Can Bitcoin go up to $ 16,000 this month in
October? I don’t know why I say $ 16,000. There’s a reason for this, and I wonder what
bitcoin can fire this month this month. Sit back, folks, I’ll tell you in three articles,
but I’m not going to give investment advice. I’m Eren Caner. Welcome to Crypto Dictionary, fellas. By subscribing to my channel, you can support
me and participate in the lottery by touching the bell and writing at least one comment
by liking my videos and commenting just below this video. Now do you know why I said at the beginning
of the video, could Bitcoin rise to $ 16,000 this month? See 4chan there is a forum, in which he is
anonymous, where users are often such a secret. When the dates show dates January 21, 2019,
a Bitcoin price estimate was published there. You may have seen the visual on social media
or something because it has worked so far right now. In January, when Bitcoin said that the morale
was broken, when it fell to $ 3,500, it was said that we are still in a bull season, the
last 3 months in the accumulation zone and we will start to rise slowly from here, but
be aware that everyone is $ 1,000 at work, so that is $ 1,000. He said that when he said $ 2,000 would be
okay. It even gives you a bitcoin price estimate
month by month. In April, Bitcoin said it would rise to $ 5,300,
which was already up to $ 5593. In July, Bitcoin said it would be $ 9200 and
Bitcoin rose to $ 12,305 in July, which means that in the vicinity, and then friends talk
about October, and that Bitcoin will rise to $ 16,000 in October. He said $ 29,000 in February 2020, $ 56,000
in July 2020, and $ 87,000 in November 2020. I’m his liar, of course. The market cap, which is currently $ 228 million,
will rise to $ 1.5 trillion, and in all the crypto coins, the dominance of Bitcoin, which
is only 40-46% in weight, is already around 66%. In other words, it has kept the forecasts
up to date, even this month, but for the latter to keep, there must be at least as much money
as in 2017 and even more. Now we look at the next month’s forecasts
in the next videos, but I would like to put the October forecast, which is about 8500
dollars, to the potential of 16,000 dollars in 20 days before the end of this month. and see whether we said the item will go from
substance to substance. Now let’s talk about the nature and technique
of Bitcoin in the first article, and let me tell you that this is quite possible in this
respect. So Bitcoin has done so hard in the past 20
days, not even in 2 days. So I would like to say something again when
I tried to insist that Bitcoin fall to $ 3,000 and the market is crying blood and trying
to give you morale. Dude, everything changes in a week. Bitcoin has this potential. So I think 20 days is more than enough for
Bitcoin to increase twice. I say this, but I cannot say that it will
surely rise, nobody can say it, but I will tell you about the risks of this mysterious
4chan skin, what we have experienced in the past, folks. So I don’t want to make six empty Bitcoin
beauties here, but I want to share realistic ideas that are closest to the truth, and at
this point, we need to ask if there’s a story that could take Bitcoin for $ 16,000 this
month in October. Folks, Bitwise’s ETF was rejected a couple
of days ago, and if he’s accepted, things might change. E halving, but it’s in May 2020. I think his influence starts as early as January
2020, which I think does not look at the stories of halving or something. Income passes. You guys make money. Litecoin halving, you know, from 30 dollars
to 180 dollars, and then what rose up and then halving over there is no puffy story. Bitcoin may have a similar scenario. Anyway, the entry into the second clause,
which could raise Bitcoin to $ 16,000 this month, may have been sluggish, but the Bakkt
platform could be the volume of physical Bitcoin futures. For example, two days ago, Bitcoin started
to rise from $ 8100 to $ 8700. That day, Bakkt’s daily volume rose to 224
Bitcoins. This can be an extra volume, a cause for ascension,
and so on. In the third article, Facebook is a big company,
even though Paypal, for example, has left the Libra ecosystem, even though the dark
clouds wander from Facebook’s Libra. Even if the news explodes that we have agreed
with the government on every subject, this would harm the XRP and Ripple, but it could
gain popularity on crypto money, especially Bitcoin, on a legal basis, and the major investors
who want to make big investments in Bitcoin and expect America’s, government’s attitude
may start receiving. These are scenarios, folks. Anyway in October, Bitcoin said it could be
$ 16,000ik or 4chan, but now let’s talk about the risks in such estimates. Friends, at one point it was like 2017, I
think there was a chart in tradingview and he said his brother Bitcoin every 181 days
or something like 181 or 171 or so. Indeed, we were looking at the brother every
181 days at the end of a meaningless rise in Bitcoin until one day until such a reason
for the break. So I don’t say that a 4chan pelt, which keeps
the estimates up to now, can suddenly be garbage and spoil for no reason. I do not fall into the illusion that it has
held until today, and then I will hold it for sure. You may be upset, but you know. Well, maybe you can, dude, wait for this month’s
forecast to keep, and if it does, you can apply a more controlled strategy to the uptrend
in this chart. That’s more or less about Bitcoin. We need to follow this $ 16,000 estimate in
October. 4chan came in because he kept the pelt in
the months he gave up step by step. Today I also want to talk to you as a sponsor
of a job aimed at facilitating the buy and sell process. It’s called Bitsonar. This is a buy-and-sell robot, but since there
is no network involved, there seems to be no high network fees. Today, we will discuss the pros and cons of
Bitsonar in a neutral way, friends. Now, Bitsonar’s case is that most people want
to deal with crypto money, buy or sell, but most of us don’t spend much time in everyday
life, especially when it comes to detailed technical analysis. I’m usually in favor of simplicity, though,
in technical analysis. You don’t see complicated things in my analysis. I build my whole strategy on simplicity. Anyway, in his busy business life, Bitsonar
has solved the problem of not being able to devote enough time to technical analysis,
crypto currency, by developing high-accuracy algorithms and complex quantitative strategies
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and decides a wide range of data from 1- top 10 crypto money exchanges, 2- specified patterns
and 3- search trends in search engines such as Google, and says that we make quantum transactions
with high accuracy. We use algorithms. These algorithms, while doing buy-sell transactions,
such as enthusiasm, excessive self-confidence or loss of confidence, such as completely
free from human emotions, such as I say that the head does not say that they say. They say that they don’t reflect the emotions
that people can get, such as bought, dropped, sold out, and also says that our customers
receive status reports on a weekly basis. Well, if you ask if we want to get started,
you can try our demo bot for 3 days free of charge to make sure Echofund’s efficiency,
if you are not satisfied at the end of 3 days you can get your investment back if you want,
you can buy our other bots and continue I think this is the part where I join the most. As a person who buys and sells in the crypto
currency community, you cannot make your future by taking the risk of damages that may be
caused by the non-stop speculative news. Which it really is. You can’t follow them all the time and ultimately
you have your own life. In this market, you can take Bitcoin or some
other subcoin for a long term and throw it away. That’s okay, but let’s keep the bitcoin in
the stable coin, even if it’s a bit of a buy or sell thing. Last night, for example, again, Tether and
Bitfinex duo made a statement and said we know we will be sued about, but we are clean. He said no problem with us. Now if you have Tether after this news, can
you be comfortable, I ask you, can you be comfortable? What happens if Tether loses the company and
starts the negative perception of Tether called FUD in the market and falls to 50-60 cents,
which should be fixed for $ 1? There have been examples of this in the past. Anyway, fellas, let’s not mess it up. Bitsonar gave me a 3-day demo boat I was talking
about. Just try this. I’ve tried, and I’ll share the pros and cons
in an impartial way. By the way, you try this boat for 3 days free
of charge, but you need to put at least $ 50 and at most $ 250. So you can try with at least $ 50. You see my results at the end of day 3 as
Ethereum. While I was trying, I chose XRP and the bollinger
band as a strategy. I think he made a profit of a few dollars
at the end of three days with $ 0.292 ethereum, or $ 51. One of the most questionable points of such
platforms is the quality of withdrawal. Here, high-priority investments in shooting
priority k, but in my test boat in about 1-1.5 days passed my account. I think it could be better. Too bad, I don’t think so. Somewhere in the middle, but I still do not
give investment advice, you have to be careful. While the platform can now be withdrawn from
the platform in 1-1.5 days, this period may be shortened or extended or may be completely
over. As I have always said, we want to make investments
that we want to do, including Bitcoin to invest in various platforms, including the risk of
knowing if we need to enter the tiny tiny. Now, folks, we talked about the possible risks
of Bitsonar. In addition, we also said that you want to
withdrawal from the platform or you just talked to the platform we want to show you how to
send a withdrawal request briefly. You need to select balance from withdraw from
the main menu. Bitcoin, Ethereum or maybe even useless on
the screen we see, but they say that you can shoot in dollars, friends. And let me give you that information. One of Bitsonar’s chief advisors is Pavel
Lerner and he is the CEO of exmo exchange and I would like to discuss what other investment
methods they have. There are 5 different methods in Basic, Advanced,
Investor, VIP and Partner. In the test you can only try and get technical
support 24/7. In Basic, this is added to the training materials
that the platform will provide you. In addition, in Advanced, we also talked about
withdrawal, which we call or Bitsonar’dan another crypto money account, you want to
withdraw money to your wallet is given priority. In addition to all this, the Investor has
friends as well as advice from experts. Now, if you want, what could be better at
Bitsonar, let’s talk about them and as I said, I don’t want to tell you what I introduce
here in a hollow way. First of all, I think we are investing well
and we do not see the reflections of this in the stock market. You know, take this bot, take a few strategies,
tie it to your own stock market account and try to make a profit from there. When installing these bots, we only select
the coin on which the platform will trade. Which is where I choose XRP, as I think there
is a strong support in 20 cents as well as maybe a little more predictable behavior than
others. We’ve already talked about in the previous
videos. Anyway, we can choose strategies over several
indicators like the Bollinger band, but for example we invested $ 50, half of it buys
XRP at that price, we don’t see it sold at that price. I
think this should be for transparency. However, when we click on the bot details,
we see a graph, but it could be more detailed. Well, I hope it happens in the future. You also know that sometimes there are very
sharp drops in Bitcoin, Ethereum or something. Recently, for example, between eyebrows, Bitcoin
dropped from $ 9300 to $ 8300. Everything happened in half an hour. I wonder what plan he has for such situations. If it gives us unconditional profit even in
such a situation, we need to stop and think about it. For the continuity of the platform, it should
not profit at these moments if we have not really made a profit. For example, I said I tried the test boat
or the $ 50 one. Well, if I had given $ 50 to $ 60-70 in three
days, I could have made it more clear. He gave me a few bucks instead, something
like that. As a result, neither Bitsonar nor users should
not take over the ambition of excessive profit, and of course, friends always under any circumstances
what was our password if we want to enter such events first too small, very little,
even if we lose, we have to try with an amount. I’m telling you again because it’s important. Now, if you want, let’s move on to today’s
bonus information. Friends, captains don’t eat the same food
on board. The
reason is, if there’s a food poisoning, they won’t go to the boil. I thought, it really makes sense and
I wanted to share with you. Now if you
want to see what comments or questions from you
in the previous video. Let’s read them. In the meantime, we didn’t analyze the technical
and technical analysis of Bitcoins and subcoins today. There are even new developments in XRP, Ripple
and Libra. My videos for the future of
all of them will continue to come full, so remember what you have. If you’re still not subscribed to my channel,
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