From ICO To STO: Security Token Vs ICO Token + STORH ETO

welcome everybody to decrypt the remaining channel if you want to learn how to build a passive income with cryptocurrencies make sure to subscribe to my channel in today's video I'm gonna talk about icos the past do they have a future and also I'm gonna talk about security tokens and why it's the next step so most of you know I SEOs so I personally also invested in a few icos currently we're in the bear market so what what what happened well you normally when you you buy an IC o—- you buy it you buy the coin super cheap so you invest into a company that hopefully will grow the coin price and then you will you should have a good return on your investment but because we're in a bear market right now all of the people that in or most of the people that invest it in I cos they didn't make any profit also most ICS or scams I'm going to show you a few articles new study says 80% of icos conducted in 2017 or scams more than half of I see us fail within four months study suggests I SEOs raised eight point three billion last quarter but most of them were abject failures the failure rate of icos is skyrocketing in 2018 why most icos will fail a cold hard truth the fact is that around 99% of all I SEOs out there will fail and that's not exaggerated – doom and gloom over the last few years thousands of cryptocurrencies have been created and over 90% of them have failed so that's why I mostly forget forgot about I SEOs I mean if you invest into a coin do you want to return on your investment and we see that with icos most of them fail and then those that succeed but then when you're in a bear market the price is still very low so then you have to wait itself maybe you have to wait a few years before you get some return on your investment etc so the next step in the world of icos is security tokens so forget about icos what are security tokens security tokens they are backed by real assets so then you really have something in your hand so you have sorts many sorts of security tokens I found a very interesting security token actually an equity token I will talk about that later in this video so what is the security token security tokens are tokens which function as a traditional security asset they represent a stake in a world created by a third party and take their value from that party success or failure distinct from an equity token in that no ownership of the underlying venture is created so equity tokens are tokens which function as the traditional stock asset they represent ownership of some third party asset or venture and take their value from that property success or failure so then you really have a stock into a company so then you really have something of value in their hands in your hands and that's that's what we want when we invest in something we want want a value and we want we want a value potential as well because when we buy a token like that we want the token to increase in price of course so a little bit more information as the SEO industry keeps getting more impactful many organizations are gaining their investors confidence by offering more security tokens through security token offerings or equity token offerings these offerings however are regulated by regulatory bodies and carefully monitors the transactions and revise the auditing process to ensure there are no fraudulent activities happening in this way these are more secure than the traditional icos so this is the next step I see oh so we'll see we'll see if they still have a future but security tokens they are the upgraded versions so as you can see here there are no it's much more secure than the traditional I see owes and that's what people need that's what people want so we're gonna talk about security tokens so the security token actually the equity token that I found is the store token so it's a new token backed by natural resources and technology so I'm a fan of nature so natural resources I love technology so that's good so this is a short summary about the store token I will give a little bit of more information about this so this is a company that will provide you with an ownership in a few cross-sector project so if you own store tokens you're the fellow owner of an oilfield in Texas USA producing out of 90 wells and as more than 20 years of known reserves midstream blending and transport opportunities with huge potential a water reclamation project a remediation project improve encompassing over 10,000 square miles with great returns patented sustainable technologies which will tap into a huge growing market so you can also you can always read the right paper the link is in the video description so when you buy a token an equity token the store equity token you you have you have something in value and if this company is successful then you will make money and also you will get dividends because this store store token will also give you dividends so not only is there a huge increase in the potential in the price of the store token you will also get dividends which are very interesting because that's that's a passive income so these are the packages that you can buy you can start you can you can also buy store tokens starting from 50 50 euros so but these are some examples the biggest package is 3500 euros you can get two times which package that I bought so let's say 3500 package will would have given you 14,000 tokens but this this were the former numbers now you can get 7,000 tokens so it's still with a huge discount because the expected price will go to 1 euro 4 euros and beyond so the expected rewards starting at $1 in the fourth quarter and moving to four dollars for euros and 10 euros it is expected that quote quarterly rewards payments to commence at the end of April 2009 teen and will average around 20 percent per annum 20 percent per year estimation of course so just imagine you buy store tokens for 3500 euros you get 7,000 tokens it's still a huge discount then at 1 euro so at the 4th quarter so M 2019 if they are at 1 euro they're already word 7,000 euros so when they go to 4 euro 2 for hero you will have 28,000 euros worth of equity tokens of security tokens backed by a real company backed by real assets in oil energy etc so at 20% 20% per annum that would give you five thousand six hundred euros per year per year just to just to hold just to hold these stocks these stocks it's it's incredible five thousand more than five thousand euros if one day they go to ten euros brace yourself brace yourselves you will have made 70,000 euros of course if you sell them at 10 euros if you keep them and for example you get a yearly dividend spades four times in a year so that then 10% a year but paid four times so at 10% will make seven thousand euros a year just by holding these coins 20% 40% a lot more of course I think this has a huge potential so this is what they expect so they the prior round to just started in March 2019 at first the coins were available for $0.25 that why I uploaded a few videos but I was only able to make this video today so I do my best to show it to you as fast as I could so round 2 is at 75 cents and then the coin price increases to 85 cents then to 1 euro and then here at the eto 1 euro the initial target is for Heroes so quarter the fourth quarter of 2009 t into the first quarter of 2020 and if one day they reach 1 billion euros of investments 1 billion euros with their with their store tokens then the price should be about 10 euros which is their ultimate target so imagine buying a coin at 75 cents which goes to ash the security token not not an IC o—- security token so it's pretty pretty secure pretty secure which goes to even which goes to even for euros and then you get paid quarterly dividend of 10 to 40% on a yearly basis so I checked out this company everything looks good the CEOs the people running it they have a track record they look very trustworthy so I believe in them if I didn't believe in then I wouldn't have bought a package I wouldn't have bought stored token so what I suggest to you is check them out yourself do your own due diligence if you say hey it looks great then you do with your money as you please but we have to be honest we're also here to make money everybody wants to reach financial freedom that's my it's my it's my goal as well not my ultimate goal but it's a very important goal so if I look at these numbers especially the with the 4 euros and the 10 euros but let's say the 4 euros even if you have an extra passive income you have stocks let's say you have stocks and you have passive income a few thousand euros a year and then you can always sell your stocks you can always sell your coins I mean that's great it's great it will be great addition to my passive income so but always do your due diligence never invest money which you can't afford to lose I'm not a financial adviser so this is no financial advice I'm just showing you my moves to reach financial freedom so the quarterly rewards will should commence at the end of April 2019 guys so soon I will be able to make videos showing you how many dividends how many coins I'm making so I'm really looking forward to that video and for the rest yeah I think I think it's a great coin I think it has a great potential but as always time will tell let me know in the video description what you think about this going have you heard about this going if you already invested in to this going I would like to know if you have any questions don't forget to read the video description and you can always comment in the comment section below and if you want to learn how to build how to build a passive income with cryptocurrencies make sure to subscribe to my channel and I will show you how I'm doing it so don't forget to drop me a like on this video and I hope to welcome well soon on the crypto mining Channel so I'll talk to you soon guys bye bye

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  1. What do you guys think of security tokens? Do you think they are the end of ICO's ? What do you think about the STORH equity token? Let me know in the comment section. Buy STORH Tokens here:

  2. So what's going to make the price of token to go up?? Will they provide documentations of the assets they own as proof?

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