Germany Denounces the US and Russia uses Cryptocurrency to Avoid Sanctions

good morning good morning everybody we're gonna get started in just one second it's a lovely Monday morning is it depends on who you are talking to who you ask right it's Monday we're getting close to being halfway through the month of December which means halfway through the year of 2017 getting ready for 2018 I think this next Saturday mornings krypto talk I'm going to be talking about getting ready for New Year's you know reflecting on 2017 are you where you want to be or better yet are you where you thought you would be when you did your New Year's resolution at the beginning of the year that's the biggest question where are you at right now and what are you gonna do about it if you're not where you want to be that's the biggest question so to this morning we're gonna talk about Bitcoin for beginners but before I do that do I still have this particle or did I already shut it down some very very very important news just came out today I always follow geopolitics and this news has nothing to do with Bitcoin but it does have its another cog or another entity that can impact the US dollar this is why there's there's an attack on the United States going on right now around the world to marginalize the US dollar the Russians the Chinese the Iranians the Syrians the North Koreans are all looking to take advantage of cryptocurrency market as a way to to marginalize the u.s. to be independent from the US dollar and that is ultimately going to hurt our economy it is also going to hurt our standing in the world as far as being the world's superpower and by being the world's superpower we are able to influence our way of politics by using the US dollar by putting sanctions on people that don't don't do what we want them to do and if sanctions don't work we use the biggest baddest military the world has ever seen the United States military but we always want to start with diplomacy and if diplomacy is being attacked if our diplomacy is being undermined if the US dollar is being sidestepped that has a impact on our ability to lead the world but Germany made an announcement today that is should be on the front pages of every single article news article Fox News CNN MSNBC Wall Street Journal this was what they should be talking about right now and here is what it says Germany denounces the United States under Trump's leadership releases historic statement this article yeah it does not matter if you're a Democrat or if you're a Republican as an American we all need to be concerned by this I'm gonna read this article first before we get into the crypto side of things Germany's top diplomat has just informed the United States that they no longer see the United States as the ally they once were saying that the leadership from President Donald Trump has led Europe on a path toward nuclear war German foreign minister Sigmar Gabriel told the Berlin foreign policy forum that Germany would start to go after its own agenda whether the US likes it or not because the West was losing influence around the world now that Trump is president the u.s. no longer sees the world as a global community but as a fighting arena where everyone has to seek their own advantage Gabriel said according to the douche well Germany can no longer simply react to US policy but must establish its own position even after Trump leaves the White House relations with the US will never be the same I'm gonna stop right there and you guys can read the rest the why is this important again doesn't matter if you're a Democrat does it matter if you're a Republican doesn't matter if you support or you're for or against Donald Trump this is what the world sees and they're reacting to us do we want Germany to go out there and start putting their best interests out there what happened the last time they did that that an end to well do we want Russia and China and Iran and Syria in North Korea to be able to bypass US sanctions and basically say we don't care what America thinks we dare them to do something which forces us to have to use our military do we want to go down that path but besides the military before we get there how can we pay for the military if the US dollar collapses which is there this is the path that we're leading to all of this is connected you know what does that have to do with Bitcoin it is all connected because these countries are going to use crypto currencies and they're gonna isolate and marginalize the United States and our dollar we are at the beginning of a new age a new era the last seven years of American utopia after World War two is coming to an end and China and Iran already made a joint statement saying we are ancient powers the United States is only 241 years old we were able to survive before the United States and we can survive after the United States we don't need the US dollar to do trade we've been doing it for centuries before the US dollar was even invented and it's time we go back to that that is what the Russians the Iranians and the Chinese are doing and those are our competitors our ally Germany is one of our biggest allies we saved one can say we we destroyed them in World War two but we rebuilt their country we have what a couple hundred thousand dead Americans graves in Germany right now we put our blood sweat and money in that country for the last 70 years and they make a statement today stating we no longer see the United States as a world superpower we're now going to start looking after our own interests whether America likes it or not that's our allies saying that pay attention to what's going on around the world because it's going to impact us our way of life and our finances we can't depend on our own government anymore you're going to have to look out for yourself financially pay attention did I put the link to that article in here if I didn't I'll do it again alright now let's get to some light stuff you know that's serious that's serious news I might save that for later on because you know what I'll follow it up by a news that came out from Russia December 11th yeah I'm gonna follow that up that last article was from our ally but what is our enemy have to say and I'm gonna put this link in the chat always be educating yourselves don't depend on getting news just from fox news and CNN and MSNBC know what's going on in the world so here's this article Russia set to utilize cryptocurrency to avoid US sanctions haven't I been saying this for months this is what they're doing and why and the u.s. is just sitting on our ass right now trying to get the sec to block everybody doing crypto they need to they're not paying attention to the big picture here or they are we just don't know about it that's why they're getting the fed coin ready but look at this listen to this there has been a lot of speculation taking place as to how Russia is planning to create a significant boost to their oil market and subsequently overcome some strict guidelines set out by the United States one suggestion implies the utilization of the growing power and influence of cryptocurrencies overcoming sanctions the widespread adoption of crypto is now making officials in Russia think about how they can approach their crude oil trade differently thus administrators are looking to move away from the US dollar in their trading and possibly turning to cryptocurrency as an acht alt alternative in October 2017 the Russian central bank indicated that it was considering launching a national cryptocurrency following first Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov x' support for introducing a crypto ruble this move comes as the oil trade in russia has been deeply affected by sanctions imposed by the united states as a result of the majority of oil using dollars when being traded these sanctions which were put in place by the trump administration cut the period that us-based entities can provide finance to russian energy firms from 90 to 60 days and are part of a fresh package of US sanctions that US President Donald Trump approved on August 2nd the first workaround that Russian officials suggested was simply use the liquidity of crude oil companies in order to speed up the transaction process and the case that a Russian firm is pressed for time due to the sanctions they could simply dip into their cash reserves yet the economic power of a decentralized digital currency is also very attractive if used instead it will provide an entire shift and focus on the US dollar and American Finance years a shift from the currency would ultimately mean that Russia and other oil-rich countries might be able to avoid US sanctions as they will no longer rely on the greenback let me continue I'm almost finished here moving away from the American Standard the talk of this potential switch began in November 2017 where there was a yawn ruble swap worth 25 billion dollars that took place which could be a massive catalyst for change in the oil industry the Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev said that both countries had plans to utilize a respective currencies going forward in future dears years you might deal you know might know that name Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev do you know where we heard that name before because he's at the center of this whole investigation dealing with Russian interference in US elections he was famously had a private meeting at the White House with President Trump the day that call me the FBI director was fired the same meeting where US media was not allowed in the Oval Office but Russian media was now do you think Dmitry Medvedev has the view s s best interest at heart whether you believe the Russians interfere with US elections or not what do you think their motive is he's telling you we want to get rid of the u.s. dollar we want to get rid of us sanctions we want to be able to do whatever the heck we want to do no matter what the US has to say about it so it's in their best interest to absolutely interfere with US election to put in power who they want that can call to distraction so that they can do what they want to do those of you who deny this you're doing so at the peril of American national interest the Russians are not our friends everything that they do is in their best interest not ours we should not be trying to protect them or putting our head in the sand acting as if see no evil the Democrats are up to something silly no they are trying to demean and get around the u.s. dollar so what what presidency do you think is going to help them in that cause when our own ally Germany Germany said because of this administration's actions around the world it is putting us closer to nuclear war why would they say is putting us closer to nuclear war because if our enemies are able to get around us sanctions the only other alternative we have is war and we're talking about another nuclear power here you got to be able to connect the dots this ain't about democrat or republican this is about our future our lives as Americans let me continue here Iran has also been looking to approach their oil trading from a similar approach in the utilization of currency swap agreements China is another world superpower looking to decrease their dependence on the US dollar after unveiling a move towards their petrol yawn instead of the US dollar when it comes to their trade transactions yoona realized China owns the mole you as debt and here they are trying to get around the US dollar petrol is a new cryptocurrency that Venezuela hasn't developed think about that wasn't Trump just blasting Venezuela a couple of weeks ago as they hope this will be an easy to circumvent the financial blockade that the president of the United States Donald Trump has placed upon their nation it has always been the case that countries will prefer not to use u.s. dollars in trading if they do something that angers the United States they are then in an unfavorable business position due to the economic leverage the North American power would have it looks like cryptocurrency could indeed be the answer to these issues as they are entirely decentralized meaning that no one Authority such as a government or a central bank has any control over the currency more importantly global changes in monetary policy will not be able to destabilize a digital currency that's the end of the article let me break that down in layman's terms our allies are pissed off that Donald Trump is destabilizing the world in putting us closer to nuclear war by his policies our enemies are sick and tired of being sanctions put on them so their way of getting around it is by using cryptocurrency to get away from sanctions if they no longer fear that the United States can hurt them financially then they can do whatever the heck they want to do that is not in the interests of the United States and the only way the United States can force our will at this point will be to use the biggest and baddest military the world has ever seen which is what our allies are afraid of because then it puts us closer to nuclear war where Russia has nuclear weapons North Korea has nuclear weapons and Iran has nuclear weapons and they no longer need the US dollar which is going to hurt us it's gonna hurt American citizens the dollar is only worth five percent of what it was a hundred years ago how much longer is going to be able to stay propped up if the rest of the world dumps it so the question is what are you doing personally because if the dollar crashes if you're heavily invested in the crypto space you will be able to survive you know I was listening to dr. Murphy Roy Murphy earlier who said he's been living 100% on crypto without having to use a bank account since July I right now I can live 100 percent pay all of my bills buy all of my food and groceries without ever having to use the US dollar in the bank because I earn my money in crypto not US dollar so I did not mean to start this off on a heavy topic like this but it is what's happening in the world so those of you that's just joining right now you definitely if you did not hear what I just said you definitely want to go back to the recording to hear the beginning this is the biggest news this is one of the most important geopolitical news to hit the United States in over 70 years we we can deal with our enemies trying to find ways to get around US sanctions and use the crypto currency to get it and dump the US dollar but when our allies are saying we no longer have faith that the United States has our best interests at heart we need to start looking after ourselves and doesn't mean we don't care if America likes it or not when our number 1 and 2 Ally is saying this we this is a fundamental shift in history history is being made right now and again do we want Germany to be out there deciding their own fate again how did that turn out over the last two world wars when Germany was free to do so I'm just saying pay attention all right so now and I'm actually going to edit this to go into I'm going to make two videos off of this so what I that first part I'm gonna make one video that's about geopolitics our enemies and our allies I think that's what I'm gonna call it our enemies and our allies and how cryptocurrency is involved and now let's talk about Bitcoin for beginners Bitcoin for beginners now this is more about those that's in and they want to look at you know where to go to do trading and all that kind of stuff where to begin so where let me find that article here we go Bitcoin for beginner so don't worry guys I'm gonna split this video up into two parts when I'm done so that I don't scare people that's just coming into Bitcoin for the very first time they know nothing about international relations and geopolitics you know I was a political science from or off college so this is I eat this stuff up and I pay attention and I also looking at the news you know I know I heard the Fox News and all I'm gonna hear about is Roy Moore it's being set up and lied to and then I turn it to MSNBC and all I'm gonna hear about is all the Republicans are supporting a child molester and blah blah blah meanwhile we've got Puerto Rico still without power really we've got American citizens still without consistent running water and access to the Internet in power I think the Russians accomplished their goal complete distraction complete disruption they accomplished their goal I'm still trying to figure out as an American what our goal right now I don't understand it I don't understand what our goal in the world is right now because we seem to be losing we're losing influence we're losing our US dollar we're losing our allies what what what is the game plan how are we being made stronger right now this is the weakest the United States has been in since the beginning of World War two when we got bombed on Pearl Harbor this is the weakest we've been in the world all right I stopped there that's gonna be part one of this video

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  1. Hipster Douches, Russia using crypto currency to avoid sanction gives cause to the American government to look into crypto currencies. What's that North Korea uses them to, its a party with the U.S justice lawyers popping out of the cake. Happy Birthday Mr. Jaggoff of North Korea dictator happy birthday to you too Mr.Jagoff Vladamir Putin and the horse you rode in on and are now fucking.

  2. Double standards. It's ok for the US to decide it's own and other countries' fates, but it's not ok for other countries to decide even their own one. I don't think anyone should have influence on another, unless it offers a real value and it's healthy. Independence is healthy and we see it coming.

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