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what is poppin guys welcome back to crypto coin news my name is Max and I'm reporting from a very very white snowy London and in this video we're gonna be taking a look at dragon or DRG before we go anywhere though guys I do need to make it very very clear that this is a sponsored review but police they open mind it and remember that we are simply paid to one hundred percent honestly review these products and we are not paid to endorse or promote them or views and opinions expressed in this video are 100% non biased and that same rule applies for every other paid ICO review that we feature on this channel but Before we jump in guys if you're equipped to investor or if you're looking to open your first position within the crypto space and subscribing to this channel is the most educational and informative thing you can do this year and we're only in February you can also hit that Bell notification icon to be let know every single time that we post the video or go live which is normally 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broadcasters mark – and Yosef also our five LTC giveaway ends tomorrow on the 20th of February we're giving one LTC each to the five most helpful and informative members amongst our community okay so dragon coin or DRG is an ER c20 token that's used to participate in a dragon blockchain ecosystem DRG tokens will initially be bought through their token sale and thereafter on cryptocurrency exchanges by investors and casino players in order to participate our casinos using Dragons blockchain facilities managed by the dragon partner junkets for those that don't know junket sucked as VIP rooms that facilitate billion-dollar casino is guaranteeing a certain amount of revenue from wealthy gamblers for the most part this takes place in Macau in China which is the only place in China where casino gambling is legal essentially hundreds and hundreds of high-roller casino players or elite gamers travel to Macau every single week of the year to play baccarat and other games of chances in junkets these junkets of VIP very very high stake rooms with the minimum stake of millions of dollars and as for the players that do actually end up winning some money typically they're forced to pay fees are between five and seven percent for costs which relate to actually getting the money back to wherever the country is that they're from a major junkie in Macau might be hosting more than 100 elite gamers at any one time often producing a rolling turnover in excess of two hundred and fifty million US dollars per day and of course digitally tokenizing both stake monies and gaming chips and using a blockchain to record the transactions and track tokens not only presents junkets and also the casinos in Macau and internationally with an opportunity for step-change cost reductions but also improved efficiency in higher levels of security in the management of inherent high volumes of money that's owed dragon clone was first formed as an idea back in December 2016 and in November 2017 the developers organized a private presale in which over 20 million u.s. dollars was raised however in an interview with Reuters the development team stated that they had already been able to get in contact with four partners in the Chinese donkey industry these partners according to them had forked out 265 million u.s. dollars in a private sale so first page of their website they say bring in gaming into the 21st century a decentralized currency for casinos and players dragon is fortunate and blessed to have close ties to junkie operators who with their long history in the industry have built close relationships with high rolling VIP players who are the major drivers of Ages gaming industry dragon coin will act as a frictionless low-cost and transparent alternative financial mechanism within casinos to enhance the age-old gaming industry with expertise in the blockchain technology the Dragons goal is to revolutionize the long-standing gaming industry while benefiting those rooted in the end and of course as well as all the members of the public who join in on the journey to achieve the goals of Dragon coin they do have a series of videos all of which are too long to squeeze into this one however in my journeys through the internet while researching this coin I did stumble across an animation video so we're gonna check that out right now welcome to Dragon in this video we will explain how we create value for both the junkets and users using blockchain technology a junket is a group of closely related high-net-worth investors that own and operate VIP gaming rooms within casinos unlike in the public casino where casual tourists play junkets representatives invite high rollers to come play at Macau the high rollers give the junkets representatives their money in their home country the junket will give that money to an agent who charges at least 5% to make that money available in Macau through credit or staking the junket will absorb this 5% fee for inbound players the high roller can now fly to Macau and immediately take out non negotiable physical chips which cannot be exchanged to cash but can only be used to place bets in VIP rooms high rollers can only take out non negotiable chips from the money deposited from their home country when players win bets the junket pays winning hands with negotiable chips which can be cashed in for money this mechanism ensures that gamblers play at least one roll of their check in amount when the high roller finishes playing he can give cash to the junket representative in Macau and receive money back in his home country the outbound fee is also at least another 5% and paid by the high roller the money that the high roller receives in his home country is his own money which never left the country the only thing that moved in this process is the ledger of ownership which says that the money of the high roller is transferred to Macau and transferred back after playing this recording of ledger is traditionally done with the outdated SMS system the dragon uses blockchain technology or distributed ledger system to replace this obsolete SMS with the dragon a high roller buys dragon tokens from any exchange platform hosting dragon tokens the dragon is both a value and utility token its price fluctuates with market demand and supply the high-roller may buy Dragon chips with dragon tokens at any time at his convenience dragon ships our transactional tokens pegged to Hong Kong dollars and can be converted to non negotiable physical chips on a one-to-one basis at Dragon affiliated junkets the dragon charge is only 0.5 percent for every purchase and sale of Dragon chips the dragon is a substantial improvement in terms of time and cost savings by applying blockchain for an already very successful business ok so as you can see they're quite an informative and effective video they highlight the current model and why their product is gonna make that community in that industry better speaking on behalf of myself and only myself I am not familiar enough with casinos or junkets to understand if this is actually beneficial for the community I can however see this as a solution for a potential problem within the gambling community so to break it down even simpler here's how it works you purchase drg from an exchange and you can use the RG to buy chips which is DGC you can buy these chips at Dragon partnered casinos and junkets and they are used in the casinos to gamble and play games the winnings that are paid out also in the GC can be converted back to DRG once in DRG you can exchange back into fear and put into your own bank accounts and another really interesting part of the coin is the supply burn a portion of all the profits are used to buy back DRG tokens and burn them to reduce the total supply the co-founder and CEO Chris Ahmad said quote we're truly building a business to enhance and improve the way that people engage with casinos transparency and integrity play a huge role in achieving this and the blockchain facilitates that solution perfectly teaming advisers all have names and LinkedIn's along with their photos we always like to see that Chris has over 10 years of executive experience and he's a seasoned CEO and a serial entrepreneur with broad leadership expertise across technology software listings and M&A with the other co-founder Paul Moynihan is a global entrepreneur and operations expert with two decades of success in high-level projects including government's high net worth families and Her Majesty's Royal Marines commandos so you don't wanna mess with these guys as for their advisors a quick dive into their linkedin's looks impressive I'm surprised to see that Nick Spano is an advisor Nick founded the New York City Bitcoin Center which is a 6,000 square foot space right next to the NYC Stock Exchange he's the CEO for blockchain technologies corporation and has demonstrated a strong history of working in the computer software industry they have a series of notable publications putting out a lot of media about dragon including a Huffington Post interview with the CEO Chris armored which interestingly has since been removed I know I said it wasn't gonna play these videos there's only two of them on the website but I just want to take everyone's attention to this part of the first video it's a pretty big deal and I think it's worth mentioning 10% of the dragon junkets net income each month will be used to buy back DRG on offer in exchanges and bot DRGs will be given to one random dragon token holder every month who may immediately become a millionaire so from what I can understand it seems they offer some kind of lottery process each month so 10% of the junkets income each month will be used to buy back DRG given periodically each month to one random holder of DRG token the value of which will vary from month to month but offering incentives the holders like this is a great way to get people on board early you know that's definitely something to think about they've raised 320 million US dollars so far that's crazy so the total token supply of DRG is 500 million and aside from the 12% for the early supporters only 7 percent of the available coins are going on public sale leaving a 10 percent reserve 10 percent for the team and 53 percent for the junket partners their road map begun in December 2016 and seems to end in q2 of this year so this month their public crowd sale launches and for q2 once they've successfully trialed the dragon blockchain within their first casinos they'll be expanding with full operation into Macau the biggest casino market in the whole of Asia you know like when you see those movies and there's always like since starting at Twitter in September last year they've gained 7500 followers which is nice incline and they're also almost 7,000 members strong in their telegram so guys dragon coin in conclusion it's definitely a unique project which is really really refreshing to see nowadays targeted at the gambling industry and the junket industry specifically in China and Macau it's a frictionless technology that can be used to make deposits at casinos and also players are free to withdraw into fiat currencies or other crypto currencies where the broaching technology I think the company is looking to help reduce the costs of entering the junket scene from between five and seven percent just a 1% referring of course to the 20.5% charges that we saw in the video junkets our services in China that helps to connect wealthy gamblers to casinos abroad where they can engage their gambling skills and four of these junkets have already committed the dragon coin the team aimed to integrate blockchain technology into how these junkets work and provide seamless and cheaper services to their customers if they can nail that they've nailed the gambling industry and they've nailed the junket industry dragon looks like a winner to me guys I'm gonna keep an eagle eye on what happens but I cannot confirm whether or not I will be investing I really hope you enjoyed the video guys if you did please leave a like it really does help us out for more frequent updates follow our twitter at crypto core news with a Z and also check out our steam it page at crypto coin use with the Z there is a link in the description down below for our IndieGoGo page and also our telegram feel free to check them both out and I'll catch you guys next time take care say something funny from or take

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    what about this smart contract concept? they call it "Proof of Weak Hands" it's a simulated market coin that's built on the concept of self-inflating and self deflating currency based on volume and demand. the team is built a proof of stake type system where users can earn an active income by encouraging others to engage with the contract. or anyone can sit back and enjoy a very small passive income generated by fees that are applied to usage of the coin. it seems also created back and to allow listing on exchanges and utilization by dapps, with one coming soon by an independent developer who created an app that will allow you to short this or other coins (

    in the team's discord there's lots of talk about how this system can encourage an autonomous community due to providing incentive for not just marketing but building upon its ecosystem, creating content, or market making.

    it's like they really worked hard to try and take the concept of pyramid contracts and turn it into something open-source, provably fair, and a test model for way to organize an entire economic system…

    im intrigued, and earning well with it so far (over 4x), but would like your opinion.

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