Gerald Celente – No “In God We Trust” to trust: Cryptocurrency trend to grow

celebrating 30 years of phenomenal trend forecasting five times a week Monday through Friday here's gerald Celente with today's trends in the news hi this is gerald Celente it's Thursday August 3rd 2017 and here are some of today's trends in the news on the market front it's down in Asia mixed in Europe mixed in the US oil down a little bit Gold up a little bit nothing moving a lot middle of the summer people are on a vacation state of mind not a lot of action going on out there but over here in the States at Dow pull another record-breaking day seven in a row that's right and it was going up higher before the news came out that special FBI guy and mullah you know that they brought in to see what Trump did with them Russians well here it is Wall Street Journal reported just minutes before the market closed that special council robbing mullah impanel the grand jury his investigation into Russia's involvement in the u.s. election let's get this straight Hillary Clinton lost because she's Hillary could you get that in your head and folks this is my legacy Obama kept saying as he went around the nation be essent like he did when he got his way is office saying folks if you don't vote for me folks you're not going to keep my legacy going so you know what they said about Obama's legacy a is to you yep the Democrats they lost the house the representatives they lost the Senate day was state houses all over the country had nothing to do with the Russians and had to do with eight years of Obama and that's what they did it's the economy stupid we were the only magazine in the world that we know of that in May of 2016 forecast Trump to win because of the actions of Obama and people couldn't stand Hillary Clinton and had nothing to do with you being a woman it had to be with who you are who your husband is and all those black people they didn't vote for you because of all the people that went to jail under Bill Clinton and what they showed in those hacked emails about all the Dalia took getting paid off that you called speeches for Goldman Sachs gang and everybody else so anyway now you're going to see a lot of turmoil in the market possibly because every day the prostitute media is going to keep going with the Russians are coming the Russians are coming anyway tomorrow's the big day what are the numbers going to look like with the jobs report so that's what the markets are waiting for too we're just on hold it's more of the same not a lot going on on to the crude oil price level it went down a little bit because they production went up a little bit over there in the OPEC country same old story yeah they use the more gasoline but there's more supply than demand what you see is what it is 45 $40 to 50 possibly $60 tops that's the range but companies are saying they can make go at 50 so if they're making more money at 50 more rigs more pumping they got to keep it going so what you see is what it is gold prices well calls not doing much of anything it's trading in at 1,300 1,200 range the downside risk as we see is minimal compared to the upside potential and the upside potential only happens when gold hits over 1,400 and stays there for a while then it moves we believe is spike toward 2000 but in the meantime check it out trend alert trend alert it may be as big as gold and silver and it may be going on for a long time hey you know how they say on your dollar bill in god we trust' well knowing god we trust' to trust cryptocurrency trend to grow that's right you're going to read your trends journal your trend alert it just went out today what you won't read anywhere else money back guaranteed where you're going to see crypto currencies going why they're going to keep going in this direction and along with gold and asset to get away from those fiat currencies but again with no in god we trust' to trust it's becoming cashless so people don't have an emotional nationalistic attachment to their coin of the realm and they see these fiat currencies or digital currencies printed on nothing and backed by nothing why not go crypto so where's crypto going read your trend alert moving on to some other news Wall Street climbing sharply skips Washington soap opera none of the soap opera in Washington matters said Frank Sullivan chief executive of rpm international cleveland-based maker especial T coatings and sealants like rust-oleum nobody in business cares about who talked to who and Russia you got it mr. Sullivan except the lowlife prostitute media and all the media whores that keeps selling let's hate Russia why is it so bad that Trump if he did talk to Russia and wants to make peace with Putin ah it's bad for the military-industrial complex and those six Psychopaths called neo cons Clinton's Bush's and Obama's plus plus plus Lindsey did you come out of the closet yet Graham and John and Sain McCain and one after another some more economic news hungry investors pile into first Iraq a bond sale in more than a decade ah Rock yep hungry investors how about gamblers looking for return on their dough and taking a shot on this but then you read how they write about this in the Financial Times and it gives prostitutes the worthy name of putting out because they get paid to put out just like any good Hall we do the 1 billion dollar bond which matures in 2023 has brought in 6.6 billion dollars of orders by yesterday afternoon it goes on to say the country's struggling to overcome years of international strife that followed the 2003 us-led invasion isn't that nice us-led invasion an illegal war based on life that not one of you little clowns will call the murderers out for starting you little no life cow is a country of cowards one after another where's Blair where's Bush where's dick oh I have to be problem I know people get upset with I'm not proper penis Cheney and : down the crapper Powell for selling us this war and they write it like this the country struggling to overcome years of internal strife Massacre millions killed bombs dropped three trillion dollars of our dough spent from murder hey let's sell bonds let's take a risk maybe we can make a couple of bucks you scum ah speaking of which Apple faces tests of strategy in China and u.s. double-digit growth in America and Europe helped to sustain Apple's performance in the June quarter but Greater China remains a problem with revenues down 10 percent year-on-year a bunch of Chinese companies are moving in and you look at our top trends for 2017 Silicon Valley Rust Belt 2.0 that's right the united states under clinton under bush folks you don't pushed it didn't know this did you China got into the World Trade Organization about two weeks after 9/11 when no one was watching and Clinton open the doors for them to come in that's right so what they did the deal is this if you want to manufacture anything over there you got to give them all your technology and you can't own 100% of the company no no no you got to use a Chinese manufacturer so they stole all our technology they were just making shirts and shoes and belts and underwear now technology and that's what they're putting their money buy and sell China the business of China is business the business of America is bombs is occupying in other countries a.m. Russians I'll tell you what man we got to stop them there international aggression they're in two countries Vietnam in Syria that's right they got bases over there the United States only has bases in 80 countries and about 800 of them but the skom media doesn't report it like that all they're doing us is selling hate that's all they're doing because they're a bunch sick son of the bitches white house eyes trade fight with China Trump administration is considering its first big trade action against Beijing with officials engaged and quote serious discussions end quote about launching a probe into a Chinese intellectual property regime that requires foreign companies to transfer technology to local subsidiaries and partners so how long are we been saying that subscribers to the trans journal no we've been saying this practically and more and now it's finally coming out they sold us out what do you think they give that money to the Clinton Foundation for their payoffs their bribes that's why they lost the election because she's a disgusting individual and you know me I didn't vote for either of them didn't vote in this election I don't support murderers and thieves Republicans and Democrats their party's not my party it's a sick party all you have to do is look at the people in it you like Pelosi maybe you like little Chuckie Schumer I know poorly Eddie Munster Ryan's your kind of guy oh yeah Mitch McConnell a brilliant individual anyway going back this is the story and moving on China India land standoff in Himalayas escalates keep your eye on this this has been heating up and heating up the economy and India is not doing so well right now with the new taxes that just came on they just announced that they're going to lower interest rates and India central banks cuts rates down after slow down and then remember last November 8th the same day as the election in the United States they called in 86 percent of the Indian currencies so now you have destabilization there when all else fails they take you to war so things are heating up keep your eye on it yep and some good news on the Trump shell of a force in Syria swiftly lost CIA aid this is the way the New York slime the toilet of paper writes this story Washington the end came quickly for one of the costliest covert action programs in the history of the CIA during a White House briefing early last month the CIA director Mike Pompeo recommended to President Trump that he shut down a four year-old effort to arm and train Syrian rebels ah the president swiftly ended the program the rebel army was by then a shell you ready for this hollowed out by more than a year of bombing by Russian planes and confined to over shrinking patches of Syria that government troops had not reconquered how's that for more than 1 billion dollars spent of our money as this nation's rotting Russians did it Russians been doing this bins are going off of for years the Russians just got there where they say a year they've been doing this don't you remember back when they gave him 500 million of our bucks and they traded trained a group that fell apart real quick and al Qaeda yeah got all the weaponry and they make it sound like a negative this is a positive for Trump Bravo for Trump and the sky Pompeo men don't like a lot of things that he says but let's give them credit for that I haven't seen this kind of action before coming from the last administrations this is positive just as it's positive that there's a peace going on in terms of no bombs away over Syria that Putin and Trump came to an agreement with at the g20 these are positives why not promote those because your press titude selling war and the New York slime is the prime seller of propaganda unless you forget those aluminum tubes and yellow cakes that they were selling that Saddam Hussein had buildin his weapons of mass destruction and as the man that launched occupied peace dot us this is another positive coming from Trump Trump says US is losing in Afghanistan yeah no kidding he wants to command the fly it Assoc this guy General John Nicholson jr. the 17th commander of the US occupied Afghanistan that's a 17 and 16 years doing pretty good and Trump is saying is this thing worth it Bravo but Trump must be wrong there's no war in Afghanistan don't remember what Obama said we pushed the Taliban out of their strongholds and by the end of next year America's war in Afghanistan will be over so Trump is pushing back from his advisors that want him to escalate the war good for you that's another positive and you know the motto of the trends journal think for yourself we don't tell you what to think but here's what I think president Beck's a plan to curtail legal migration 50% cuts by tenth year I'm all in favor of it no more people in this country we got over 320 million hey 20,000 just to hunting for a job over there in Illinois with Amazon yeah I paid a grand total of about 12 bucks an hour a little change plus yeah 60 250 a week and you get a hernia listening all that stuff that runs back and forth I mean what what is this country to degrade it to you want more people you can't take care of your own open up your house can't feed your family bring more rent let's go back to the nineteen third immigration policy no people until we get back on our feet we have an opioid crisis raging through this country like we've never seen brought to you by big pharma not making that up here's the fact folks you can thank Bill Clinton for this one he's the one that allowed these drug ads to be placed on TV a new report shows that more than one in three Americans got a prescription for opiate painkillers in 2015 and plus the other ones that got them illegally so yeah let's get America back on its feet first and then open our doors this is gerald Celente and that's some of today's trends in the news

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  1. Thanks Gerald, you always have an interesting show. You speak your mind, and are on target every time! I'll be looking forward to your next video…………..

  2. Thanks again uncle Gerald! Well done. To your list of blood sucking war mongers I would add Donald "Dracula" RUMsfeld and Paul "the howler" Wolfowitz … May they all rot in zionist hell.

  3. It's fascinating to me the level of logic that goes into crypto-currency investing. These people are quick to condemn central bank fiat currency backed by absolutely nothing and created into existence out of thin air but at the same time quick to praise crypto-currencies that are precisely the same. You can't even wipe your butt with BitCoin and yet we are supposed to cheer such creations? What happens when the lights go out and the internet drops for days/weeks/months? It seems to me these crypto-currencies were created by the same gang that created the dollar to replace one with the same, only digital this time.

  4. Hey Gerald! Thanks for the Whale fat buddy. We chewed on it for awhile while we took in the scene: The rendering thereof did give forth the oil to which our lamps burn bright…

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