General Ledger | 2-Adding Formulas to a Financial Report

Hello, my name is Paul. In this tutorial I’ll show you how to add formulas that summarize the expense balances in my financial report. First, I’m going to add a new row for the formula I’ll create. Since I’m going to sum the values in the expense line items, I’ll create a custom heading called Total Expenses. Now I am entering the formula function using the Sum button. Best practice is to put calculations on the row first, the column second, then the cell if necessary. Lastly, I’ll complete the formula by entering the cell references that are totaled in my formula. Now I’ll validate the syntax. One thing to keep in mind is that validation only checks the validity of the formula, not if there is data available. Finally, I’ll save the report. To see my basic report with my added formulas, I’ll select the Web Preview button. In the next tutorial, I’ll show you how to add range functions to the accounting period to enable reporting across periods. For more information, consider these additional resources. Thank you!

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