General Ledger | 4-Adding Grid Points of View for a Financial Report

Hello, my name is Paul. In this tutorial I’ll continue building my financial report and show you how to add grid points of view. I’ll begin by activating the grid and clicking on the grid object to select it. And then I’ll choose the Grid Point of View menu item to display the points of view. I’ll set the Ledger point of view to the Vision Foods USA ledger. In the Scenario tab, I can select the type of balances to use. For example, budget or actual amounts. In this case, I’ll choose Actual. Next, I click the Balance Amount and select Period Activity to set the type of balances that will be captured on my report. I’ll select USD for my report currency and then set the currency type to Entered. Finally, I’ll close the Select Member window and save my report. To see the change in my basic report based on setting the grid points of view, I’ll select the Web Preview button. In the next Tutorial, I’ll show you how to set page and grid properties. For more information, consider these additional resources. Thank you!

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