49 thoughts on “Goldman Sachs Crypto Custody, Ethereum Classic Price Jump And Watch Where You Put Your Money”

  1. Please someone answer this. Why does it take coinbase 2 weeks to release my bitcoin for transfer? They take my money within 24 hrs. That is just too long! It’s killing me! Thanks.

  2. ETC is an empty chain without a reason to exist. It's just a pure speculative instrument without a medium or long term future.

  3. How can you be smart enough to make money buy bitcoin and then give it away like a moron ? The government is full of it and if you believe that they care if you get robbed for being dumb ! You should think things a little more.

  4. Hi,

    Love your videos and watch it every day.

    I am a true believer in blockchain technology and crypto being the way of the future, however in the last few weeks my faith has been tested and I am wondering whats your opinion on the future. will this dip kill blockchain or will the tech survicie

  5. I think we are about the experience the last BTC dip before the bull run. The question is how low will it go, my guess is $5,700 and the bull run will start in late October not September you heard it here first…

  6. Although we may not like it, we must recognise that markets need to be regulated. In “Inside job”, the movie, reflected this fact quite well. Alain Greenspan didn’t want the derivatives markets to be regulated and we suffered the consequences. “Derivatives is a professional market leads by professionals, there is no need for regulation ” he said.

  7. Goldman Sucks wants to OWN cryptocurrency like they own everything else. Of course trash talking it will just drive the price down so they can gobble it up cheaply.

  8. speaking of bots and scams, USI Tech is one to stay away from. If anyone tries to sell you on it, give them a black eye, not your bitcoin.

  9. Hi Modern, you kind of illustrated why regulation is needed and not by the likes of people in the crypto space. First, who is to decide is credible to put regulation in place? Someone who made billions creating Ethereum? Second, there is NO way that government will not regulate it, even if people resist. They have too much power and influence. Thirdly, because there are so many scams that you mentioned, there is no way the crypto space will regulate its own.

  10. Bro fucking live your updates, been following you for so long. Thank you for making these!

    Would it be possible to request a video on some of the bitcoin forks?

    Would live to hear more about Bitcoin Gold, especially if there is any upsides to it, since I know a lot has been pre-mined.
    Maybe you would make a section about it in one of your weekend videos?

    Thanks again!!

  11. Everyone loves to trash Charles Hoskinson because ADA isn't moving, but now everyone is jumping on this Ethereum Classic bandwagon…hilarious. You might have mentioned Charles Hoskinson's involvement in Ethereum Classic, for better or for worse.

  12. Congratulations, XRP have achieved its dream of bitcoin decoupling.
    XRP price alone is tanking while BTC and the rest of the market are (mostly) in green. ?

  13. i also saw those bots with they comments! Looks good but still too good to be true and use common sense guys!

  14. The market is a sea of red, it's a bloodbath. I'm still all in on xrp and the other coins I hold but I must say this is very depressing for about 6 months now.

  15. Yeah…the fox is going to guard the hen house. "Institutional Money = Master Manipulators". They are still deciding HOW to manipulate cryptocurrency.

  16. If anyone think Private coins like Monero can be stopped needs to wake up. they are more likely to succeed in crypto world than any other coins because most people wants anonymity and that's the main idea of crypto at the first place.

  17. Thanks for the warning regarding those fake commenters! I never trusted those, very obvious that they wanna scam others

  18. You violently offended me when you nonchalantly compared ETC to btrash!!!!! Now I just want to smash your head in :/ @ least TRY to not be so casually offensive please.

  19. I really wish people would understand that these pump and dump groups are led by selfish and greedy individuals, who are only looking out for themselves. It would be quite funny if the admins went and invested a ton of cash on a coin and then no one was gullible enough to buy it. That would bring them into reality that it’s very wrong to make money off other people’s hard earned cash. But sadly that won’t ever be the case. Although some can make money there will always be a majority of people who will see the spike and buy into it, only to never be able to sell it again cos the coin has sunk.

    Also, although people are awaiting the Coinbase listing of ETC.. I seriously doubt it will have the same spike effect as the other coins did. But that is only my opinion and wish all the investors a cash windfall.

  20. Anyone who does that really shouldn’t be in Crypto or any financial market. You never give money away unless your donating for a cause.

  21. Yea these dam scammers. I no longer click on anyone's comments link. Cause they almost got me. I thought it was weird it logged me out of my Metamask and the log in screen was slightly different. It of course wouldn't let me log on. So I quickly uninstalled the Metamask and re-installed it and of course I had no problems logging on. So I quickly changed my password, that was too close.

  22. The bots are really bad on ig as well there are so many fake crypto profiles to do the same on there.

  23. Your friend who invest in schemes doesn't realize their given the signals AFTER the main person (and their friends) has bought/sold the pump and dump already. Unless he friends the main guy he'll always be the bag holder. Have a great day and get well soon.

  24. Be careful of impersonators. Got phished for an entire Zcoin masternode with someone impersonating an admin on Telegram from the company managing my node when the masternode was valued at $70k. Always triple check when someone offers you help you have never talked to and even if it does check out go onto an official site / group and check with the community.

  25. these guys are playing follow the leader. all it take is for one of them to make a move then the wave will follow. its just a matter of time

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