Get 100X Leverage Trading Crypto! Plus Forex, Indexes, Commodities with PrimeXBT

Get 100X Leverage Trading Crypto! Plus Forex, Indexes, Commodities with PrimeXBT — Looking at the Markets with David Moadel maximize your Bitcoin gains this is
looking at the markets with David Modell I want to tell you about a trading
platform that gives you incredible leverage for crypto currency trading you
can trade on the long side or you can trade on the short side and they have
more than 30 assets not just crypto currencies but also indexes commodities
Forex you’re gonna love this it’s called prime X B T prime X BT calm
I’m gonna put a link in the description below this video you can just click on
that and go right to the sign up page explore it check it out you’re gonna
want to sign up for this over 30 assets in one account and 100
times leverage for selected crypto currencies let’s take a look at all the
things you can trade on prime X BT calm yes you can trade crypto currencies
Bitcoin aetherium Ripple litecoin AOS with 100 times leveraged and super low
fees but you can also trade indexes like the S&P 500 you can trade Forex currency
pairs you could trade commodities oil gold that kind of thing so if you just
want to start trading you can do it literally within 40 seconds because the
signup is so simple and no no your client required they make it so
convenient for you look at all these markets that you can trade very cool
trade with a number one platform highest leverage access to global markets if
bitcoin is not your thing that’s okay you can trade other markets indexes
Forex commodities 100% privacy there’s no lengthy no your client barricade
verifications don’t worry about that you can trade very quickly and low fees very
competitive fees open your free account today
just click on the button three steps register takes only seconds fund your
account takes a couple minutes there or about two minutes let’s say depending on
your account and start trading multiple assets with leverage if you want to and
the lowest fees prime xbt this is so cool you’re going to want to check this
out folks all these different things you can trade all you have to do is hit that
register button in the upper right corner or go down hit that open a free
account button right there thousand what I’m sorry one to one hundred leverage
and they have an example yes a Bitcoin litecoin aetherium they’ve been on a run
people have made a lot of profits on that imagine how much more you could
have made with the leverage you would have done way way better because man the
profits you can make are incredible no guarantees I cannot guarantee profits
profits on anything but if you know how to trade these things with leverage if
you know how to trade responsibly you can really make a plenty of money with
this believe me I’ve seen people do it over and over again and you could trade
both ways you could trade on the long side so if the price goes up in the
crypto currency that you’re trading you can make money what if it goes down well
if you trade on the short side which you can do with prime xbt calm you can make
money if it goes down so you can ride it up and write a town you can make profits
in both directions prime xbt has been featured in the media and you can open
your free account they have an amazing charting platform which I’m going to
show you in a moment a user-friendly interface a charting engine low trading
fees it’s really impressive you want to see what it looks like when you log in
here’s what it looks like I’m logged in yes I am a client I am a user of prime
xbt dot-com and what you can do is on the
left side of the screen hit that deposit button and they’ll give you your own
personal Bitcoin deposit dress and you just deposit it right in
there now you want to have Bitcoin you need to have Bitcoin in order to do this
because prime xbt only accepts Bitcoin deposits it’s very easy I mean you can
go to coinbase bitstamp get yourself some Bitcoin they also have on the
deposit page a way you can purchase Bitcoin instantly with your credit card
or swap out another cryptocurrency and deposit it directly to your personal
Bitcoin address at prime xbt so you could just do it right here even if you
don’t have a coin base account or something like that they made it super
simple for you just do right here in the deposit page then come back here get
your personal Bitcoin deposit address for prime xbt and you can get started
depositing and then you can get started trading and by the way there is an
affiliate link if you’re into that if you want to check out your personal
affiliate link just copy and paste that and then you can make even more money
that way with affiliate links they have a number of levels where you can earn
and the hierarchy this could be you and you could have multiple levels and you
can get paid that way very cool but you also want to be trading right I think so
that’s why we’re talking about this well if you’re into trading the crypto
currencies you can do it you can do it with leverage if you want to and check
out this charting look at that it’s on the way up this is fantastic you’ve got
Bitcoin doing great you could have traded Bitcoin without leverage and done
great imagine if you had traded this from here to here with the 100 to 1
leverage think about how great you would be doing let’s check out a theory and
see how that’s doing that you can trade a OS you could trade litecoin look at
that light coin it is blasting off how much money could you have made there
with that 100 to 1 leverage fantastic but it’s not just about the crypto right
on the charting platform you could trade the Forex if you want to look at all
these different ones let’s say oh I don’t know
GBP see ad ok the Great British Pound versus the Canadian dollar you could
trade that there are all these different ones USD
the Japanese yen all these different choices all on one platform very cool
and the charts look pretty amazing I like the candlestick charts they got
them they put the MACD up there but you have different indicators you can use if
you’re not in the Forex that’s cool you got all kinds of different you got
indexes you got crude oil natural gas S&P 500 the Nasdaq all kinds of cool
stuff you’re into the commodities you could trade those so many different
choices here on prime xbt calm but how do you get started how can you do this
you have to sign up it’s that’s the first step if you want to get in and by
the way the the deposit process is simple the withdrawal process is quick
and simple you can withdraw your funds after you make the profits if you make a
profit or you can keep it in there and try to make more profits alright they
got the trade they got the charts check out all these charts you can look at
multiple charts at once a very robust charting platform here on prime xbt comm
how do you get started you got to sign up it’s as simple as that
now I also wanted to make sure that you get a 20% bonus from prime xbt how do
you do it it’s really simple sign up using my referral link which is in the
description below this video just click on that and then register and then tell
support tell prime xbt support the code David the code is David d-a-v-i-d
alright so if you do that you can get yourself a 20% bonus nice right again
just sign up using my referral link register and then tell support the code
David get yourself that 20% bonus you’re gonna like this platform you’re gonna
like the way you can trade with leverage you can trade crypto currencies stock
indexes commodities Forex all of that good stuff you can maximize your Bitcoin
and selected cryptocurrency gains with prime
X B T and low fees and the signup is easy so check it out my name is David
Modell this is looking at the markets sign up for this
get yourself that 20% bonus I’m going to keep on bringing you these amazing
platforms these amazing opportunities in the markets thank you so much for
watching and listening I’ll talk to you again soon

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