what’s going on guys Patrick here
bringing you a brand new video today we got another killer video for you guys
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now when it comes to the dips that we’re having in Bitcoin and in cryptocurrency
lots of people making tons of money this so if you want to stay up to date with
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going into some specific all coins now as well technical analysis for those all
coins figuring out the best trades in there you guys don’t want to miss out on
this tons of great results so far and I want you guys to be a part of that now
let’s get into some news the first thing I thought was relatively interesting it
did spike a question that I had for you guys so this article says the Chinese
whale buys fleet of Formula one cars worth four million pounds this was done
fully in litecoin so this was a collection of four for rare Formula one
cars valued at about four million pounds total this is the British pound and this
was done well one their fully raised bull and track worthy but they’re also
supposed to appreciate in value so the first thing I thought was this guy’s
absolutely crazy why would you spend litecoin right now when you know this is
a few days old but even then why would you spend like my at the price right now
when it should appreciate in value well maybe one he’s very very big on Formula
one cars maybe two he has so much like coined
four million pounds means absolutely melting to him when it comes to his
holdings which very well might be the case but third it’s also an investment
which he thinks is going to appreciate so that in its in its case makes sense
to me but I did have a question for you guys about this what would you buy with
cryptocurrency say that you know money wasn’t an issue
what would you go for what would be your first luxury purchase with
cryptocurrency would it be a house would it be a watch would it be a car if you
if it is a watch your car which one would it be let me know that in the
comments down below I would love to see what you guys would purchase with
cryptocurrency if you could now snow getting into some actual news some more
bullish news well there has been a patent for B BT C payments via SMS so we
talked about litecoin looking at getting this approved as well of them this is
going to be happening for a light coin and we talked about that in yesterday’s
video well apparently a bit there’s a bit of pan by a financial software
developer yeah by a financial software developer and they should we should be
seeing BTC payments via SMS this is just a patent right now obviously this is
where it is working towards and I like this article because it did actually sum
up a lot of things in one I think another cool thing for us to see is
about the brave browser so if you guys haven’t downloaded the brave browser yet
you guys are definitely missing out so on the fit in the description again I’m
gonna leave a link for brave browser for you guys to download it is pretty much
ad free there’s a ton of benefits to it I definitely recommend looking at out a
live look it up but a lot of people in crypto have been moving towards the
towards that browser it is significantly faster and overall this is a very nice
experience also you’re supporting cryptocurrency by using it which in my
opinion is always a good thing to do now they’re all they’re going to support
tips for tweets and posts so far they’ve been doing that for Twitter’s and
youtubers now it’s planning to expand its service to Twitter and reddit so I
thought overall that was really cool to see again more adoption more development
going on for the brave browser and basic attention token I think is very very
good hold for the long run one that’s actually been doing a lot of things has
things out but doesn’t get the credit I believe it deserves so definitely want
to keep an eye out there speaking of Twitter though there’s a study that
found that over 15,000 active BOTS that there are 15,000 active BOTS on Twitter
scamming people for cryptocurrency and I mentioned this before but guys I want
you guys to stay safe I want us to watch out for this together so on Twitter
first of all I don’t have a Twitter I might make a Twitter thought would you
guys want me to make it Twitter so we can interact more personally again and
talk on there let me know in the comments down below if you guys would
like me to start a Twitter for us all to communicate there but there is a lot of
scams on Twitter a lot of people trying to scam people for cryptocurrency so
keep an eye out on that I talk more about that previously but I cannot
emphasize it enough that I don’t want you guys to lose your cryptocurrency of
course that would be horrible if I did I don’t want you guys to lose your
cryptocurrency now let’s get into a little news about the markets so first
things first huddle errs are hurting Kryptos crushed
with another twenty billion dollars dumped guys the cryptocurrency market is
falling but if you were in the trade alerts group I should change the name
from trade alerts to just VIP program because there’s so much more than trade
alerts that go on in there we have the community telegram we have the private
telegram with all the alerts we knew this was coming in there we’ve just we
talked about this people were informed so a lot of people sold to tether and it
lost nothing and if anything they’ve actually made money because when they
buy in at the lower levels they’ve overall can accumulate more bitcoins so
that’s why I keep pushing that’s why I keep telling you guys if you’re
interested to check that out and to join it because people so far we’re having
some great results but we were hit with a twenty billion dollar dub now cuddlers
are hurting yes and no I think there’s two ways to look at this first things
first if you’re Harling then you’re hot early like that’s that’s a long-term
investment sir I believe cuddling should be used for long-term investment meaning
you’re not hurting if you’re not selling if you’re selling you’re doing yourself
a huge disservice for to wait for these prices right now when they’re prime
prices to buy pretty much the lowest levels we have seen in a very
very long time and you’re looking to sell know you should be looking to buy
dollar-cost average right now that is what this um this time is all about if
you’re a long term holder again so I have part of my portfolio
just using myself as an example I have part of my portfolio which is for my
Harling which is the coins I am puddling and that is kept on a hardware wallet
separate don’t touch it don’t care about that that money is there if I ever add
to it great but for the most part I don’t touch it it does money doesn’t
come in money doesn’t go out I’m holding that there now the rest what I’m doing
is trading with a percentage of my portfolio so that I’m using to actively
trade and to grow my Bitcoin or grow my etherium hold these depending on which
trading pair I’m using I’m using that to grow my whole overall I’m not hurting
from hauling those coins because they’re there for a very long time
I believe the markets going to recover so to me there is no issue I don’t
associate one Bitcoin to 6,000 dollars right now to me I just have one Bitcoin
for example right and then the trading so far we’re doing what we’re making
money with that so not hurting there either so there is a positive way to
look at this and I wanted us to emphasize that with you guys
I know it seems like the markets falling and it does suck if you do continuously
look at your portfolio but I believe huddling should be used as a long-term
vision type word because you are literally supposed to be holding those
cryptocurrency are not supposed to be looking at the price because you’re
trying to look to sell right now that’s not what holding is that’s not what
huddling is so I don’t believe people are hurting but yes the market did take
a twenty billion dollars up and of course we’re gonna get news articles
where people discuss is this the end of Bitcoin guys we have seen these type of
articles since Bitcoin went from 19,000 to $18,000 right or when I went to
$15,000 when he went to $10,000 when it went to $8,000 7006 we’ve seen these
articles forever and this one technical analyst said that it’s game over if
Bitcoin declines further now the funny thing is that there’s also a lot of
other experts who that we are not going to have a bull run
until we dip below these levels now another thing to keep in mind a lot of
people say well why are people bringing the price down why is their price
manipulation why is everyone in the news trying to bring the price down would you
want to buy Bitcoin at a premium if you knew you could drag the price down to
buy it lower no all the institutional investors all
the big money want to get into Bitcoin as cheap as possible so that’s another
thing to watch out for I’m not saying it’s correct
I’m not saying it’s what should be done I’m not saying it’s legal I’m just
saying that is one thing to keep in mind definitely one thing a lot of people
believe and I certainly agree with is going on a lot of people you see in the
news a lot of CEOs of certain banks not gonna name names but same bad things
about cryptocurrencies which overall has an effect on the market a lot of people
believe on the other side these guys when they get home are buying up and
behind you up and buying up on cryptocurrency so if you guys have an
opinion on that let me know in the comments down below but they’re
mentioning because of basically this support right here if we break below
that then it is game over for cryptocurrency I don’t really believe
with that I’ve heard this way too many times we’ll see what happens though I
know a lot of people are predicting Bitcoin to still jump a little bit lower
I’m gonna be updating my opinions in the trade alerts group in the yeah the
cryptocurrency trade alerts group again first link in the comments and in the
description I’m gonna be updating my opinion there so everyone can stay up to
date and so far we’ve made good money we’ve been accurate way more than we’ve
been wrong so far gonna have like a ninety seventy percent accuracy when it
comes to technical analysis absolutely in save but let’s look at the market
Bitcoin is actually getting close to that 100 billion dollar market honestly
it’s gonna pay me to see in Bitcoin job below that it might happen but it’s
gonna pain me to see also dominance almost that 51 percent so it’s been a
while since we’ve seen Bitcoin at 50 percent dominance well we are here in
the market cap inching closer to getting under two hundred billion dollars in
market cap I know it sucks I know it seems like it’s terrible but guys a year
from now we’re gonna look back and if anything these are times to be thankful
for there’s people panicking there’s people scared about situation
this is the type I am most thankful for because I would rather buy for Bitcoin
with $20,000 then buy one Bitcoin with $20,000 right now I could get four for
the same price I would have been able a little bit less than four for the same
price I would have been able to get one at the end of December so to me I’m
happy I’m buying up as much as I can if don’t invest more than you’re willing to
lose I’m not financial advice I’m not telling you guys what to do I’m telling
you guys what I’m doing I’m constantly looking to grow my portfolio now grow it
when it’s low so that when it goes back up everyone oh I’m happy and I’ve made a
ton of money but looking at some of the biggest gainers if there really are any
there are three not counting teather three cryptocurrencies that are up today
one is NXT up 4.7% don’t know much about it
Metaverse don’t know much about that either and true USD yeah these are the
only gainer sitting so if that doesn’t say something about where the markets at
today and how red it is then I don’t know what does and some of the biggest
losers well every cryptocurrency other than those three we mentioned and tether
every other cryptocurrency is losing one chain plummeting less than $1 kin as
well pun DX as well but guys what did I say to me this is not an issue because I
like the cheap prices I’ve been buying up Neil since it was worth like $100 now
it’s down to 18 am I upset no I’m happier that I can get more at a
cheaper price would in an ideal scenario I know exactly where Neil is going all
the time so back in December I knew Neil’s going to $15 I’m gonna wait till
it hits $15 buy up put all my money in it and then I know what’s gonna go
exactly the 300 dollars and I’m gonna I will love it that would be the ideal
case but since that’s not how investing works
I am dollar-cost adding I’ve been doing the same thing I’ve been telling you
guys I’ve been doing for this whole time so it’s buying it in pieces at hundred
dollars at $80 have $50 at 40 and 30 and 20 now at $18 yeah very very undervalued
I still believe we’re gonna see a large multiplier for Neil in when we do see
the bull run so guys pick some up on Finance if you haven’t that’s probably
that would probably be where I would recommend doing it so I’m gonna
leave a link in the description to finance if you guys don’t have an
account I’m sure most of you do but just in case gots these prices absolutely
insane could we still drop a little bit of course and again I’m going to update
the technical analysis for Bitcoin to for specific crypto currencies for
specific all coins in the trade alerts group but I mean the upside from here is
pretty insane and if you guys are panicking about holding now is like the
least the least you should be panicking because you’re holding these so hold
them and then focus on either accumulating more focus on trading to
grow your Bitcoin the your Bitcoin Holdings focus on trading to grow that
that’s the stuff you should be focusing on if you’re holding those you’re
holding them your forgive the amount of Bitcoin you have has not changed it’s
only the dollar valuation and that only matters when you sell so if you’re not
selling that valuation doesn’t matter just wait till evaluation gets like two
hundred thousand dollars then you can then you can look at the valuation then
you can sell invite then you’ll have made a ton of money now talking a little
bit about Tron is well chunk actually acquired blockchain org the domain name
now what they’re gonna do with this we’re still going to see but there was
an official release Tron successfully acquired the domain name blockchain org
they’re really subscribes the website as being a one-stop aggregated data search
engine platform it will be a platform that offers a big data analysis that
offers big data analysis projects evaluation information search and other
services for users in the blockchain field again Tron another one that has
been taking a huge hit the market obviously has been taking a huge hit
every all CREZ been taking a huge hit so I love it when people send me a message
and they’re excited about this when I get like do did you see the wand chain
prices right now like are you seeing the price
kneel is a door you see it like yes I’m seeing this and I love it just as much
as you so I love getting those type of messages I also get people asking me how
come Tron’s falling well I mean the markets falling so Tron Sean’s gonna
fall off the market Falls uh yeah if I would be very very very very very
concerned if like trodden was up and the market was down
I’d be a little skeptical that there might be something else going on there
so it’s a good thing that’s for the market but guys that’s gonna be it for
this video hopefully you guys did enjoy if you did don’t forget to leave a
thumbs up leave a comment down below in order to enter a chance to win some free
Bitcoin and then also be subscribed and have your notifications turned on so you
can tune back in tomorrow check if you did win the free Bitcoin so you can go
ahead and claim it but guys thank you so much for watching I’ll see you guys
tomorrow for another video


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