Golden Cross: Bitcoin Price Run Up! – Bank of China Promotes Bitcoin! – New Era of Crypto Regulation

I want to thank everybody for watching crypto revolution where I talk about everything crypto daily jumping right into the market today crypto got ready pretty quick earlier overall market capital cryptocurrency 262 billion dollars Bitcoin at ninety four fifty nine this is a Bitcoin there's a four-hour chart yesterday we had this big break that we needed this critical move and we broke higher everybody was kind of breathing a sigh of relief we needed that break and then you know approximately six hours later seven hours later boom the bottom fall out we lost about $700 in Bitcoin in no time so now bitcoins found some support at around ninety four hundred there's actually quite a bit of support down here again the bottom trend line of his falling wedge that we've been in for a period of time is at eighty five hundred so looking for a move to the upside of bounce higher what frustrates me about this market because it's so small the Bitcoin market per capita is relatively speaking pretty small you had bit max you had eighty nine million dollars in longs liquidated on bit max with this move so you know makes a ton of money when the market plummets real quick like that bit max you know these exchanges that's you're basically trading with leverage or on margin so yeah there's so much manipulation in this market sometimes just gets frustrating you know obviously as this market gets bigger as the market cap grows it'll be harder for I think these exchanges are behind it I really do this is some hope iam because we've talked about it in the past and we know it's coming so the Bitcoin and Golden Cross is coming on July the 30th so this is on the three day chart okay so we just had a death cross which we've been talking about and it's played out and continuing to play out with this downside move now this Bitcoin goal did cross is definitely something to be excited about there's a gentleman my trading group shoutout to trading to retire how appropriate so he came up with the Charts and he went back this is January the month before the three-day golden cross back in 2016 where there was a 25 24 percent drop in Bitcoin and then it shot right back up actually was higher than it was the previous month potentially now here is the current chart we were down 30% previously and then we got the three day golden cross coming like we talked about so again we're looking for this move to start shortly after the 3 day cross you definitely the three night cross is coming out of perfect time this is the entire crypto market everything is red ok everything basic attention token it's up 12% actually over time since I posted this chart it's up 22% so I posted as my trading group again you got to be in the right points you know no matter what you're doing in crypto currency you got to be in the right point so here's the set up that I posted previously around the 13th of the month you see basic attention token went parabolic I do hold a decent amount of basic attention token and definitely when your crypto is go parabolic like this I definitely recommend taking profits because they will pull back I've got a crypto currency trading group I've got five chat groups where you know close to 1,500 people now are calling out breakouts working together how you showing each other charge here's my chart what are your thoughts on this where you finding an entry where you open to position that people are talking about in group constantly you know the group goes 24 hours because we have people on a global scale people are very successful in the training group because everybody's working together so I've got 37 videos now if I actually made one and added one to the playlist I got 37 videos in a playlist called learn to trade crypto if you don't know anything about trading this market you can watch these videos and you'll be making profitable trades I've probably the number one reason why people join the trading group is because they want these profitable trading setups I post these every single day and I post quite a few you know essentially you're buying these breakouts they're very safe low-risk trades if you want to pay in crypto currency for six months you get a 20% discount if you want to pay in crypto for the year you get a 30% discount now email me at crypto Bitcoin Chris at only if you want to pay in crypto if you want to pay with a card month-to-month you can do so there's a patreon link in the description these are a couple comments from people that just join the group so Chris great videos best money I've ever spent on education I am learning so much shout out to Bill he stated I've been in the group nine days he stated I'm up about fifty percent overall possibly it's luck but it could be from the help of all the fantastic members definitely excited have you joined the trading group crypto fear and greed index for today and now this was before the big drop in Bitcoin so it was neutral now I guarantee tomorrow let's see what it is I bet is back to extreme fear after we dropped definitely that was not the the move to the downside that we needed for the Bitcoin bowls bit coin drops 800 dollars in minutes followed by the whole cryptocurrency market you know what got rekt these all coins it was earlier today this is I made this chart earlier probably last night great to see this so the alt coins had broke out of this triangle the they broke through overhead resistance just making some leeway boom bruh bottom falls a hell you know so now we're back down to the support level so these all coin lost about they've lost about 10 percent over the last six hours so all coins you know how it works Bitcoin pumps all coins dumped Bitcoin dumps all coins stop that alt coins can't win right now however we're still trending higher overall when you get these big hits these all coins get hit real hard they bounce back pretty quick and you can actually do pretty well on trading the oversold bounces and v-shape recoveries the Bank of China is bullish for Bitcoin one of the country's biggest banks just posted an article on the merits of Bitcoin it's yet another sign that attitudes toward cryptocurrency are softening in China yeah let the doors of China opened up the crypto trading again you know yeah we probably can assume that the Chinese are still trading crypto however it'll be a lot easier if you know China says hey we're good with it yeah here's the here's the Bank of China they posted this article Bitcoin they explained how Bitcoin works and yeah this is actually a pretty big step for China phone manufacturer who I comes out the CEO stated that China should issue its own Libre coin everybody's gonna get in on it everybody's gonna have their own currency it's gonna recommend purevpn to you guys so I use purevpn it's a great way to be anonymous and secure when you're online when you're using different exchanges you know if there's ever exchanges that are taking part in geo blocking where you can't use them based on your location potentially you want to consider purevpn but the peer VPN link is in the description war on Bitcoin is almost here and it will get ugly this article states phases of Bitcoin and government interaction according to the thesis Bitcoin will go through four phases in its battle with the states and regulators there'll be a honeymoon phase a black market phase a competition phase and a surrender phase the u.s. is arguably in the honeymoon phase right now in this scenario the government's don't outlaw Bitcoin entirely but they exert heavy regulatory pressure on companies operating in the Bitcoin ecosystem which some what they're doing you know they're gonna make it difficult they want you know that we've heard about eff ATF and they they want tracking done for any transactions above a thousand dollars and so that's going to be a lot of work on the back end a lot of people that are accepting cryptocurrencies small businesses are you're gonna deal with that if you're taking payments over a thousand dollars now honeymoon black-market competition and surrender surrender that sounds good when the government says you know what we just figured out we can't stop Bitcoin because it's fully decentralized competition is the dollar gonna compete against the Bitcoin I mean in essence I think they can boast it both exist black market could you just imagine what it would be like with you know just having to go work around you that's just kind of a workaround face where you have to work around everything to trade buy sell Bitcoin do you think we'll get there I'd like to hear your thoughts on this idea in the comment box everybody on YouTube is talking about this IRS warning letters to crypto holders marks a new era of crypto regulation and it does the IRS they sent out warning letters to 10,000 different crypto holders letting them know the agency acknowledges their investment in digital assets and expects them to declare fair value of assets held on the data receipt so probably coinbase is behind this you know coinbase if you have over 20,000 in volume on coinbase they automatically send you tax forms the IRS probably approach them and say hey we want all the information about everybody that's held tripped over the United States and code base is like here you go I mean I can't blame them regulating cryptos unhappy with libra lawmakers I turn to cryptocurrency and I think this is part of it I think libra brought everything to the forefront and now they're like hey let's just get all this sorted out but they they grouped Libra and cryptocurrencies together obviously they're not the same but they're gonna be treated the same so Charles Hoskinson the CEO of Cardno he stated that Facebook's labor is a Sputnik moment for politicians and regulators so charles Hoskinson who's now the Acting CEO of Cardno he hinted that the ramifications of Facebook's entry into the cryptocurrency space be far more impactful than it appears on the surface and I think he's right like there's a whole lot of things that are going to be dealt with very quickly because they took basically the United States government takes Facebook a lot more serious because I'm sure they have family members that constantly use Facebook they're there they can relate to Facebook its whole idea brings everything to the forefront as far as cryptocurrency goes so thanks Leon uh this gentleman on Twitter stated we've got another scam company running a Bitcoin scam they took pre-orders and now they're trying to pay thirty two hundred when they took point nine Bitcoin so my question is this so this person bought a minor four point nine Bitcoin months ago obviously paid thirty-two hundred for it when Bitcoin was probably thirty six hundred right now my question to you is this imagine you buy a computer and you pay 2 grand for a computer two months from now it goes bad and you get your money back or you try to you paid you know 2 grand worth of Bitcoin for the computer but let's say Bitcoin doubles in price over that period of time are you going to expect the same amount of Bitcoin back or are you gonna get the cash value and so that's what's happening here this person is calling this a scam they didn't even produce the miners everybody wants her point-9 Bitcoin back but the company's trying to give them $3,200 my question to you guys is what do you think should happen and from a business perspective think how this is kind of a new paradigm that the you know most businesses wouldn't know how to deal with potentially Newegg expands Bitcoin acceptance to 73 countries beyond North America so I was actually gonna probably pick up a new PC from new egg I know they take Bitcoin now a lot of people I use a website called slick deals where you can find some amazing deals just on anything electronic and a lot of people complain about new eggs return policy you guys know any online PC websites where I can pick up a pretty decent computer for a reasonable price and they take Bitcoin so I'm just curious to see what what your your thoughts are is a surge of Bitcoin investors coming many in the cryptocurrencies space have been asking when the next wave of retail and institutional investors will come in by some estimates it should be soon what are they going to come in as soon as we break all-time high as soon as we just gonna happen again they came in they they were buying 13 retail was coming in following in they're buying 12 and $13,000 Bitcoin Bitcoin shot up to 14,000 they're buying the top and then all the smart money sold boom retail gets knocked out every single time it's gonna happen again and again and again and they're gonna continue to dump money into this market because they don't have an understanding of how this market works guys like the content that I provide on a daily basis be sure and subscribe to the channel like the video comment below with the developer notifications thanks so much I'll see you guys tomorrow

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