Get Paypal and Free GCash Money! Paano Kumita ng Gcash Money (2019)

Okay, so you can see it in my phone that I am receiving 0.50 usd per day. You can see here ‘you have receive 25 pesos’ twenty five and twenty five. And it so easy to earn in gcash money here and you can also use paypal and good thing here is it’s 100% free. Hello everyone! Goodmorning, good afternoon, goodevening and my name is Aiza Mercado. And we’re back again with another video Before we proceed on our video I would like to say an announcement that we will be changing our mechanics about our free 50 pesos load give-away every upload. Good news here is that we will be giving 100 pesos give-away. So this won’t be la prepaid load anymore you can use your, php wallet or btc wallet address to receive you give-away. Now I’ll you on how you’ll join on our new mechanics all you have to during my uploads is that you just have to like and comment in my video but my video should reach to 1,000 likes. For example. You can here, the like button. Just hit the ‘LIKE’ button and comment down, so for example “hi ate aiza more powers” and you can enter your – php wallet take note that I’ll only accept because if we use coins to coins we will be having no transaction fee. Alright! So we will be having two winners every video each will have 50 pesos. And I think it’s a big amount, and you can get it free by just liking and commenting in my video. and if it reaches 1,000 likes let’s go to youtube comment picker and i’ll get the link in that video and then I’ll paste it here we will stick on our first comment mechanics because it’s unfair to others. If they aren’t able to join and comment immediately. So I decided to change it and do it this way. Let’s start the comment picker whoever appear as winner here will be the winner of our give away. we will ‘pick another winner’ for our 2nd winner and it’s that easy to do our new mechanics and now let’s proceed in our video tutorial on how to get free gcash money by reading articles I’m now here at my android phone and the application that I’m talking is Buzzbreak, In this video I will tell all the updates in this application and on how to earn here free paypal and free g-cash. And take note that buzzbreak is only available in our android phones and if you are not yet a user of buzzbreak please check out my video description because you can find there the link where you can register. And take note that there will appear an “i” button here where you can watch my first video about this and it gained 300,000 views don’t worry because this application is legit still pay and we can earn here easily. Alright let’s go to buzzbreak and i’ll show you how to earn here number 1 you can see here they have ‘$100 USD give-away’ so all you have to do is just click it and you can see a spin wheel that will appear and you can earn here up to 100 dollars let’s try it now. You can turn it over and over again that’s why they said 100 usd let’s spin again then here in wallet part you can see here points that we earned immediately number 1, share buzzbreak and you will get 1000 points number 2 just follow the buzzbreak fb page number 3 they have interval reward you can get 100 points every hour it appeared here ‘you just earned 300 points’ take note because we receive 300 points and it’s put in their promo that you points will be times 3 so our 100 points will become 300 points okay next is inviting friends where you can earn up to 1,500 points when you’re able to invite a friend level 1, you will have 900 points per invite level 2, 1000. level 3, 1100 level 4, 1200, and level 5,1500. points every invite. so all you have to do here is just copy you referral code and it should be use by your friends as their referral code upon signing up. Now take note that you can put your referral code in our comment section for you to earn points. Alright so for those who are watching feel free to use the referral codes that is commented below and make sure that we’ll be helpig each other next is our main ways of earning here is by reading some news or watching funny videos, sports and buzz you can see here a gift button and all you have todo is just click it and you will earn 15 points you will earn every 30 seconds just wait for the gift button to finish its count down and if its done just click it and you will 15 points take note that during regular days, if they don’t have promo you will receive 5 points only every reading of news but because we’re in a promo now we will receive 15 points so it’s already done we can now click it. our strategy here is just read news for example, ‘Jericho Rosales celebrates his 40th birthday’ the just scroll it down and you can see it in the lower part the countdown timer it takes about 10 seconds wait and watch on how many points will earn here it’s 30 points double the points that we get in side scrolling let’s click another articles and let’s scroll it down til we came to the buttom and you can see the timer here just wait for another 10 seconds and we will earn free 30 points take note that there is a limit in reading news and watching videos everyday 50 articles per day only. Which means 30×50 we can earn 1500 points daily so that’s the ways of earnings in buzzbreak so on this part I will teach you on how to avail g-cash money or paypal money, in our wallet you can see I got 452 us dollars that earned in buzzbreak but I cannot cash out this immediately becuase there is a withdrawal limit per day. let’s go here in the cash out section there are ads here let’s just wait for it, and then pause. our minimum withdrawal here is 0.02 usd it’s equivalent is 2,000 points the maximum cash out here is 0.50 us dollars per day here you can avail in paypal and in gcash so here in g-cash their withdrawal is instant everyday I’m earning 25 pesos daily so let’s now try it, I will withdraw the 0.50 usd and then use g-cash then click cash out. ‘You will receive the cash out within 48 hours’ and in my experience I received payout here daily and in 24 hours I receive my cash out Okay, so you can see it in my phone that I am receiving 0.50 usd per day. You can see here ‘you have receive 25 pesos’ twenty five and twenty five. And it so easy to earn in gcash money here and you can also use paypal and good thing here is it’s 100% free. So this is our video on how we can earn free paypal or free g-cash in our buzzbreak I hope this helps you on how we can earn extra money online, if this video help you please click the like button and comment down below your referral codes don’t forget to subscribe in our youtube and telegram channel. For more updates, free apps and free sites that we can earn online. Thank you for watching, this is Aiza Mercado and have a great day.

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