68 thoughts on “Futures Market Explained”

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  3. I was gonna subscribe, but the female farmer is kinda felt like propaganda and stupid. I suggest to make the videos realistic, and free of any politics, if you wanna grow your channel.

  4. What a sexist video. Just say farmer – not "she". Let's have some gender equality or, better yet, neutrality.

  5. why there is a difference of 13 rupees in future contract of aluminium mini and aluminium in MCX of march contract in india

  6. funny to read comments criticizing the use of females in this video i didnt even notice..im just glad to learn about the futures market in 5 min.

  7. Great video, I have heard all the big oil producers have their own trading desk. Is it the same for farmers? or is it more uncommon


  9. Actually future market and option market is for risk management but now a days people haveinovated it to earn high profit

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  11. futures are standardized and exchange traded contracts, what you explained in your video is a forward contract

  12. Well explain showing support and appreciation for the content all the way from the Land of Mt.kILIMANJARO. Tanzania

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  15. just started college and this was one of the first things in my text book and i got lost really quick. This video REALLY helped me understand what was going on. Thanks!!!

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