GEORGE SOROS Now Entering Crypto Game with $100M Investment for Blockchain and Overstock!

Wow this is serious guy this is guys this all yo we're going into conspiracies guys we're going in to conspiracies guys yo dis is what's up crypto nation it's pay de Wit decentralized TV your best place for news on Bitcoin blockchain and cryptocurrency tech in today's I don't even know conspiracy of the day conspiracy of the day guys overstock you guys know overstock one of the companies that has kind of like one of the flagship companies are moving into crypto good for them good for them however the conspiracy guys overstock gets a hundred million farm George Soros a George Soros Fund for blockchain and more guys this is the beginning of the end is this how it's gonna end guys is this how it's gonna end guys oh my gosh overstock just got a happy chunk of change from one of the biggest names in finance and CEO Patrick Byrne a hey you don't care money has money to him says most of it will fund the company's blockchain work the company disclosed in his Securities and Exchange Commission filing this week that the holder might warrant and exercise its right to buy a hundred million worth of shares whoa guys that money guys although the filing did not identify the investor burnt old coin desk it was Quantum Fund we've heard that before Quantum Fund managed by billionaire George Soros of the hundred million dollar overstock received burn city anticipates 20 million will fund DeSoto Inc the blockchain property rights joint venture he is working on in partnership with the economist Hernando DeSoto if you don't know what I'm talking about there type in DeSoto into DC TV YouTube channel and you can find I've done other crypto news bits on this this is a good idea I like what Hernando DeSoto and Patrick Byrne is doing with that particular ICO and idea I think it has legs however now that George Soros is behind all of this guys what's gonna happen as for the a uh the other 80 million Byrne said he intends to invest the funds across over stocks flagship ecommerce platform which accepts Bitcoin for payments and the other blockchain ventures that are part of its Medici Ventures subsidiary yet Byrne indicated he sees these two business working more closely in the future mmm-hmm maybe it's about time we stop seeing overstock as two separate businesses he said REO till platform had 40 million unique people come into it last month so where's developing this blockchain applications these blockchain companies the retail business is an extremely valuable retail business to have in terms of bringing awareness and traffic to the blockchain properties that we anticipate developing Burton continue telling coin desks by having retail business involved what can we really create is a wormhole between the two universes the universe of conventional and the universe of crypto so combining the conventional with crypto well quantum fun did not respond to the request for comment by press time but the Soros controlled vehicle disclosed its persons purchase of a warrant to buy overstock shares in November alright guys so the rest of this article continues to talk about a little bit about what over stock has been doing guys but what is going on I knew this would happen guys I knew it I knew it whenever there is big money whenever there are big major shifts in the world guys it doesn't matter if it's a false flag it doesn't matter if it's false terrorism it doesn't matter if it it's its political movements that George Soros is all up in that he's all up in that guy's and so I mean we could take this conspiracy for miles we could take it for hundreds of miles however far you want to go at it guys but George Soros has peaked his head up out of the sand and his letting us know that he is getting in to the blockchain game is this a game changer how come people aren't talking about this am I the only one that's woke I'm not the only one that's woke here guys a hundred million dollars going into overstock by George Soros well I'm gonna throw it back to you guys and let you guys Duke it out in the Bitcoin pub or in the comments section below let me know what your thoughts are our of today's crypto newsmen conspiracy of the day with overstock thanks for joining us guys in today's crypto news bit if you're new here make sure you subscribe so you can listen to more conspiracies and all craziness and make sure you smash the Dublin so you know when new news is coming up guys for the rest you guys smash the like button for world domination

32 thoughts on “GEORGE SOROS Now Entering Crypto Game with $100M Investment for Blockchain and Overstock!”

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  2. Have you checked out this game yet? Would be cool if you could do a review on it: Seems to be a HOT new cryptogame

  3. how is Soros still alive? Such a decrepit old demon….And why does autocorrect automatically capitalize the s in Soros?

  4. KCS = $19, I bought it at $0.50 one month ago. Not too late, KuCoin exchange has a ton of room to grow before it is in the top 10 exchanges. Daily dividends $$$

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  6. soros is a satanic bitch that rapes kids and feeds on the blood dude, u gota know the other game but not to pump this twat

  7. My biggest concern in the Soros Blockchain deal is that not very long ago he was openly wanting to destroy bitcoin. This seems like the beginning of a controlling interest grab.

  8. $$Campus Coin$$ hit a all time high and they are starting a new advertising campaign so its going to rise more, this coin has a really low capp and supply get in while its still around 0.01 its GOLDEN!!!

  9. Soto’s is a criminal, I don’t think you should talk him up as a hero. Rounded up his fellow Jews with the nazis.

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