Gods Unchained – How do I BUY Cards? – Guide and Tutorial

What’s up, everybody its cheeto finger how you doing? Hopefully you’re having a good day. Hey, it’s time to talk some more about God’s Unchained Have you been playing? If not, that’s fine. I’m gonna teach you how hey here’s the thing. I’ve been hearing some things around the internet one It’s a scam. I saw it I saw today. So I’m gonna dispel that myth. It’s not a scam. It’s very real It’s a very grown-up game, right which is why some people may look at it and go Oh, that’s it’s getting done in a minute. And when you’re done at the end of this video, you’ll exactly understand why that is two Cheeto is gonna teach you start to finish how to get your hands on some aetherium Now I know before in another video I said I wasn’t gonna teach you how to do that But here’s the thing as we continue to play this game Cheeta was realizing there’s not a lot of people that know how to do that, right? And most of them are hiding in IT rooms, I think Okay. So here’s what this is. This is going to be a step-by-step Video on how to get your hands on Samantha Rio right. Maybe you want to buy some cards I don’t know right but here’s what I will tell you. It could also be valuable in real life, right? Not just gaming. I use that thorium for all kinds of things. I bought music with a three and believe it or not I bought groceries one time with that the real right Or maybe down the road. You’re like, hey, I’ve got a healing in whatever card and I’m like what I Will give you ten dollars for that. That’s not a lot of money. Well, it depends on where you’re from But I mean, maybe you got ten bucks and you’re like hail send you 10 bucks and I’ll be like alright I prefer a thorium and you go. Alright, what’s your address? And then you just send it. That’s it There’s a small transaction fee man banks are gonna be pissed when they figure out what we’re doing But that’s why we’re doing it. All right, so I’m gonna teach you Start to finish how to get your hands on some etherium to put it in your wallet right now. Here’s the thing We’re in the game screen one Looping back. Is it a scam if it is I will say this It’s the biggest most elaborate scam. I have ever seen in my life that also somehow Happens to have an entire host of developers programmers and game experts that are doing what you see on my screen that Doesn’t just show up right there are servers. There’s all kinds of things going on behind This now cheedo knows this because he’s a gamer old. Yes, but experienced. Yeah All right So hopefully that helps out a little bit and as we go down the financial side you you’re gonna realize even more Wow That’s legit. Okay. I see what I see what he’s talking about It’s really not that Confusing right plus maybe to help you you’re on the news and you’re like you see bitcoins up and you’re like, yeah or maybe you see a thorium’s up and you’re like, yeah, or maybe see a thorium’s down and you’re like It’s like the stock market it’s like anything else I’m gonna teach you how to get into it And if you’ve ever signed up for insurance or bought a house, it’s ten times easier. Don’t worry about it You’ll be done in like a short amount of time a short amount of time. All right, so here’s where you’re at you’re in here, you’re playing some ranked draft, right and you’re like, oh I keep getting beat by the way. Did you guess you have two wins? Yeah, thought I thought I lose all the time now No, I’m a level 65 Maybe I’ll maybe if you’re nice. I’ll give you the secret sauce. Okay, maybe? Probably not though, probably not because we’re talking about how to get our hands on a thorium, right? so you’re in here you’re working on your deck and you’re like man, I Want that card? I need a pack right, but it’s only I don’t know 27 cents or I’m just making numbers up Okay, whatever them whatever it costs a dollar twelve dollars. Okay, just put a number on it well Then you can buy it if you want right now for my for my people that are coming to the game Maybe from other games. There’s a lot of card games out there Magic the Gathering hearthstone. I played them all hearthstone It’s a fun game. Here’s my thing. I like the uppity of owning my cards Yeah, yeah, I know and that’s what they did with a thorium. See here’s what you don’t know a Thorium and I’m gonna try to keep this as layman as I can it’s whole design is based on contracting Between individuals and or companies right? So basically when we exchange tokens were exchanging contracts on that card It means it’s mine, right? That’s what it is. So when you purchase one it is indeed yours Forever or until you sell it or until the blockchain crumbles and that that we don’t want that day And not not from a computer standpoint from but we don’t want that day standpoint. That’s how many computers are behind this Okay, so that’s my little rant if you will on that. So we’re like hey, we need to get our hands on some aetherium Right. Okay. Well, let me look. Here’s what we’re gonna have to do We’re gonna have to go to the Internet right which is where all information is stored all of it. Okay Here we are. So I’m in a website you might have heard of its called coinbase. Okay? Now here’s the thing before I start getting all kinds of comments on you should buy it here You should buy it there. You should use this wallet. You should use that wallet. Keep in mind I’m keeping this for the layman. Okay, somebody that may have never done this before, right? They’re just kind of kind of walking through it. Okay, so this is normally how cheeto does it, right? So so this is normally how I do it now There are other places to buy you can buy wherever you like right wherever it’s provided now. Keep in mind I’m sure as you can tell by my accent I am in the United States Amerika Amerika as we like to say over here Right. I don’t know where you are But if they sell aetherium there you can get your hands on a computer. You can probably buy some Somewhere, right? All right. So coinbase is Normally where I purchase my ethereum right think of it this way It’s just like going to the bank, right? So basically what you do is you have to log you have to sign up for an account, right? It’s just like opening a normal banking account. I want you to really think of it like a bank account. Okay, and again There may be age restrictions where you live. I don’t know. Okay. I’m just telling you what how it works here. Okay So if I want to buy some aetherium at going rate as you see on my screen right now It would be about a hundred eighty five dollars and fifty cents for one right for one Which is a little slight change today, if you notice it’s a lot like the stock market it goes up and it goes down Right. So but as of today, it’s trading at a hundred eighty five dollars and fifty cents for my true financial people Go ahead Go look at the hip the charts the historical x’ you’ll see a couple TT cups that you’re being interested in I digress So anyway, that’s it’s it’s just like a bank, right and I know you see other things you’re like bit. Hey, there’s Bitcoin There’s Bitcoin cash. There’s light point which one should I buy? Well, I have no idea does cheeto own light point. Yeah, just you own Bitcoin cash. Yeah this cheeto own Bitcoin Yeah does cheeto own a thorium? Oh, yeah. Okay. It’s kind of my favorite so far Bitcoins up there, too. All right, but do more research on it. That’s what I’m telling you I’m only teaching you how to buy a thorium to play the game Gods Unchained and you’ll probably find that maybe you want to buy other stuff You’re like maybe you know what? Maybe that’s kind of cool. Maybe I will get some Bitcoin Okay, so here’s how it works. You got to get an account. Okay? Now I will put the link to coinbase in in the description of this video. It is my link Yes, if you’re wondering if I get a referral I do I’m not shy about that I’m the one that got you there hook a brother up like a tow truck Right. So that’s the link. It’ll take you into coinbase and then you can sign up for account okay, like I said, it’s just like signing of her bank account you are gonna have to Document who you are? Okay, you can’t just go in and go. Hi. I’m cheetah finger. Let me have some money No, real name all that driver’s license. Yes. Yep. It’s it’s a legit currency They’re not just gonna hand it out. Okay now Once you have your hands on a hot little coin base account and trust me. It is secure you’re gonna be like, oh my god Which is good. That’s the way I want it. I gotta jump through like 19 different hoops to get in Literally, no, I’m not nine four three or four. All right, so that’s why I’m like, okay, it’s legit Okay, so coinbase. That’s where you get your hands on some etherium. Okay now Once you have some etherium you need a wallet Just like back here, right or maybe maybe you’re one of my gals. You got a nice purse, right? You keep your money in or you maybe keep it elsewhere. I don’t know. We this is a family-friendly video. Okay, so You’ve got you’ve got some a thorium in your coin base account. Well, you need to get it into a wallet. It’s in the bank Alright, so you get a wallet what I recommend and once again, I don’t need 4,000 comments on what you recommend There’s many out there, but my current favorite is what’s called made a mask. Right? And you can just go to mate amass. Godot or Maybe it just Google beta mask, right? It cuts the top one So basically what this is is it’s like a little wallet that is attached to my browser Your browser is the thing you’re looking at me on Assuming you’re on a PC. Yeah, maybe maybe you’re watching me on your your your YouTube app Hey leave a like be like, what’s up? Cheeto, right. You can say what’s up cheeto, that’s good. I like that. I always respond Alright, so now you can get an address out of your made a mask to To get some authorial right? It’s called a receive address like where can it be sent right? So what then what you would do is you go back into coinbase and you’d say dear coinbase. I have Samantha reham I have one Well, I have one a thorium which right now is 185 34 for each one. Oh did it did it? Looks like it went up a little bit. Hey, it’s a good day. Right so it went up a little bit So now you bought one and maybe you don’t want to send it off Maybe you’re like no. I don’t want to send my whole $185 over there. I’m just trying to play a small game. I just want a couple cards Well send a little I’ll send a little aetherium maybe like five bucks or whatever you want. Now, you’re gonna pay a small Network transaction fee I think the last one I did was like three cents was it very much right so you go into coin base and you send Your f3m to your your wallet address to your wallet address and then you see that little fox in my browser Sorry wrong side. Did you see my little fox up at the far top? Right? He’s tiny That’s because I’m old and I normally wear bifocals that little fox if I click on them It shows me. How much a thorium is that and how much I have in there. I’m not gonna click it Even you manage your own a thorium But you can send me some if you know you don’t have to but only if you want to maybe you’re like yeah it was A good video anyway, so you’ve got a thorium in your wallet now you’re ready to use it So you go to coinbase buy some put it in your wallet and then you’re ready to buy some then you can go here Right, this is GU Dex and maybe over here you click on this. Maybe you’re like I want to buy some cards right now remember I Don’t care if you buy cards or not Don’t write. I’m not trying to sell you anything. Once again, this is me walking you through the process Okay. So coinbase get get a thorium could come in handy for other stuff right zombie apocalypse Yeah, I don’t think they’ll be trading at thorium. Maybe maybe probably not though. Then you go to your made a mask You put some you put some in your wallet, then you can go look at cards and then down here. Look at this You see this down at the bottom right here logged in as 0x blah blah blah blabbity blah, that’s my receive address That’s that’s that’s if somebody wanted to send me a thorium. They send it there and I would get it Yeah, pretty cool. Right could be you $1 could be a thousand Iraq as they say in the rap Right, so that’s my etherium address and look The game is tracking it it knows it’s me, right So if I buy a card guess whose card that is cheeto fingers car. It’s mine, right? That’s that’s how you know So the card would be sent that sent to that address. And guess what? It receives a token and I’ll do another video on complex token abut it You get a token and that token verifies forever and all time that that’s your card until you want to offload it or sell it That’s a new game There’s a lot of concern a lot of questions. Hey, are they valuable? Of course they are Have you been awake for the last hundred years? Baseball cards. Yeah Magic the Gathering cards yeah, hearthstone cards, uh We kind of you know, but you get my point like anything else if it’s the only one it’s gonna be rare, right? So now you’ve got some aetherium and you can go in and buy cards and it’s legit It’s no joke, right? once you buy a card It’s recorded in the blockchain for everyone to see Everyone anybody with their computer knowledge can go and look in the blockchain and go. Yeah, it’s Cheetos look right there Monday at 9:41 p.m Or twenty one twenty two forty. No 2141 p.m. Military time, right? It would be there forever. All right now cheeto made it easy for you I know. You’re welcome. You’re welcome. Okay Cuz you’re gonna have super awesome cards. I know you are Then you’re gonna turn around you’re gonna beat me up with them, but it’s fine. I’m okay with that I’m okay with that. So in the comments of this video will be this. I’m gonna put them in a lot of my videos Now it’s kind of hard to see it’s all smush worthy. So thanks Internet, right? I don’t want to blow it up It’s just a browser, but in there are some important links Okay. The first one is the link to the game gods Unchained. That’s the link right there Do I get credit you bet you I do and if I see you, I’ll be like that’s a cheeto finger right there Word is bond, baby. All right. Now maybe I already have the game. That’s fine. I’m cool. But maybe you’re new Maybe you’re just signing up be a Cheeto. Alright a Cheeto finger. So it says there this is Geno’s favorite new game Click here. Get the game, right? That’s the first link down then it says Cheeto finger loves a thorium. He da man. I love it for breakfast. No, I’m just kidding. It’s delicious. You guys see down here That’s my receive address. Did you guys notice that hey look it’s the same one as that It’s like my it’s like my internet send me money phone number right if I put that anywhere Anybody can send me money and I know you’re going Cheetah that doesn’t seem very safe at all. It’s a one-way door. That’s it It’s a one-way door. It can only take things in it’s not allowed to give things out. No now, that’d be bad Somebody would come after my anthurium. It’s one way it’s a one-way door, which means it can only come to me now You guys remember made a mask? Inside the made a mask There’s a secret button where you can get a special code to send if you want it and then they could send back Then then it would be secure right because you don’t want you don’t want your ear your real a thorium address out There you use your receive only which is why it says receive only right receive only Right there now like we were talking about over here on coinbase right? Maybe you want to get your hands on some Maybe you need some maybe your fiend and first up for some ether if it’s not not real either It’d be really hard to play the card game with that. Maybe you’re feigning for some Athena. There you go There’s a link to coinbase right right there. You can join coinbase right there. Okay, and Then you’ll have amazing cards in God’s Unchained cards that are yours that you can keep that you can collect that Are awesome one of the things I’ve found I’m really impressed with the graphics and I don’t say that lightly normally I’m the first – trash graphics. I’m like Is this Nintendo 64 did I just enter ms-dos? No, amazing graphics. The cards are all hand detailed design. They continue to work on them. It’s gonna be fun. So with that being said It’s confident. I mean, I know I know it’s a stretch it’s a lot It’s a lot and you may have to watch this video one or two times right to get it down But you will you will pretty soon you’ll be trading cards. Like it’s nobody’s business and You’ll have learned a little bit something about a through right if you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments I’ll answer the best I can right the best I can with that being said Hopefully you get your hands on some anthurium and I’ll see you soon and gods Unchained Chi will figure out

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