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  1. Lol i feel so good when i see the haters ( for no reason ) in the comments

    Saudi Arabia is going up by saudis hands, the numbers language says that, not me.


  2. The one thing you left out is Saudi Arabia running out of water. That's a big problem for them as their population is growing so rapidly.They at least are not diversifying their economy under the assumption they have a sustainable plan for large scale affordable desalination.

  3. Persians came from central Asia in 400 bc
    Arabs lived on both sides of the Gulf before persian invasion
    Arabian Gulf is the true legitimate name 👍🏻

  4. It's a nice analysis, but you misunderstand (as do all economists) the nature of America's involvement with saudi with respect to oil. It is not the guaranteed access to oil America covets, but the enforced linkage of oil to the fiat-dollar. This is where the petrodollar gets its primary value, and without such a protection racket, America's economy and living standards would implode in a catastrophic manner. Unless America puppets other oil rich territory (iran, Venezuela, libya, etc), a loss of military influence in this region would be an existential threat to America. America's own oil reserves are meaningless to its dollar. Afterall, if a thief steals money from his own pocket, is he becoming richer? 🙂

  5. Hello Shirwan, It's been a while. Here is the thing. Kingdom of Al Saud will perish. Brun to the ground. Oil is gone. The Kingdom of Saudia Arabia has been found guilty of the crime against Humanity, Dishonouring the Prophet Mohhamad pbuh, dishonored Lord Allah. Kingdome of Arabia is Emerging on the Horizon. Dignity and respect for all human beings regardless.!!Honour.!! True Muslims will take charge and Islam will return to the land of Prophet Mohammad pbuh. Mercenaries will be hunted down one by one. Criminals will be punished and locked away. There will be no Mercy.!! You will be summoned to present Caspian report time to time as it may be required or needed in coming Future. My Elders, Honorable, philosophers, and scholars might wanna hear what you have to say. Love of the Lord is Merciful.!! be very careful and be extremely respectable.!!

  6. If the dumb self elected kings decided to lend an olive branch to Iran instead of being a pawn to foreign powers half of these problems would disappear

  7. Let us not forget that it was Saudi Arabia that influenced Islamic terrorist to attack the US World Trade center twice, the last time bring both down, and yet the US spent a trillion dollars twice to derfend Saudi Arabia from their own home made monster that they released upon the world! The Bush administration and the Trump administration are good friends with the Saudi family and since there is a lot of many to be made by the few, but it is the middle class that do the fighting so the wealthy make the money and then use that profits to fund the Republican party of which trump is a Repoublican and is the most ignorant, shallow, corrupt, anti-American, narcissistic, self serving, mobster, tax evader and compulsive and habitual liar and the most criminal president in US history and is actually a illegitimate president and is hard at work,with the help of the republican party and the right wing propaganda media of daily lies, spin, exaggerations, sedition, subversion and consist of low life white trash right wingers that are the most ignorant and stupidest and brainwashed segment of the population, supported by almost endless money by the corporations and the super wealthy, their real clients, and have been guilty of treason against this country and to bring the US down to their level of morality and mentality and making the US the laughing stock of the world!
    You, and the whole world has heard and seen Trump's Tweets, comments, speeches and know that he is a retarded narcissistic, criminal, a compulsive and habitual liar, a mobster, tax evader, womanizer and all around anti-American criminal and of course, a Republican!!
    The sooner Trump is impeached and arrested for treason, the sooner he can join with the rest of his criminal mobsters in prison and that would be a good thing for the US and the world! Actually, hanging for tresason would be better!

  8. I'd like to point out that in 2015 Saudi Arabias GDP was 736 Billion, but it is now 748Billion, just a minor incorrect fact

  9. Arabia is haven of cattle raising. It can produce so many goats that may feed whole world. They were never farmers except a few date farmer. And it is not desert except Khali, it is a steppe. Here cattle do not suffer much of diseases. So they thrive. But they are not doing what nature want them to do. They are trying for farming

  10. Most, if not all books on geo politics and economics I read are written from western academics. I've been searching for interesting writers from the Muslim world but can't find any. Is there anything coming out of the Arabic, urdu or Turkish speaking world that anyone can suggest? Thanks

  11. not mentioned is that millions of Muslims make Pilgrimage to Mecca each year, and the House of Saud controls that. Therefore they have great influence globally thru that. And if anyone is planning to make pilgrimage they hesitate to criticize the Saudis for fear of being blocked or arrested. It's at the back of every Muslims mind.

  12. Muslims can't even avoid attacking and murdering each other. Gee, you think it might have something to do with the nature of Islam? https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzREuchzOqiawpEpvEM0Tyg/videos

  13. Islam has very little, if anything, to do with Judaism or Christianity. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rxj41M-xwa0

  14. It would be VERY interesting if the USA stopped helping Saudi Arabia entirely because of their sponsorship of terrorism and Islam itself.

  15. ''the saudi government doesnt trust its own military commanders''.
    holy shit, how is the saudi family still in power if even their own military hates them.
    nobody likes these people NOBODY.

  16. When they need to do an economic reform they can focus on electronics since the main product is silicon which is a resource they are rich in sand sio2.

  17. I very much appreciate your detailed, insightful analysis, BUT I think you missed some BIG points. 1. Petro-dollar. Even though the US might not need ME oil, much of the rest of the world does. The US has a CRITICAL interest in ensuring that Saudis trade oil only for USD. US will bend over backwards to keep the Dollar hegemony, because without it the US collapses under debt–and the whole world goes into chaos. 2. Saudis support Israel and vice versa against Iran; even though they aren't explicit about it. 3. China. Saudis can court Chinese investment, particularly in infrastructure to use as a bargaining chip against US recalcitrance to support them; particularly in Yemen. Trump admitted this on national TV! He refused to investigate Kashoggi's murder lest it drive Saudis into the arms of China or Russia. Now, Venezuela is the wildcard. Are they going to invite Russia or China to open a base there in exchange for money and s Yuan denominated oil trade? This is a possible risky challenge to US Monroe Doctrine. Sorry for necropost, but this topic is more important than ever. THANKS!

  18. Non Muslims See us as Muslims not Shia or Wahabi or anyother maslaks… They have successfully divided muslims by the minor differences… Muslims should counter this propaganda by non muslims in order to progress..otherwise there will be only destruction ..

  19. America have built saudia arabia, just as have destroyed the Chaldeans in iraq dividing their families empowering the muslims, syrians and orthodox over the christians, thus defaming iraq as lawless state, with full participation of the catholic church who deceived those northern part of the country , arbas are inferier nomads just as the kurds, every thing they have, they have stolen it from the chaldeans……any contradiction to this is a lie that the church and west feed as way of mass control and finding feed people to appease the masses in deed the catholic cooperated with the orthodox and protestants to empower the muslims against the simple christains that they have decieved and used as feed for mulsim with the historical participation of the syrians, less than dogs of people

  20. All they have to do is develop nuclear power plants connected to the world's largest ever desalination plant. Once they do that, they can grow all the tropical crops they want…… If they ever became proficient militarily, they could overcome there Shia challenges. But thats why they export terrorism while denying it….
    I hate the middle east……

  21. Those clowns can't even fight their own battle, they had to hire mercenaries from Sudan to fight for them in Yemen. Useless bunch!

  22. Such a dysfunctional 'country'. The Al Saud family seem to be holding the place hostage with their silly governance

  23. One fact you forgot is that Saudi Arabia is a biggest terrorist country and a worst kind example of Islam.

  24. You say that Saudi Arabia can't offer the US much. But what about the petro-dollar? The US would be in very big trouble, if it's Sunni allies were to ever sell oil for currencies other than the dollar. It seems to me that is the one thing that keeps the US engaged with the alliance (as you note, we don't actually need the oil and gas anymore).

  25. Interesting to watch this episode in hindsight. Especially regarding the bin Salman junior. He'll have to balance between keeping the royal elite satisfied and implementing political, cultural and economic reforms. Turns out that just as everything else in this medieval absolute monarchy, this succession situation did not follow the contemporary political rules. Instead of keeping the rest of the royals satisfied, he used a supposed anti corruption action as a ruse to literally purge the kingdom from all competitors, with some of them disappeared and the rest imprisoned until they transferred all or most of their possessions and claims to the state i.e. him.
    Same brutality has been shown to all dissenters, with horrific war crimes being committed in Yemen as I write this.
    The West needs to completely disentangle itself from the dependency on this regime's oil and isolate Saudi Arabia to the point that no other country ever has been isolated. Unfortunately it's hard to see the US giving up on their partner in crime. Perhaps this will require Europe joining up with Russia and China in combating this evil.

  26. Shouldn't you mention zeihans work somewhere in the descriptions? Some of these sections seem like they were lifted wholesale…

  27. disliked and stopped watching it the moment he used the term Wahhabi as that shows he doesn't know what he is talking about .there is nothing called Wahabism .

  28. That part of the KSA in the east including the Khafjit, Jubail, Qatif ,Bqeeq, Noairiyan and Khobar governorates was and still is majority native Arab Shia. Those parts and their adjacent EOZ (part of the KSA) holds the bulk of the Saudi oil and gas reserves since their 1920s start of extraction. Those parts have given trillion of dollars worth per year in current prices all those 90 years. That is to say that the Sunni Kingdom and millions of Sunni nationals cashed zillions of money that otherwise would amount to a Shia Terra$ fund. More interesting is that only since the former King have died the Shia native Arab populace was granted a small portion for reconstruction, depevelopment and upgrade of their wretched life. Shia Hazaras, Azeris, Yemeni, Lebanese, Iraqi and Syrian Shia Arabs, Balti people and Shia Pakistanis as well as the Shia nations of Iran would be among the most well-off people in the world and the 90 years money would escape them from hardship and outright poverty and persecution. Not even the Azeri Shia who have vast amounts of NG would cash in money that a non-religious corrupt ultra nationalist state profits from. Its worth mentioning that huge numbers of Sunni nationals from Pakistan,India,Bangladesh and Sunni Arab world (Egypt) were nationalized there as citizens and counted as such giving now a lower estimate of the demographic Shia Arab populace in order to weak emancipation demands.

  29. Saudis are sunburned Turks from the ottoman empire. Ishmael(the true arabs) reside in Yemen. Hence the current day ethnic cleansing. Which America is an bipartisan contributor to…..

  30. Of the oil shipped to the US only 13% comes from Saudi Arabia. http://www.worldstopexports.com/us-crude-oil-imports-by-supplier-countries/

  31. The word Wahabi is slander from those who do not want to return to the Koran and authentic Hadith, Islam which is purely based on the Qur'an and authentic Hadith

  32. lol.. saudis are really shit at project management by moving old projects to the end of the que and the latest thingy to the top. A few years later rinse and repeat. Summa summarum, never finishing anything. Just bleeding equity. And i bet leaving old projects standing will deteriorate them. So even if the work is restarted, much of what was done will have to be redone.

    Meanwhile being unable to finance even the current spending level. And mere 5% cuts a year will probarbly not cut it. Meanwhile the subsidisedgrainbased on number of kids is bankrupting the system. And by capping those payments, well, most ofthe population has never worked beyond making babies and getting welfare and drinking tea.

  33. a slight correction as getting info. for websites and books does not reveal the dynamics within the social structure in a realistic way. you mentioned that Shias in Alahsa are a source of concern or a problem but that is absolutely false. they are patriotic and that was demonstrated numerous times. bundling all Shiites into one basket is misleading when it comes to geopolitical analysis.

  34. minute 6:35 . another big mistake. inhabitants of the SW border in Yemen are nothing like the Shiites of the eastern region. they do not follow the same religious background or culture. they are in fact very different. not only that they are not so much religiously motivated as they are tribaly.

  35. this is a some what "sophisticated" anti Saudi propaganda. there's no such thing as a "Wahhabi"..no one in the middle east and specially in SaudiArabia will say or tell you they are "Wahhabi". they are just Muslims. and so do most of the people you refer to as "Sunni".

  36. Iran has attacked none people in its history and it will not.
    Saudi Arabia should be friend with it own permanent neighbour Iran.🇮🇷🇸🇦

  37. The stubbed thing is that you sead WAHHABI are defrent from SUNNI that like you sead i talk to mush bout i don’t have no idea what i talk about man Make sure from you’r information

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