Give the gift of decentralized online cryptocurrency this holiday season | 22 Minutes

New from the Royal Canadian Mint comes a gift
set like none we have ever produced. We are proud to offer for the first time ever
on television, the Commemorative Royal Canadian Mint Bitcoin Set. For just $69.99. For the first time ever, we have produced
a stunning collection of Bitcoin. The decentralized online crypto-currency. No one owns or controls the Bitcoin network,
but now you can display it in your home, or office. For just $879.99. Bitcoin is the world’s first completely open
financial network. Stun your friends with this impressive collection
of Bitcoins that you can display or use to buy drugs or snuff films on the Dark Web. For just $12.75. Bitcoin prices plunged 29% last week but just
came roaring back to life today. So enjoy the ride! Buy it now for just $89.99. No, $5,000. Nope, $6 bucks. The Royal Canadian Mint Commemorative Bitcoin
Set. Order it now! Price generates at random. No refunds. Cannot buy Bitcoin set with Bitcoins. VISA or MasterCard only.

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