Gold, Silver, Bitcoin Price Targets + Wealth Creation Tips from Daniel Ameduri

Gold, Silver, Bitcoin Price Targets + Wealth Creation Tips from Daniel Ameduri — with David Moadel hello everybody and welcome to looking
at the markets with David Modell I’ve got a very special guest a repeat guest
he’s come on in audio form to looking at the markets and now we get to see and
hear for mr. Daniel Amadori from future money trends dot-com I’m gonna put a
link in the description below this video to which is my
number one source for real market news not fake news ok you can go to your CNBC
s and your MSNBC s and all that stuff if you want the narrative that the
government and the Fed have to feed you if you want the real news you need to
check with mr. Amadori in future money trends and he’s also got a book coming
out and actually it’s out right now now that as soon as I put this video out
it’s going to be available he’s going to give you information on that so mr.
Amadori welcome back to looking at the market sir hey thanks for having me on
David yeah absolutely you are a wealth of information and speaking of wealth I
first of all want to mention that I I read your book I’m gonna hold it up to
the screen there and what a title my goodness don’t save for retirement I
mean you’re flying in the face of all the traditional conventional wisdom that
you know people are taught in schools by their teachers if they go into a Bank of
America you know if they go into a Wells Fargo speak with a money manager in
quotes they’ll tell you all about save for retirement ok so what was your
inspiration to say don’t save for retirement you know the the data for
actually saving for retirement it’s not working it’s actually a failed
experiment if you look at like with vanguards put out the average 401k or
the median actually for a 401k balances was 65 or older is only 58 thousand
dollars the baby boomers who had the best stock market the best demographics
the internet revolution great bond market real estate market they had the
best setup of any generation and they were not able to achieve success in a
broad way on retirement now the first
generation of the experiment did because of course it’s like Social Security you
put in the first the first person who put in 28 bucks that was it they only
put 28 dollars and then they proceeded to withdraw tens of thousands of dollars
out for the next 25 30 years so the experiment has failed and I think people
first need to acknowledge that now the retirement investments and that
industry has become almost like a cartel where they’ve conditioned the public to
constantly reallocate and send the money to Wall Street where there’s now more
mutual funds than there are stocks and you have all sorts of fees in these
vehicles and commissions and hidden fees sixty minutes did a study where they
showed that the average 401 care was losing one third of their gains over
thirty years to fees it’s it’s first of all let’s just acknowledge and avoid
whatever that is which is very speculative just in buying to go up and
instead of saving for retirement how about getting back to the fundamentals
or just doing what the rich do and investing to preserve and create more
streams of income into your life yeah which is something that you spell out in
detail how to do and don’t save for retirement and we’re gonna explain how
to get that book it is available right now as we’re publishing this video so is
it even safe to try to get into the markets now I mean we’ve got the
President of the United States admitting that there are problems the yield curve
inversion is a problem I mean can people invest safely now I think people can
invest safely if their definition of safety is preservation and not low
volatility obviously I don’t feel too worried about owning a company like
Disney Today or Costco or Franco Nevada for that matter those companies are not
going away so are they safe yes do those three companies that I just mentioned
pay dividends yes they do share in the profits now am i protected from
volatility with those hell no not right now
not with it you know what’s going on in our bond market
the president can tweet something out the Martin got 500 points are down 500
points from just a tweet so you’re not gonna ever be protected from volatility
especially in the stock market and today but you can find things that are safe
and produce income outside of the stock market which is what I would recommend
you know I use the stock market for income on a smaller level than I do for
speculation I enjoy about 10% of my focus on speculation and venture
capitalism but the 90 percent should be far away from the stock market in fact
the old saying on Wall Street is you make money on Wall Street and you bury
it on Main Street and I that’s what people should be looking to do making
money on Main Street or making money wherever you make but really finding
safe conservative investments like real estate something that pays you money you
want to go to the mailbox and expect a check you want to open up your checking
account on your app and wait for that 88 so really focusing on save alternative
investments outside of Wall Street yeah I mean you say it right in the book Wall
Street is not the answer and that we have to undo the conditioning that we’ve
all received and you you do get involved in the micro cap markets you know I’m
gonna guess that you’re of the school that you don’t want to mortgage your
home the equity in your home to buy small cap companies micro cap stocks but
they can be quite profitable would that be accurate absolutely I think it’s
something that you can have fun with but you really want to have very small
position sizing and it should be very small relative to your net worth okay
yeah but it can be definitely profitable in fact you actually map out your
personal asset allocation people are gonna have to get the book to get the
whole scoop on it but you know 60% real estate investments 20% in businesses and
the stock market and the remaining 20% in alternative investments that part
fascinates me would that include precious metals gold silver absolutely
I’ve been a big Gold Bug and silver bug for quite some time but not for what
most people perceive them I don’t buy gold hope
it’s gonna go to $3,000 I have three small children five seven and nine I
don’t want to live in a world where gold goes to three thousand or worse ten
thousand I can only imagine the chaos but I own the gold for insurance because
in case all hell does break loose which we are very likely to have some sort of
financial reset within the next ten years with our currencies yeah I want to
open physical gold I want some real money and silver I think it’s a great
investment and it’s a store of value so I like silver for the same reason I like
Bitcoin for example where it’s definitely on the speculative side but
you’re gonna have much more of a gain and it’s still a store of values so that
is definitely what I look for on those type of alternative investments and I I
mean I even like whole life policies where I just get my money out of the
banking system and participate in the dividends of an insurance company which
it’s one of the safest type of businesses on the planet fair enough and
yeah I’m gonna put you on the spot and ask you for some price targets on gold
silver and perhaps some other things but before we do that how can people go
ahead and get their own copy of don’t save for retirement if they want to get
one right now you go to Amazon or most of the other publishers or book stores
like Barnes & Noble but I would recommend just going to Amazon we’ll be
having a sale on the Kindle for the first six days and if you want you can
read the introduction and the first chapter for free at slash save you’ll also receive our weekly wealth i jess
which updates you want anything I’m investing in but you only read the first
chapter introduction where it starts with my wife and I in a bankruptcy
Attorney’s Office slash states got it okay and I’ll flash
that on the screen and put that link in the description below as well as the
Amazon link forward slash save very cool I mean that
that’s free to just go ahead and grab that right there why not read the first
chapter and get a taste of what’s in store so I wanted to talk about a really
fascinating quote here you know warren buffett revealed to Bill Gates and that
this is from the book here that you know he went to McDonald’s we all know that
Warren Buffett likes his coca-cola he likes McDonald’s
and he had to to pay for a Big Mac he actually dug into his pocket and looked
around for change this is one of the richest people in the world yeah I and I
heard a similar story about how he was at an airport and this is back when they
had payphones and you know it was a quarter to make a call this was before
cell phones and he had $100 bill and but he didn’t want to just spend the whole
hundred dollars to make a phone call so he looked around for a quarter now again
why would a multi-billionaire what kind of habit does that speak to that a
multi-billionaire would want to save just such a small amount of money and in
a situation like that sure I mean look they they did another test one time they
sent out checks I think the check was for like $1 to all these millionaires
and billionaires and very few of them actually cashed it one of them actually
was Donald Trump back at 23 years ago and they did this but you know it’s it’s
a conditioning of the mind that they think like the wealthy view they want to
live a sustainable life they value their time they value their money and the
middle class has become so conditioned into this keeping up with the Joneses
and the corporate propaganda that has them buying brand names that really add
no real value to their life other than that oh look I have this nice bag or I
have this nice these nice shoes or clothes I mean most of these things are
just overly inflated clothes and goods and services in fact I’ll give you a
perfect example just for fun my kids want to know what it was like to go in a
family so we did a test drive through the day and I was blown away these
things they don’t have the technology of a Honda from 20 years ago they don’t
even have TVs in them or anything I mean they they they’re all the things you
would expect from an alleged vehicle they have nothing it’s basically a shell
of a car that you paid 200,000 for and that’s what’s what’s happened the guys
like it’s handmade handmade what the hell is that mean over a car but yet you
can buy a great used vehicle you buy a jagwire brand or not brand-new but a
beautiful you one use for $30,000 and it’s gonna have everything you could
imagine when it comes to technology but people get so caught up in to buy
things that are say ten times their income when they buy a home or I cars
that are equal to their annual income this is kind of a fantasy world it’s not
normal but people perceive that it is yeah yeah yeah I’ve heard that once a
brand-new car is driven off of the lot that it loses 30% of its value
immediately so that speaks to you know people got to have the latest thing the
newest thing I just I’m gonna put you on the spot here if you don’t mind
silver and gold because I know so much of my audience loves that and as they
should in these turbulent crazy times were living in you know back in 2011
silver was at around $50 per ounce in u.s. dollars gold got up to 1895 1895
dollars per ounce there abouts are those realistic price targets in 2019 2020 for
gold and silver you know I suspect that the gold will
make a run at $2,000 the setup here is is is pretty strong it won’t take a lot
there’s a lot of different things going on you know in Hong Kong or in the bond
market currency market an active trade war the Strait of Hormuz we’re out we
are seeing delinquencies increase on and some areas of the economy and it’s been
at a big run here so I think gold is he be the con even at a big run here as far
as the stock market I think with what’s going on with the central banks the
setup here is probably better than I’ve ever seen for gold to hit two thousand
dollars in 2019 there’s only see five months left and I and I think it’s very
very doable for gold to at least come you know within you know 50 to $100
range of 2,000 and it could over shoot it could go to 21 just based on what’s
going on around the world and this renewed interest in gold from larger
institutions like hedge funds other central banks retail hasn’t even got
involved in gold yet you call it bullion dealer and ask them I mean the retail
guys are not involved these collectible coins that I don’t really recommend have
no premium on them right now so now it’s as if you can buy an American Eagle for
the same price as this collectible coin and the collectible coin during a bull
market might have you know a 50% premium on it but right
now they’re all trading for just basically bare bones so that lets me
know that this is the early stages the big money smart money is positioning and
gold in a big way and I think you’re going to see a run for 2,000 this year
the retail will join in and then who knows where it goes maybe it’ll go to
2,500 and there as far as for silver I think easily we’re going to go through
$20 just in the next few months here and then from there I don’t know silver is a
little bit tougher one thing that I like about I’m kind of like buy gold for
safety and then it when you want to speculate you either buy a gold stock or
speculate with a silver stock like my favorite first majestic which I’m
totally conflicted and biased in so many ways I own shares I’m really close
friends with the CEO but um you look at the the percentage again just let’s say
let’s take gold for example if gold one from 1,500 to 3,000 it’s not gonna
change anybody’s lights that’s listening this not even one person but I tell you
a gold goes from from 1500 just to just to 1800 these these gold stocks are
gonna go up to three times the juniors may go up 10 20 times so the the the
speculation in precious metals should be in the in the actual mining shares the
preservation and if you’re trying to find an alternative currency then by the
physical metal yeah and hey why not have some of both why not have some physical
precious metals stored safely in a secured location that’s for a crisis
hedge and then you can have the mining stocks just as your leverage as your
magnification for gains those gains can be life-changing if you time it
correctly and sure you can be like the ninety percent of retail traders that
are last to get the you know get on the trade and they can fight over the scraps
or you can be like Jeff gun lock or a Ray Dalio and get in earlier and be the
smart money and that’s that’s the way I like to go now I just want to mention
that in your book don’t save for retirement you’ve got a subtitle there
subheading a Millennials guide to financial freedom but this isn’t just
for Millennials I mean I’m at that anybody can benefit from this book
would that be accurate anybody can and I really wanted to target the Millennials
though because everyone keeps telling them that the deck is stacked against
them and I think a lot of them believe it and I think it’s just the opposite
and I talk about it in the book they can start a business for $10 at GoDaddy they
can start a YouTube channel for free and a YouTube audience you know they can
start working as a professional drive with uber tonight I mean there’s all
sorts of freelance opportunities and you know where they’re failing is they’re
applying the 1950s the 1970s worker model into this current economy instead
they should actually embrace what’s in front of them this moat this this power
to be mobile and have mobility I just got rid of my other my wife and I each
had our own vehicles and I just let go the one in May because I was like you
know what I don’t even need it I’m not even using it and I’m so liberated you
know I’ll go down go for a long walk on the beach not worry about having to Eve
and get back to the house because I’ll just hit the Hoover car or or jump on a
bird or Lyme scooter so I mean in Millennials the reason I put Millennials
guide because I just want to make sure Millennials specifically know that
they’re they they not only have to do it another way the other way will hurt them
you know the baby boomers at least had a rising stock market in a housing market
so they can salvage this plan of retirement but if you if you’re
amillennialist in this and you’re saving for conventional retirement you’re
absolutely planning for poverty yeah Millennials have it tough they grew up
during the worst recession since the 1930s so and and they grew up with a lot
of broken promises from the government from the Federal Reserve so they’re in a
tough situation and also they get a bad rap you know everybody wants to put down
the Millennials I don’t I I think they’re hopeful I think they are you
know great I think they’re great at you know parsing and analyzing investments
if you teach them how if they can get that education and that’s what does for Millennials and for everybody else so
everybody needs to check that out and finally you know well also I just
want to touch on cryptocurrency you know the Millennials speaking of Millennials
they are way ahead of the game on Bitcoin
etherium and other cryptocurrencies they have an open mind toward it I love it
but is this a safe investment you know it’s it’s been up to 20,000 now it’s at
around 10-ish let’s say by the time this video comes out so it’s been cut in half
Can Can somebody invest in in the blockchain safely yeah I mean there’s
there there are public companies and private opportunities to be
participating a blockchain company if you buy the physical the cryptocurrency
tokens you know we profiled Bitcoin at $13 in future money trends gosh it’s
been like six years ago and you know with Bitcoin and aetherium
and – litecoin I think those should be in your speculative category however I
definitely think you want exposure to them because if you look at what’s
happening around the world with our currencies we’re definitely going to
have some sort of global monetary reset within the next ten years and I don’t
know if that’s gonna have some components with gold and a gold-backed
currency or what the government’s are gonna respond with but the private
businesses are already responding you’ve seen Facebook you’ve seen JP Morgan come
out with their own crypto currencies and Bitcoin remains the king of crypto
currencies so I would definitely want exposure to that I would just say
everybody keep your position small and you know don’t expect to see the same
gains from somebody who invested in Bitcoin at $1 to $10,000 but it is a
store of value and it is the future yeah I know that future money trends has made
a lot of amazing calls the multi baggers as I like to call them you know that
have gone up you know three four or five even ten times in some cases so you know
there’s a free newsletter over there people want to check that out at and and what was there was that link to get that first
chapter of the book again if you’ll go to slash saved
you’ll be able to get the first chapter of the book as well as the introduction
for free it does give you a link to go to Amazon to purchase the book if you
want to continue reading but you’ll also receive our free we
will digest which basically let you know what my wife and I are investing in
right now and as well as we do share some stories each week on Sundays about
you know kind of the things we went through and the things we did to get to
where we are it’s like a Sunday financial sermon I like it get get your
get to finance every weekend and get ready for the week ahead Wow well you
know I’m gonna definitely need to catch catch up with you again mr. Daniel
Amadori to get the scoop you know we’re going to need to update on crypto
currencies on the bond markets on gold and silver and see if your predictions
are accurate and I’m guessing that they will be so you’re welcome back anytime
mr. Daniel imadori and everybody else don’t forget to check out the book and
hit those links in the description below this video why not check out at least
the free chapter and then you’re going to want to buy the book mr. dromedary
thank you for stopping by looking at the markets thanks so much for your time

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  1. Great guest. I totally agree that the concept of "retirement" is not valid anymore. We all need new fresh financial guidance that is valid in today's world. I love the specifics in this interview. Cannot wait to read the book!

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