points out there but guys that’s gonna
be for this video hopefully you guys did enjoy if you did don’t forget to leave a
thumbs up and leave a comment down below in order to enter a chance to win some
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but guys thank you so much for watching I’ll see you guys tomorrow for another


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  5. …not trusting people with their own keys is a great point. I don't trust B of A specifically, they have stolen money from me in the past… and from many others that I know. I recently heard a story about a guy that Invested in BTC… which is now worth millions, but lost the damn key… so now he is lost. Im guessing he really didn't take it seriously when he first invested.

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