Global Payment Powerhouse Stellar Lumens Puts XRP On Notice – Cryptocurrency News

stellar lumens has been the talk of the crypto verse this week particularly IBM World wire and the massive implications of this project I'll be breaking down that story and much more but first the absolute most important game-changing news that I have ever and I do mean ever heard about stellar lumens so big and so paradigm shifting that the crypto space will never be the same they changed their logo okay now in all seriousness guys look the new look is more professional than the old rocket ship that they had for their logo but who really cares now on to the reason why you really came and clicked on this video and that is IBM World wire now IBM's World wire has officially launched payment services in 72 countries and 48 currencies it is live now on Stellar's blockchain although of course there are still regulatory barriers to get the trains running on the tracks for some of their partners but the good news is that the tracks have been built IBM blockchains World wire will help financial institutions to improve the services that they deliver to their consumers providing a system of point-to-point payments bypassing the complexities of the current banking architecture the optimization and the speeding up of foreign exchange cross-border payments and of course our favorite in the crypto industry remittances this will be massive in terms of unleashing untold amounts of capital across world markets because the current system is basically strangling capital world wire is the first blockchain network of its kind to integrate payment messaging clearing and settlement on a single unified platform they even have a sweet sweet commercial let's watch it money somehow we've come to believe that money makes the world go round every corner of it but does it what's the point if it doesn't reach the people who need it or when they need it most why do we have to pay a fortune to send money or white days to receive it because it takes more than just money you take speed trusts and above all people money needs to change hands faster than ever with IBM blockchain money goes beyond borders in seconds it opens doors closes distances and brings people closer so that no place in the world not even the silent sweet sweet money duck yeah quack and all of this is being built on stellar I just want to keep underlining that cuz I know we're talking a lot about IBM but it is all based on stellar now it is important to note as well the IPM can count among its clients ninety-seven percent of the world's largest banks and they can bank on that relationship that iBM has had with these institutions for decades or they can go and choose XRP actually the real competitor here which seems destined for the dustbin of history is the not so Swift Network this is the actual disruption that international payment networks have been waiting for very exciting to see it all coming together now who are the world wire banks we have our CBC in the Philippines this is one of the largest banks in the Philippines and our CBC is majority owned by the U chenko group of companies or yjc much easier to say is one of the oldest and largest conglomerates in Southeast Asia Brazil's bradesco Bank Bradesco is one of the biggest banking and financial services companies in Brazil currently it is number three in Brazil and number 32 globally the bank has 5,300 branches around Brazil and an annual revenue of 75 billion dollars then we have bank busan of South Korea this is the smaller of the announced partners with 260 branches in Korea but it does give access to Korean markets and more importantly makes the remittance Avenue between Korea and the Philippines very clear and very obvious now there are more banks that have signed letters of intent but which have not done press releases yet considering the banks have already been mentioned here and that this story actually quotes five different fiat currencies euros Indonesian Rupiah Philippine pesos Korean Won and Brazilian rial the next logical conclusion would be that we will see the next three banking partners cuz they announced that six have officially come out will be from Indonesia and the EU and six banks is great to start with but that is just the start Jesse LUN the VP of IBM has revealed that 40 to 50 banks are expected to join the stellar based IBM World wire service in the near future with a lot of banks guys and here is Jed McCaleb on the network effect being created in blockchain and IBM and its banking buddies do seem to be providing that network currently also the first stable coin is a USD coin of course as USD forms the base of the global forex markets any USD stable coin on the world wire Network also represents of course a literal claim on deposits with a chartered bank in the United States Jesse Lind also came out and said that after the launch of JPMorgan coin he said we have received interest on the heels of JPM coin two major banks have reached out to us after that announcement but my XRP LARC it's the standard okay but seriously why didn't they call XRP they called IBM IBM said hey we're working with stellar convincing banks to trust a cryptocurrency out of their control is a mammoth challenge but working with a long-established business partner IBM in this case may just be that key factor in easing the process for working with someone like stellar a relationship that may in time give stellar the edge over X RP so you take all that into consideration for the next piece of the puzzle here and that is that IBM is entering the crypto custody market with tech specifically designed to cater to customers like banks brokers custodians funds family offices in those good old fashioned high net worth individuals who want to do self custody as well as exchanges which is pretty cool I mean in terms of trusted custodians I would imagine that IBM would feature very highly on the list for many of these companies as a person that they would want to call so we have the full package here for any bank wanting to work with IBM and stellar lumens we have the blockchain we have the custody everything they need and the network effect on top of that the really important thing to keep in mind here is that IBM for all of this is using stellar lumens it's the underlying blockchain that's making it all happen IBM like stellar here is ibm's vp jesse luned discussing stellar lumens in his own words world wire is a network of networks that is built on top of the stellar protocol which provides a blockchain protocol that is tailored and tuned for the transfer of value and for the store of value through the issuance of many different types of digital assets we chose stellar because it has thought about scalability it's rethought the underlying mechanics and some of them are quite complex you know they think of distributed computing and consensus algorithms these are you know not trivial things the other benefit of stellar stellar provides an amazingly simple way to issue digital asset which is really paramount to the use and the vision behind the world wire system nice also worth noting where all of this is likely to take place and that is on s dex Stellar's decentralized exchange we use to facilitate the Fiat – Fiat conversions meaning that all transaction fees will be paid of course in stellar lumens now all of that is very exciting but that is not all that has been happening with stellar recently German financial regulators have given the green light to bit bond tokenized ten-year euro bonds they sold a million euros worth of them on the first day that they were available this is Germany's first official sto interest collected on these we paid to token holders in X L M and actually for much as the excitement as we are seeing right now about the whole new sto thing stellar is already here in offering stos they are ready for the sto boom already they have native capabilities for it and we even have projects like smart lands which are built on stellar that help companies launch stos on stellar in many ways stellar is going way beyond what someone like XRP could have ever dreamed of doing but XRP still does maintain a mighty lead in terms of banking partners just by sheer numbers alone and of course the market cap lead is very big by about ten billion dollars as is the daily transaction volume where again XRP kills it these are hard facts that we cannot ignore when having this discussion so stellar still has some work to do here but in spite of the increased interest in stellar there does remain the very real possibility that both will simply succeed you might have a situation where some banks are going with stellar and IBM and some banks are choosing XRP no one's probably going to be choosing Swift though for the investor stellar is almost seven times less in value than XRP right now so might offer a more interesting opportunity stellar is also paving the road into new markets remember last year when stellar got Sharia compliance to be able to work with financial institutions that need to comply with Sharia banking standards very interesting development that one Islamic financial institutions in for example the Gulf like Bahrain Kuwait Oman Qatar Saudi Arabia United Arab Emirates as well as some parts of Southeast Asia like Indonesia and Malaysia these are giant markets stellar is poised to take advantage of this I mean hey do you think the stellar right now got the Sharia compliance just for the walls guys I would expect that we will see some interesting fruits being bared in the coming years from this compliance hey and by the way fun fact to add on for you seems that Iran is developing its national cryptocurrency on top of Celer kind of cool kind of problematic because that's a sanctioned cryptocurrency but at the same time kind of hard to stop it because this is an open-source decentralized network with trading happening on Aztecs natively the political regime of financial tyranny is going to find it increasingly difficult to impose its will on the world net positive for the world bad for financial tyrants also interstellar is continuing to work on big developments and much like everything stellar related not much as being said about it at the moment heads are down fingers on computer keyboards nailing it out but we assume that there are some awesome things indeed being cooked up in the tech kitchen here we have things like starlight which is the second layer scaling solution basically like lightning Network for stellar lumens we have tread or trustless escrow for digital data basically a zero knowledge contingent payment system and a zero knowledge Virtual Machine which is also in development other technological features are also being brought together here all of which is aiming to make stellar lumens a top platform but as always the competition from the competitors in the blockchain space is particularly fierce and massive innovation is happening across a host of different block chains so stellar lumens needs to stay on their toes and the final piece of stellar news is that the stellar foundation has a new CEO this is Danelle Dixon formerly the CE o of Mozilla is taking over from Jed McCaleb who will be transitioning into the role of chief architect basically focusing his efforts on protocol growth Dixon has been a supporter of a free and fair internet for a long time and had a great career at Mozilla so it's nice to see if they chose someone very professional to move the foundation forward oh and by the way if you have not claimed your free $25 stellar Lumines airdrop from blockchain comm what are you waiting for get over there and get your free crypto currencies seriously it's free money exciting times for style lumens without a doubt and this is a project that consistently builds and kind of avoids that unnecessary hype while nailing top tier partnerships and releasing powerful technology I'm happy to call myself a stellar at lumens bag holder so many things going on all the time it's definitely encouraging let me know what you think about Stella lumens down below in the comment section thank you so much of course for watching this video today you guys are super super awesome if you did enjoy the video leave a thumbs up on it you can always subscribe the channel if you are new around here and hit the notification ball to stay up to date when I put out a new video long live the blockchain and peace out the next time

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  3. The problem here is ibm and the banks are not using xlm coin .. its just using its blockchain tech.. so stellar the coin is just garbage

  4. The Jed Mccaleb who started Stellar was co-creator of XRP, that is why they are similar, kinda. Either one is a great bet…buy both and you will not go wrong!

  5. Xrp and xlm both are money grabs…apples and oranges. Either way fruit shall be beared. We want the space to adopt PERIOD. Good stuff!


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