Get Paid to Invest in Crypto! ZAN COIN ICO Cryptocurrency Review

welcome back to crypto deep-dive the show where we go deep on one cryptocurrency project and today we're gonna have max reviewing this project for you guys but before we get into it we're giving away $100 worth the light coin here almost one full light coin to one lucky person if you guys want to enter for a chance to win only it to do is subscribe to this channel like this video and leave a comment down below about the project we're reviewing let us know your thoughts on it they can be honest opinions along with your litecoin address and guys we'll announce the winner from yesterday's deep dive on the end of this video so stay tuned to see if you're the winner of $100 worth the light coin now let's kick it out to max out to you max Thank You Zack what's poppin guys welcome back to the deep dive if my name is max but you may know me as mr. moon already on twitter and in today's show guys we are going to be getting super familiar with zan coin which brings IT consulting and development closer together the presale does end in 19 hours and 14 minutes at the time of this recording but the real ICO does go live on a 5th of June and will be live for seven days until the 12th of June so what is zan coin well zan is a consulting company that has experienced constant issues with payments to their freelance developers zan Queen will be able to help us pay fast their work better and get everyone involved in our success zan hopes to solve technical issues and provide four key benefits these benefits are dividends from each product sale a buyback option Faster Payments to developers and increased employee motivation you know what time it is boys and girls this is Henrik Henrik has an existing IT business with companies all around the globe he also uses freelance developers and pays them each month for the money they get they deliver a software product which henrik sales to IT companies and gets money back but henrik wants to run his business better he wants to motivate developers so he can improve the quality of his products and increase his sales introducing zan point where developers get paid in zan and they decided if they want to cash out or keep it as investment of their own work if Henrichs company makes sale for $10,000 and ones and coin equals $1 the company will give away 50% dividends for this sale only which makes five thousands and each developer or investor with 1% share will get 50 coins only for this single sale Henrik now turns his cash income into zan coins he now uses them to pay developers and pay back to investors so let's see again Henrik pays to developers in zan they create a product which is sold to customers the customers give cash Henrik buys back zan from investors and the circle is now closed what are the benefits you get motivated developers with better products increase sales dividends for everybody and a buyback option which leads to imminent price bro so just to explain their 50% dividend in slightly more detail half of all future profits from zan coin will be used to purchase some tokens on exchanges these freshly purchased tokens will then be rewarded to zan coin holders depending on the amount of zones that they hold so in one sense you kind of actually have a share in the company so the bigger they grow as a team as a brand as an entity the more zan coin you can in turn own regardless of the price fluctuation if you're a long-term investor and you're looking to stock up banks of coins they just sit on for a number of years then zan Cohen may be a really good option for you because that quantity of coins that you hold should only increase over time as the company's success does once–and coin is launched they will immediately start paying their developers in tokens for the existing projects that they're working on and they can then decide as the video explained if they want to keep these tokens as an investment of their own work or cash them out into fear or other cryptocurrencies in addition each sale from their products will be converted into tokens and distributed equally amongst the Sun coin holders the video also described their buyback scheme the buyback option is a way to keep the coin circulating and protect its growth they produce software solutions that are sold separately to a large number of customers and the total profits will then be split 50-50 between the company and the token holders or the community or us thus generating a passive income for all their goal is to make everybody successful and to generate growth for the business but that also means growth for developers and their investors and for the value of the coin itself Zhaan's investors will boost their development their developers will boost their sales and their sales will combat as profit for everyone who holds the coin in their wallets if you guys are still confused there's quite a simple flow chart here that I'll explain to you to make things simpler if Xan make a 10,000 US dollar sale and one's an equals 1 USD a distribution of 5 thousands on will be sent out to investors because 5000 is half of 10,000 their profit if John owns 1 percent of the total Sun coins in circulation he will receive 50 XANA for this single sale 50 zan being 1% of the half split and to round up if zan closed a month with 100 thousand US dollars of profit Jon will get 500 zan because half of 100 K is 50k and 1 percent of 50 K is 500 I hope that makes sense to you guys I'm quite impressed with the way they explained it a lot of companies are often too tech focused to word things simply so Zen koan will be a community of currency users who benefit from the software development making profit at each level of the software development lifecycle they aim to achieve this through application of the blockchain technology to their existing business practices and employees so again guys to confirm this is not a brand new company it does already exist and they're just looking to move into this space zan aims to introduce crypto in an existing business model that already works and improves its potential by raising the motivation of developers increment the scales with better products and speed up the processor payments and financial security having vast experience with security consulting unsought where development zan would like to take the software lifecycle to the next level faster better and supported by a community of people who want to take part in real business and do not entertain false hopes at 1000% jumps in one week what zan offers is real business profits with real future potential don't get caught up in the hype guys just follow the sound of good I SEOs companies you believe in projects you believe in things that you think are gonna have legs and they're going to exist for years and years within this space Sun has many projects behind their backs and as blockchain believers they are really enthusiastic about involving crypto in their day-to-day work they're confident that this will help take the IT consulting and development industries to a whole new level and they warm the welcome to all new crypto investors onto their roadmap maybe year they designed the token and put forward the idea of a new payment system for their developers and in the process the idea for dividends crop-top as well I actually like how they worded that and how that evidence then came to light I don't think it's a turn-off that it wasn't an idea straight away I actually find it the opposite I find it really attractive that along their journey and along their design a new idea came up and that idea is to literally give away half of your profits and now they're gonna do it and I think if that's not dedication enough to a project that they know is gonna succeed then I don't know what is these guys are literally jeopardizing half of their profit to encourage inspire and incentivize a whole community to work with them on this long long journey this is also the first month that we can see the first-ever payments of Zen coin to their developers also we're not done yet because they have another product in the pipeline and it's scheduled for release in July this year and our intention is to convert the sales in twos and queens and start distributing the profits accordingly and finally towards the end of the year they will start buying back tokens in order to have enough capital to sufficiently pay for upcoming projects buying back to pay developers will also close the circle and help improve the value of Zang coin the brains behind the team consists of CEO Henrik Madson co o todo by OGF and CTO rally rally Henrik has 21 years of consulting experience working with security architecture design and implementation he's originally from Denmark and is now living in Sydney Australia which I believe is where the company is located Sodor has more than 13 years of experience in IT in roles as projects manager and QA lead and Riley is a developer and an avid blockchain enthusiast he's worked for the SA P as well as funding circle they also have an advisory board which is a team of nine and this includes coder George Pavlov who has over 17 years worth of experience and development architect and senior developer Christian merinov the project has a soft cut of 2,500 etherion with a hard cut of 10,000 aetherium one earth will grant you 1500 Sam and as it is an ERC 20 token all you have to do to invest is send your aetherium here and once the ICO is finished you will receive yours on coins also guys please make sure you not sending aetherium from an exchange wallet in order to receive the coins you will have to use an e rc 20 friendly wallet such as metamath or my ether wallet 70% of the tokens will be distributed to investors with 15% left for the founders on the team 10% will go towards bouncy campaigns and affiliate programs and 5% is left as a reserve there's no info for any exchanges right now which is normal but it says they are working on this and once the IC o—- is finished you'll have to stay tuned to see where it's going to be listed so again guys you have under a day left to invest for this presale if you do invest within the next 18 hours which Hummer where will be an even smaller timeframe by the time this video airs but you will get a 20% bonus on what you purchase so again to confirm once this timer runs out there's gonna be a break period until the 5th of July which is when the actual proper IC o—- begins and that'll be life is 7 days ending on the 12th if you guys have any more questions feel free to tweet me over at moon already because this is the end of today's deep dive if I hope you did enjoy it if you did please leave a like or a comment down below it really really does help us out I will be placing an investment in zan coin but unfortunately for Fiat reasons I won't be able to do this until the official IC o—- starts so if you guys want to get ahead of me you can go and invest now and get your 20% bonus before I can thank you for watching guys I've been max this has been your deep dive and I'll catch you guys next time on the moon

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    Zan Coin. …. I have found the founders of Zan Coin to be honest….trust worthy…..professional…..
    This has got to be the most transparent company ever in the cryto arena. This project will deliver a steady passive income with longevity. I'm definitely participating and joining Zan Coin community. Sue B

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