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Hello and this is Aiza Mercado today, i will share and teach you how to earn free ripple or XRP using this website and stay tuned coz at the end of this video, i’ll be giving away free codes and to use this to double and 2x your earnings do you want to earn some money online? click now the SUBSCRIBE button and click the bell as well to get notify for my next video where we can
earn extra money online before we start, let me do some shout outs! Jethro Taal, “hi ate pa shout out, new subscriber
here” Hack Type – T ” hi ate aiza, pa shout out
naman” Donrex Sanchez, “Pa shout out lodi Mam Aiza” and RJ Matammu, “pa shout out lodi” Okay, lets start and… this website is called… “EARN YOUR CRYPTO” you can also check their site i will put on the description box the link and where to register every click on your referral link, will give you earnings so later, i will allow all earn your crypto
referral links to be posted in the comment section so we can do visit exchange how to earn free ripple/xrp here? so basically, you will earn more here ofcourse, by inviting what i said before, is… you can comment all your referral links here in “earnings”…. you check can all possible ways how we can
get XRP visit sites, watch videos, offerwalls, mining and lottery in “visit sites”, theres no posted advertisement it says “coming soon” so we will open “watch videos” .. offerwalls, mining and lottery” here in watch videos, you can earn XRP just by watching this youtube
video actually, there is 1 video we can watch lets try to watch it “wahhh” and there you go… you earned $0.0002 alright, so thats the part where we can earn
to watch next, “offer walls” when you hear offerwalls, automatic they offer SURVEYS, they offer VIDEOS too and you need to watch
it they offer APPLICATIONS too and you need to
download for you to earn rewards So here in “mining” just like bitcoin, here we have “XRP mining” you can set this to SLOW, MEDIUM and FAST and in order for you to run this…. you need to turn off all your ANTI-VIRUS before you start mining here in earn your
crypto next is “lottery” you can buy tickets so you may able to join their lottery draw theres countdown timer where lottery draw
starts to pick the winner 25 tickets=$0.25 and you can always avail it using your account
balance in refferals…. whats good about it is that every time your referral link has been clicked, you will earn $0.001 and this is unlimited we can do exchange visits, not traditional refferal link where they need
to sign up so for example, i will copy my referral link then i will use incognito we just have to wait…. okay we just landed to my referral link so all you have to do is… “Aiza Mercado shouts! Hey help me out, give me free money!” so its either you will give me money or not so for me or when we do exchange visit, you just have to click “OKAY” but do the “Im not a robot” thing first then click now “okay” you helped me earned $0.001 they or you can click your referral links
EVERY HOUR when we do the exchange visits and also …. the one whoe sponsored you will also have $0.0001 alright thats for every hour and we can do lots of
exchange of websites here and…. lets check the FAQS Frequently Asked Questions “what is the minimum withdrawal amount”, $0.01 “what are the
benefits of pro account” it can double up your earnings “where can i create wallet”, Binance, Coins.Ph,
Wirex “when will i receive my payment”, within 3
working days “what is the minimum cost per click”, $0.001 “is earnyourcrypto free”, their website is
completely free “which crypto currency do you support” XRP/Ripple “is multiple accounts allowed”, NO, your account
might get suspended “why my account was banned”? because you did multiple accounts, same wallet on differect account, and by using VPN is not also allowed so alright, using VPN is prohibited the question is….” is this site does pays??” yes, they are paying! i tried withdrawing once here, and there, $0.1936 i received it from my COINS.PH wallet i received about 10 XRP here also is the PRO BENEFITS 100% ADS EARNINGS 100% VIDEO EARNINGS 100% CLICK EARNINGS, MINING EARNINGS, REFERRAL
EARNINGS, FASTER PAYOUT, and PRIORITY SUPPORT and because of that….. i’ll be giving away the FREE CODE or FREE PRO TRIAL so here, they want us to follow stefan xyz
to his instagram and message him for the FREE CODE so earlier, i sent him a message and he does
reply! so the free code is….. capital B…L…O…O…D it’s BLOOD thank you! you now have a free pro account
trial for 24 hours so thats how easy to use this earnyourcrypto
website we can do exchange visit just comment down all your referral links as you can see, my account now is “aizamercado
PRO” alright! thats is! thanks again for watching and this is my short video review about EARNYOURCRYPTO where we can earn FREE XRP or FREE RIPPLE! you can withdraw it directly to any of your
crypto wallet what are you waiting for, start now and start
making more money! thank you guys for watching and this is Aiza
Mercado again hit the thumbs up, ofcourse share this video so u can help others
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channel this is Aiza Mercado again, and have a great

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  1. Miss aiza ask ko lang po bakit po hindi na magamit yung code? di ko po ma-message yung Erwin XYZ,,, pahelp naman po please sana ma-notice

  2. ate ivivisit mo po ba yung website kapag cinomment ko yung link?,

    kailangan po ba talaga na pipindutin yung okay tsaka po yung im not a robot?

    ung nagvisit po ba makakatanggap rin ng $00000.1?
    every hour po ba makakatanggap ng $0000.1?

    san po pala pwede itransfer yung balance na nakuha ko?

    sorry po maraming tanong hehehe 🤣

  3. hi new subscriber here po any recommendation po na BTC mining apps na pwede pagkakitaan salamat po nang marami

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