Future Prices: Bitcoin ($BTC), Ethereum ($ETH), & Ripple ($XRP)!

What is going on snipers name a little baby here, I hope all of you guys are having a wonderful day today Let’s just dive right into our daily cryptocurrency analytics for today We’re gonna be looking at the three primary coins that influence the market Bitcoin aetherium and ripple and let’s see if we can use technical Analysis to find any potential breakout reversal patterns for me over the next couple of weeks even though technical analysis isn’t the end-all be-all? It’s definitely a pattern that can be utilized in a volatile market, so let’s go ahead and just dive right into it snipers So if you’re new here on the channel this is our trading view chart the link is in the description below It’s a free resource if you want yours to look like mine right click insert indicator We’re going to be utilizing the volume the three moving average the RSI and the MACD or the moving average Convergence divergence you can see we’ve got the three moving averages here the 50-day the 180 the 200-day the volume the RSI and the MACD looking at bitcoins chart interesting you see a flag forming here with these descending support lines and these Descending resistance lines forming that rectangle if you guys don’t know what a flag is on our discord It’s a free resource Available to all of you guys probably one of the most important resources if you open up trading 101 and you go to a flag You can see exactly how this forms the flag stock chart pattern forms through a rectangle the rectangle develops from two trend lines Which form the support and resistance until the price breaks out the flag will have sloping trend lines And the slope should move in the opposite direction to the original price movement, so this is exactly what we’re seeing here with Bitcoin Right now this chart, and this whole resources in the description below It’s another free resource highly recommend it to all of you guys but looking at this chart We’re gonna get a little bit more technical here I don’t want to confuse a lot of you guys so for those of you that are more Advanced traders of course we can get into Elliott waves we can go into different types of ways corrective waves motive waves But I’m gonna just kind of keep it pretty simple here and talk about the a and B C and D cycle that I’m seeing here, I’m gonna use a and B, and C and B Just to keep extremely basic here, but you can see along with this flag. That’s forming You’ve got this pattern, and I think this is very interesting to watch you’ve got this a/b c/d Pattern forming and it’s pretty much one dramatic run up dramatic consolidation followed by a less dramatic run up and a less dramatic Consolidation so a b c d guess what? a/b c/d So what’s next another dramatic run-up, right? A/b and Guess what that B is right here along this 200-day moving average, so not only is this forming a trend It’s also following technical rules here very interesting guys and as we watch bitcoins price. Here’s another misconception Descending support lines are indicators of the sending prices that are gonna continue to descend well not necessarily Looking at our free resource here once again our discord resource you can see matter of fact most reversal patterns have Ascending support lines right so you can see that’s a reversal pattern Ascending support line you can see we’ve got this right here a horizontal support line with a reversal pattern horizontal support line with a reversal pattern right the descending support lines typically indicate Potential breakouts to flag in the falling wedge both have descending support lines, so don’t see this as a bad thing This is why a basic rule trading in my opinion when I started trading, and I did traditional stocks buying the red selling the Green was the best thing that I ever heard that enabled me to understand the psychological aspects of the market where most people are selling at this level you want to be the one buying at this level so Looking at the price. We’re also following this 100 a moving average We’re following and bouncing off this 50-day, and you can see right now We’re at a point where we’re potentially gonna see another breakout and not only is this congruent with that prediction But you can also see the MACD level if you guys want to learn how to use the MACD It’s a very important indicator for entry and exit points in my opinion. You can see here We see this initial swing the MACD you got the fast line here in blue the slow line in orange And you’re looking for these crossovers right so looking at the MACD you can see how it’s starting to cross over Now that blue line as it crosses that orange line. That’s an indicator of a price swing Why do I think that well guess what look at the history here? What happens here when this? MACD flows here and crosses over right, it crossed OH guess what happen across and prices went up, so I Think this all is congruent with the statement of Expecting a run up that will potentially find resistance around fourteen thousand six hundred ish area and then seeing a consolidation Back down to that two hundred days We’ve been talking about because the of the fact that I think the market is still in this kind of this this this weird zone Being that the RSI if you watch the RSI we haven’t hit bottom yet This is how you use the RSI by the way for those of internee over 70 over Bop typically means prices are gonna drop, right? RSI here way over baat And then prices dropped when RSI is down below 30 Oversold good time to buy so if you would have just used the RSI in this chart You would have been able to buy right here if you were using the RSI say, okay, man Under 30 and then guess what you would have seen some profits as our sign went up, and if you would have told yourself I’m gonna sell as soon as it hit 70 BAM You would have sold there bought there, so just utilizing the our side that right there was just one strategy of a swing trade Right so the our site is important the fact that we haven’t hit under 30 yet I think that’s what I’m gonna be watching over the next couple of weeks If not days to see when is Bitcoin gonna get down to these lower RSI levels if this does end up hitting this resistance line and Consolidating there’s also a potential where it will bounce off of this 100 day and guess what how did that flag look? Right the resistance peak troph here support resistance support resistance halfway breakout guess what halfway Right there on that 100 day so there could be a run-up halfway Breakout very very likely I think that’s more likely even this price Just parabolically running up from where to at these lows I think we’re gonna hit these higher highs These higher lows, and then we’re gonna see that breakout because as soon as it breaks out of this pattern That’s it now prices have a potential of going a lot higher Most likely going to see resistance here might break that resistance break that resistance and then start to see all-time highs so That is pretty much what I’m looking at for a bit. I think this is an important chart to watch I think it’s important to keep track of this if you guys aren’t on our discord We’re gonna keep you guys in tune with this once again We have our Bitcoin section here So we have tons of people always posting different charts keeping everyone up to date on what’s happening you can see it’s 4:03 p.m. Right now the last chart was posted at 2:14 p.m.. So very up-to-date information I highly recommend it whether it’s our community to another community get to be a part of a community You know when I started trading one of the biggest things that assisted me was starting to go out and venture and understand other people’s Perspectives because that’s really where you start understanding the market at a whole different level see this is just the perspective that I’m showing you guys so looking at bitcoins total market cap were at 193 billion right under 200 billion Heading towards that six hundred billion dollar big even once again in terms of market cap still a lot further than where we were a couple months ago when we were under 200 billion so Very stout in numbers in my opinion we didn’t drop below as we expected the four hundred billion dollar market cap level as It looks like we found that support line here And now we’re starting to recharge the market to potentially see that potential breakout, so you can see right now We’re right around that five hundred eighty-five hundred forty billion dollar market cap range were a couple weeks ago. You can see here How we had this run up we hit Seven hundred eight hundred almost eight hundred billion and then drop down back to around those five hundred billion dollar levels Which is completely fine in my opinion as we see this huge parabolic run-up that occurred and started right around January of 2017 heading towards that whole year of seeing that market cap shoot in the air So I think market cap is still trying to start head towards that one trillion dollar range I think it’s definitely gonna get to that point eventually I think right now our main focus has to be these three points being the fact that they’re controlling the market even aetherium is Over half of bitcoins valuation right now so it’s now starting to dominate the market That’s what we’re gonna Switch over and segue into aetherium now Looking at this chart a little bit different than Bitcoin you can see we’re further away from that 50-day moving average it took that ruler Here about 31% away. It looks like we’re testing these resistance lines You can see we’ve tested this three times already once here actually right there once right there And then once right there about to happen a third time you can see that resistance is right around Nine point nine million Satoshi’s so and that’s pretty Expected being the fact that the 10 million Satoshi mark is that big even now? The one thing I would watch for aetherium if you guys want to make money on this play is You potentially have the ability to get lower prices in terms of your by position and the reason I say that is if it starts to test this resistance once again I think we’ll start to see a little bit more resistance there What may happen is based on the MACD is restarting a head down RSI over 70 overbought I? Think this is gonna start to drop if this drops I think prices might start going and intersecting converging here with that 50-day for that 50-day converges with the price I think right here would be the best buy point For aetherium being the fact that it’s probably gonna bounce off that 50-day as it did here as it did here And if you guys go back to the history bounced off of the 50-day quite a bit before this huge run-up So you can see this whole time here, we were under the 50-day now We’re finally getting that 50-day to rise back up so that’s gonna Almost act like a magnet and push that price up in my opinion so That’s one way to get in a good position with the theory but another way is also buying at the breakout right some traders like To buy here at the breakout now the way you buy at a breakout is you want confirmation so you see here This is where we saw some strong resistance. This was probably the best point of breakout position here right around ten point nine million Satoshi’s and I say that because if It does pass this mark We’re most likely of a season minor resistance here Right around twelve million so geez but then I think we’ll start to head towards that all-time which is right around 115 million Satoshi’s and once we hit 15 million satoshis I think that’s the level where we’ll see that stronger resistance level, and that’s really where you can either take profits Or if we break through this level we might see some all-time highest or aetherium and I think heading into 2018? There’s definitely a possibility for a theorem to start taking over in terms of market cap and competing quite heavily with Bitcoin And it’s it’s competed in the past But not as heavily as it’s competing with Bitcoin at this point in time Being that the ERC 20 platform allows for these icos to be built on a theorem I think that smart contract system is really what keeps aetherium afloat Being the fact that it’s got so many use cases right now in the market But now you have other players stepping in like stellar right you have like kinked transitioning from stellar or from a theorem to a stellar ICO you know for me That shows you that aetherium is going to start having more and more competition as time progresses Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing because the more the ico industry grows the more all of these, ICO Enabled tokens will grow alongside with it, so you’ve also got iOS for example. It’s a theorem on steroids, right? That’s where people touted as so a lot of competition coming for aetherium however I think the theorem will be a leader in the smart contract World so looking at total market cap 108 billion like I said over half of where Bitcoin is that bitcoin is right around right? Under 200 billion, so we’re over half right now with the theorem, which is just out for a coin like this We’re over that 1000 dollar price range volume is still very high And I think the name has strong potential heading into 2018 let’s transition. It’s a another favorite for most people with XRP ripple this chart in my opinion is a little bit more maturity what is interesting about this chart as you can see we’re finding some strong support here right around 100 and 3,000 Satoshi’s right over that big even and that’s gonna be right around this price range here And I think as we start to form back down to these levels going on that 50-day moving average there might be a strong potential for Ripple to go under that 50-day moving average the reason I say that is if you see here Ripple is known to stay under these 50 day moving averages Anytime it goes above it It ends up dropping below it right so looking at this price zone here as we saw this run up we hit peak RSI MACD was parabolic now. We’re starting to see the consolidation you can also see with ripples MACD We’re still above these levels here when it goes below this oscillator I think this is really where Ripple could start potentially finding a little bit more strong a Horizontal support because I think that’s what we’re looking for Ripples one strength is its horizontal support right it’s had that horizontal support in the past For a long time is around 25 cents u.s.. Dollars. You can see in Fibonacci levels is right around that 37,000 thousands Fibonacci level, I think as we start to get rid of this volatility You know what ends up happening is when you see these parabolic run ups it causes extreme volatility for these coins Especially the ones that like to keep it and maintain its prices, it’s gonna Be hard for ripple to do that right now with all this volatility because I had all that attention right it went extremely Far away from its 50-day moving average. You can see at one point It was a hundred and seventy percent away from that so it’s used to staying under that so I’m definitely Watching ripple to see where is this horizontal? Support level gonna form because I think at that point is really when we’re gonna start seeing more stabilized prices And we can start determining whether or not we’ll see another squeeze occur and a potential breakout, but at this point I’m not as bullish about Ripple as I am about coins like Bitcoin and aetherium and the reason I say that is you can also see this could start forming A descending triangle you can see as these support levels mature Horizontally and these resistance levels are descending that is an indicator of a descending triangle once again descending triangle here You got this from a huge run up a little bit of volatility But for the most part that stable support line with that potential reversal pattern occurring so Be a little bit more cautious in my opinion for ripple dollar twenty three cents forty one thirty seven billion dollar market cap so Hopefully you guys enjoyed this video a little bit more in depth Once again, I think all of you guys for being on this channel. I’d love to hear your perspectives in the comments below Let’s start at the discussion. I’d love to see you guys on our discord and once again guys Thank you so much for watching this video and like always snipers out

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