1. Check out these coins – they are strong projects which are currently undervalued.

    UPFIRING – data management. Currently has a market cap of $30million whereas another data management/storage coin such as Siacoin has $2billion. (thats x80 gains). If you compare it to something such as Dropbox its about 500x gain potential. Data management will become increasingly important moving forward into the data age.

    Obsidian – annonymous messaging. This is the upgraded version of STRATIS ($1bill market cap) but currently obsidian only has $30million. Obsidian is also more secure than whatsapp; project has huge potential. Definitely check it out.

    DROXNE – game development. This is a $150billion industry and currently this coin is maybe the only coin out there where games can be developed on the blockchain. Huge potential. Currently only has a market cap of $5million – easily could do x10 or x100… gaming industry is massive and will only grow larger.

    Neblio – HUGE project up there with ethereum and NEO. Currently only has a market cap of $500million and has an amazing roadmap for the remainder of the year – expect big growth from this one.

    Zoin – great privacy coin. Do check this one out. Similar to Zcoin low value right now.

    Adshares – machine learning advertisement. Absolutely huge potential – can improve effectiveness of advertisement and decrease the expense. This will be huge as machine learning develops.

    Other great projects to check out: Oyster pearl, MobileGO and BlockCAT

    Check these coins out!

  2. thank you,,,, I ve transferred ETN from web wallet to offline paper wallet,,,, the amount of ETN is still shown on my web wallet,,, Is it normal??

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