Giving Up On CryptoCurrency

so why do people choose to change or on the other hand choose not to I've learned that why comes in two flavors inspiration and desperation and despite my wishing that all people change their minds their attitudes their business practices etc in response to inspiration I'm reminded every day how it's really more likely that if anyone changes anything it's out of desperation it's the whole dichotomy of pleasure versus pain when we respond we take back control we anticipate things to come and think about them before saying or doing anything we get to decide how and really if we allow outside forces to affect us both externally and internally when we respond instead of react we actually feel more at ease and have many more opportunities to move towards pleasure instead of away from pain despite the fact that nearly all of us are able to respond to things instead of react to them it appears that not all of us are willing to do so one way to determine whether you are spending more time reacting or responding is to check your results what's happening in your life are you happy fulfilled energized surrounded by great people feeling pretty fortunate or more of the opposite like a victim of your surroundings and upbringing in other words when you do make a move in your life is it away from things or toward them days like today will make you choose who you want to be and how you choose to react and most importantly are you using desperation or inspiration to influence your decisions I hope it's the latter welcome to Ready Set crypto this is your brain on blockchain so now that I've had some fun pretending to be your therapist I do encourage you to check out our recent addition to our class catalog it's times like these where education is one of your best weapons and Doc's new trend trading class is exactly the kind of education that you need to be focused on again this goes back to what I just said about are you moving towards something or away from something if you're trying to move away from the losses that you've incurred you're gonna be constantly disappointed because this is a speculative space and nothing is guaranteed but if you're moving towards something you're using inspiration if you're making investments into yourself that I feel you'll be much better equipped to handle the market of today tomorrow and the day after words so go to Ready Set crypto comm slash trend because for the first week the class is introduced we give a really good discount that is not available to the public off the street additionally we're also having a great sale on all of our existing courses to celebrate one year of this channel and to show that were committed to high-quality education without screwing people over so head to our website at ready set crypto comm to check that out now there were two big things that happened that I want to cover today I think it's no secret at this point that backed has made an announcement that its first product the Bitcoin futures trading platform has been delayed once again to late January ice features us incorporated will list the new backed Bitcoin daily futures contract for trading on the trade date of Thursday January 24th 2019 subject to regulatory approval back CEO Kelly Leffler expanded upon this explaining that a volume of interest in the company and the work required to get all the pieces in place were contributing factors to the delay she continued as is often true with product launches learning processes risks and mitigate to test and retest and in the case of crypto a new asset class to which these resources must be applied so it makes sense to adjust our timeline as we work with the industry toward launch now a couple key things to note first the update included language that the futures contract would be subject to regulatory approval this indicates to me that they still haven't received such approval from the CFTC despite their previous confidence this is something I've pointed out since August and it concerns me that they're continuing to affect the market with these delays and making the CFTC the scapegoat whereas their premature announcements are really what's to blame this also highlights the sheer impact this hat coincidentally the announcement was made right as Bitcoin was finding support at 5,000 now without stoking the flames of conspiracy it does make sense that Wall Street would want to take a wait-and-see approach with regard to how cheap they can buy Bitcoin for after all if you have millions upon millions of dollars to invest in a highly liquid asset that lacks regulation would you not try to see if you could get a discount on it but this also highlights something I don't see a lot of other people discussing the whales that are manipulating and moving the market today are not Wall Street by and large because they have yet to truly enter the space sure they're there but the real whales bought in long ago and already have massive amounts of coins if you want to point fingers point them at the rich list of the top coins and see what they're up to and yet what does this accomplish are we really surprised by any of this we shouldn't be as I've hurt you'd nothing has fundamentally changed this is a perception war sure the market is very different from a year ago we're seeing the entire crypto space evolved from icos and hype into value and real profits and that is not an easy or quick transition as we saw with the dot-com bubble burst and subsequent recovery over the course of a decade and this is why I reject the notion that we be blaming people blaming projects placing blame everywhere but ourselves Craig Wright is not to blame for this downturn Heather is not to blame for this downturn fact is not to blame for this downturn in so many ways we are still in a primary downtrend caused by the rampant expectations getting out of a control last year I know that's a tough pill to swallow but it's true don't get me wrong I am very upset with what those actors are doing on a macro scale but in the end it's just noise and people looking to point fingers and this is why at the beginning of the video I needed to highlight the difference between inspiration and desperation right now your job is not to try to outsmart this clearly emotional market the goal here is not to try to be intelligent the goal right now is not to be stupid or makes stupid moves despite what some people are trying to tell you crypto will survive it has a very uncomfortable existence right now because it is not a traditional asset class we are our own support system no government is going to step in and save us from ourselves we are not too big to fail no law or monetary decision or bailout will occur that will turn the market green we live and die by the merits of this space and the promise of tomorrow that is what it means to be a crypto investor and that is why it is scary for the traditional investor or person who is never invested before but in so many ways this is so much healthier than the equity markets were also seeing struggle we have a real system here of checks and balances there is an order to things because code is law ultimately I understand how this is not easy for anyone risk and reward are fun to think about a real sacrifice pain is not something most people are ready for when it comes to watching their money lose theoretical value there was plenty of that going around during the 2008 financial crisis as people's retirement accounts evaporated so I have to stress don't expect immediate results because the larger the dream quite often the more time and effort it will require to achieve but most dreams are worth the investment as they say it doesn't matter what path you took to get there once you get to the top of the mountain the view is the same I mean why do some of us persevere while others simply give up there are those of us who will do anything to achieve our dreams and there's others who would simply give anything to stay on the couch following our dreams requires dedication perseverance persistence overcoming obstacles and more often than not sacrifice most dreams are worth the sacrifice I mean let me ask you this what would you give to be happy how hard would you work to fulfill your purpose in life we often sacrifice for the wrong reasons and for the wrong people but our life has a purpose and it is our job to discover that purpose and to fulfill it in every way possible true happiness is the result of the actions we take in every moment the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step and then another and then another ad infinitum those who can ride the storm control their decisions and look ahead will be the ones who inherit the earth but for now we'll keep it one day at a time hang in there just breathe and it will be okay thanks for watching this has been ReadySet Krypto I'll catch you in the next one Cheers

25 thoughts on “Giving Up On CryptoCurrency”

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  2. Bought BTC at $800.00 and watched it fall to 300.00 within a year. Sold all at 300.00 (just so I didn't loose it all) and then watched it climb to 19,000.00 1 year later. Lesson learned.

  3. If bitcoin was replacing fiat ppl wouldnt sell because you could use to buy stuff and you wouldnt value $s more then bitcoin. That’s just it people value $s more then bitcoin trying to get more $s so bitcoin has failed already.

  4. First off, this channel is everything. From the voice and the content, splendid work, dude! And second for the public, taking a step back from your positions in crypto you might find yourself more capable of analyzing the market from a less biased perspective. More importantly, focus on asking the right questions when it comes to why you are deciding to invest in a certain asset.

  5. Living ur dreams doesnt mean investing blindly in thin air. Step out of the cryptosphere once in a while and look at all of it with a different perspective. Might save you a lot in the end.

  6. What if the crypto rally was the most sofisticated scam we every witnessed. And we got to be a part of it 🙂

  7. Thank you for this! I truly appreciate the wisdom that you chose to share in this video and the encouragement that comes with it. Namaste!

  8. not gonna sell either, I am gonna throw $500 more into XRP on my next pay check. That is going to be my last purchase for a long time.

  9. Remember that video you made earlier this year predicting NEO to be $1000 in 2018? It’s currently less than $10 ?

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