Funny look at what happens when you reply to a scammer who PMs you about Bitcoin investment & mining

hey I noticed these codes say not to
share with anybody to which they respond yes but we need to verify the account oh
ok so today on crypto scam watch we’re going to have a conversation with a
scammer and this is a follow-up to one of my videos that I did looking at the
ways that people will private message you and try and scam you and this is a
really good example of seeing some of the red flags that are there as well as
towards the end of this video seeing how one of the crypto trading
platforms is really common I performed really well keeping you safe
even when you’re giving away information to a scammer that you really shouldn’t
so let’s have a look and see how this conversation went as we follow the
rabbit hole down as far as it goes so there we go private message straight
after posting on a crypto related subreddit red flag let’s also just have
a look at the account that sent these messages to us firstly the account news
name is just a number and it’s a grand total of two days old red flag so if we
click over the next tab we can see that the account has also made zero public
comments as well as zero public posts another red flag here to help you get
your wallet set up via private message big red flag this is a classic I think
I’m just gonna use my mobile wallet I think to which the scam responds yes
mobile phone wallet is good its model and easy to access I think they’re
trying to say it’s mobile but we’ll leave that there bad spelling and bad
written expression is not a red flag in and of itself but coming from someone
who’s claiming to represent a large financial company or investment
organization that is a huge red flag another huge red flag here is so-called
great investment opportunities that actively seek you out do you have a
website that I can learn some more information about to which the scammer says yes
but it’s only for investors with one or two BTC you can make thousands within
some months it’s a lack of documentation red flag I decided to insist that I
would need to see something before I could make a decision and they said sure
no worries I’ll send you something through just give me a sec funnily
enough about half an hour later they send me through this website and say
here’s the website it’s for the investors you can create an account
and let me know when you have made that account so I can move you on to the next
step so just for kicks I had a look at the
Whois record for that website and oh wow look at that it
was only registered in March this year red flag weather website is legit or not
you don’t want to be one of the first people using it to find out the hard way
so here was the website and look you got to say it looks pretty slick but if we
have a look at it we can see that fantastic bad grammar
and spelling reappearing all through this website safe and secured
cryptocurrency plateform we offer global 24/5 support it’s fun as well if we
look a little social icons at the bottom of the page they all just redirect to
the social platform itself no page no nothing red flag turned back no real
business is going to have a half-finished website for you to invest
on especially one that claims to have 700,000 users one of the other really
interesting things with this website is when you click around on it you actually
see that it doesn’t have any support information whatsoever the support page
is really just a paragraph of garbage and there’s actually no documentation of
any real sense anywhere on this site at all that’s clearly not intended for
someone to actually learn how to use it massive red flag so anyway I’ve created
my account have a look at their website and let’s get back to the scammer so the
scammer wants me to send my user account that I created on this scammy website
because you know why not send them the fake email address that I used
how many BTC do I address to say one so that’s good you’ll receive 25% of your
invest every week notice here there is no consistency whatsoever between the
scammy investment website and what this guy is telling me huge red flag here’s where it gets really good ok so where do I get my wallet ID it will be sent to your mail
once activated when are you on whatsapp and just because I really don’t want to
be giving out much it’s to this scammer let’s just say no they’re thinking on
their feet they’re doing ok I like explaining things to my clients
according to their level on the business I handle some of my
client wallet by myself and return them weekly to continue with mine I’ll need
your coin base log to link up with your wallet activation asking for your login
for a wallet or an exchange massive red flag which I tell them it’s the same
email address on coinbase as on crypto invest pay and I say I’m on
it type it down here for me to verify to avoid mistakes you know at this point it
seems pretty obvious that this person actually doesn’t even have any back-end
access to this website something that’s been set up and used by a number of
scammers I’m guessing really just to try and pull this coinbase information out
of me so lack of access to a platform that
they’re supposed to be supporting to me again is another huge red flag so give
them the email address and I say all good I need the passcode so sorry you
surely rise my coinbase password yes I’m on it now be faster than the
password so pressure to act quickly red flag I thought at this point it was
obvious how the scam was gonna go down so just play with a bit and see how we
go and so now this is dodgy I can’t just give you the password I can’t just give
you that and I love the response that platform is for profession once your
wallet is activated you can access it by yourself it’s easy and safe to use
it’s keen to see how persistent they’ll be here so just sort of hold my ground for
little while and say nar coinbase have a thing on the website saying not to give
their password out I said well it depends on how the platform works here I
manage some of my client wallet once it’s activated you will enjoy and
understand yourself telling you to ignore warnings on the website of an
exchange or wallet you are using massive red flag again what we see here is
classic scam behavior saying you can change the password once I’m done with
the activation if you want to again just curious to see what they do I’d say I
just need to move my Bitcoin out somewhere first
and I’ll move it back later I thought that freaked out at this point but they
seem to be pretty happy with the saying so stop thinking like that so I thought
okay why not let’s give them the username and password for a coinbase account that I created and see what happens so at this point I thought I’d
login and coinbase to see what’s going on and it was pretty funny here there
was just this massive amount of sign-in failures first from
the United States because they’re probably using a VPN on some kind and
then they’ve turned the VPN off and we see all of these failed logins from Nigeria
seems legit now if you cast your memory back to the beginning of this conversation
this person said they were based in California so there’s this immediate
difference between where they say they’re living and where coinbase and
other services are reporting them being based so that again inconsistent
information that they are telling you red flag the scammer wasn’t very good at
what they were doing and they couldn’t manage to get the password I sent them
so I thought I’d have to hold them out saying you know using a zero or an O in
the past what I sent you it should be a zero and at this point is where things
just start getting absurd the code actually says do not share this code
with anyone so asking you to forward on two-factor information of any kind
massive red flag so I send them a bunch of codes from coinbase this is great so
at this point I think I’ll look on coinbase again and see what’s happening and
say hey you said you’re in California but coinbase says you are in Lagos in
Nigeria yeah that’s a good question I wonder how they’ll respond to that my
platform is worldwide it’s like man I was worried for a second
there but now it’s all okay oh okay so the scammer now has the
username the password and a two-factor code for my coinbase account but when
they go to login it sends an email address to me confirming that their new
device should be trusted when I click on that link saying yes trust this new
computer I get this error here computer authorization error the IP address you
are coming from did not initiate this request please confirm from the same
connection there you go that is a great message so I tell them it says IP error
you try and same here they’re getting the error too so just when you thought
it couldn’t get any better they asked for my email account my username and
password for my email so they can log in and see it for themselves insane
red flag I thought I’d just see what they do if I say hey I
as these codes say not to share with anybody to which they respond yes but we
need to verify the account oh okay at this point I’m pretty much board
because this scammer has been trying to get in for ages filling up coinbase with
lots and lots and lots of login failures and just not getting anywhere so it’s
just sort of draw a line say no can’t share that with you I have other private
emails in there and I was just looking around and look
coinbase has a trading platform I’ll just use that but this was lots of fun
cool to see your platform the scammer has committed some time so they’re not
keen to let me go that easily and say yes it’s still good but let’s finish
this up and get you going if you want to try coinbase it’s good but I advise you
to wait and see how my platform works I bet you will be happy to use it and look
this was a very entertaining afternoon for me so I said hey thanks the
entertainment it was an obvious scam and it has been fun it’ll make a good
youtube video keep an eye out and I love the response all right I cannot do
business with you if you keep thinking like this thanks for connecting anyway
so we can see from this interaction if we followed it as deep as it goes they
were around 20 red flags any one of which in a normal situation will be
enough to help you to realize that there’s a huge problem that you need to
stop talking to this person because they’re out to scam you and the closing
thought for me really is just a huge props to coinbase I was really impressed
just at the default setup for their accounts not adding Google Authenticator
is there anything else like that that still managed to keep a scammer out even
when they had the username the password are now being forwarded the two factor
authentication tools so well done coinbase
for protecting users from themselves I was genuinely impressed genuinely
impressed thanks for watching I hope that was helpful
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  1. I love your videos bud 🙂 do you know much technical information about bitcoin? For example bitcoin script, ECC, the UTXO model, client storage, encryption, etc?

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