Friday Night Crypto – Cryptocurrency and the Unbanked Tighten the Noose on Traditional Banks

banks currently want to have it both ways they say that they are not taking a position on legalization but they want a profit from depositing federally illegal proceeds if they want to benefit in the sales of high potency pot candies and vapes that are marketed to young demographics through social media influencers they should be consistent and argue to have those things legalized and advertised but they're not doing that because they know that their public reputation would take a hit all of this is just scratching the surface of the financial services problems caused by the federal state disconnect I haven't mentioned the problems with research or veterans access or the EPA refusing to certify pesticides for use on cannabis or the FDA's struggles to police advertising claims or the confusion created for law enforcement or any of the other myriad problems that contribute to this intolerable and untenable situation Congress simply must act all right welcome welcome to the Friday night DC TV livestream we are high and tight right now we've got Rob Mikkel Colin we've got a drew people have Ryan we got Clayton and of course we've got Kris looking good tonight I see what you did there I see what you did there let's go ahead and get a sound check it's looking good on my end what up everybody how are we doing everyone hopefully you all have your beverages yeah I got mine some adult beverages may be necessary drink alone tonight thank you I'm gonna fix that mr. haire lasagna is laughing already look at that it does look good man I gotta give you credit out of that it looks good thank you thank you oh man so how's everyone's week been going you guys are gettin busy get busy yeah it was it was interesting I did a lot of I guess perusing on some of the congressional hearings it's pretty interesting dealing with facebook and I guess the debt ceiling and also the cannabis show which you know at certain times during discussions during that hearing you could honestly insert crypto whether yeah they're talking about the government and I actually thought about it and if you think about a lot of those companies those cannabis companies they are the corporate unbanked and as a true statement but I definitely think that all the discussions about regulations and Vincent and what's happening with Facebook has definitely shined a light on the government regulations and I think they're trying to strike while the iron's hot with the safe banking legislation they're trying to get passed so it's gonna be interesting to see Congress is going to have to do something with everything hitting them once including the debt ceiling which is kind of retarded if you think about how those businesses that I just said are the corporate unbanked they literally take cash and give it to the government which is the definition of money laundering right they're putting it in they're putting it in the circulation through the government only not even through other businesses because if you're a business and you have a bank account and you deep you do business with them you run the risk of having your banking services shut down for dealing with aid illegal organization right so alright let's get this started talking about some crypto right now that price is interesting I got the ticker up anyone care to take a stab at what they think the market is doing right now sideways and down well I mean like coins going a little bit up right now which I like because the happening is happening in nine days which is true I'm keeping my eye on that as well now doges as we've said before run here's a Doge is like one of the most liquid coins out there right definitely you find those everywhere I know we're not all fans of Doge but it's definitely the popular meme coin for sure well I got no problem with Doge building something right now well we I don't know how do you how you feel about it kala he's the other he's the only one I worried about tell us how you really feel I was just saying I have no comments on Doge all right so I played what about yourself and I mean it is the mean coin I feel like it's the og mean coin okay it's the only one that's still alive after the kanye west coins Wow oh my I don't like coin yeah insert I don't mind out there either what a Pepe coin Pepe look I wouldn't touch that one no with it with a ten-foot pole but notice notice is used as like a you know a trade off when you want to get out of Bitcoin so it always costs one Doge is in Doge right so whether it's ever a thousand it's one Doge one dude why would you need a tenth of a cent like that Peter stone said I'm going to buy said he's going to buy buy like coin for two grand tomorrow ah getting that does Doge have a max supply and a having does anyone know I haven't done enough research in yeah who's done a serious dive at the Doge like looks like there were so many coins it's just like you nobody even cared to see if there was a cap to it it was just made as a joke with your trillions of coins yeah if you look at coin market cap weep you look at max apply it just says no data so I'm assuming it's gonna inflate forever because minor fees we'll never be able to pay anything so I don't know I don't know if you're really you're really looking at it as a serious investment coin that might be a challenge but it's definitely the popular meme coin and and occasionally you know it does pump that's for sure I've definitely seen Doge out of nowhere start to do damage on the market it's pretty funny well Doge is the better tether yes you know a lot of people say that yeah a lot of people say that it is a way to move something you can move because of the liquidity yeah that is true which reminds me is the stuff that I've been looking at his privacy coins actually that was kind of something that goes in tandem to what we were talking about last week you know what happens if there is a serious challenge to Big Boy John John Kim said Charlie suggested merge money but they thought he was trying to hurt the coin but it worked out what's up John Kim nice he says did you guys know that in substance did you guys know that Charlie played a big part in dough survival you know Charlie to me he doesn't seem to be very talkative that's just my opinion because he's socially awkward in the present some where that merged mining right yeah just trickles and apologies so if I'm reading this right the block reward for Doge increases over time am I getting that right boss that's interesting yeah it just keeps growing I don't know I don't know I never took a serious look at Dillards koi I mean it almost has to right so somebody to chat me let's see I just like it for the memes there's Lord when we need him no no Piazza rivers says he's got something to chat current block reward schedule one to ninety-nine thousand oh okay those are blocks I see here okay okay nice I was so okay it gets lower over time eventually all right have it yeah so that's good see people people definitely keep an eye on it and I mean honestly it's been around so long man holy cow it is like clean said it's an OG coin oh yeah litter of crypto yeah it's kind of like – man – – has been around for a long time – and there's a few others – yeah how about all those super knows you paid tens of thousands of dollars for some people I'm making money off of them yeah but a lot of people they watched your money just dash off on them don't run that cutie wallet but I mean my own question there is a Peppa coin and a Pepe Pepe cash really yes they're actually worth more than that big cash isn't really strange if you if you go look at their website it's just a bunch of peppe's and supposedly their coin is like backed by peppe's and every I don't have no idea how it works it's makes I don't tell you I know I know that they had like a Pepe crypto that was kind of like a trading card game where you've got like AI generated peppe's kind of like the looking cat thing though crypto kitties but I thought they died I don't know that sounds a little different I guess crypto kitties was actually decentralized app I don't know if that's the same or not hmm don't know but let me see getting back on the banking thing you know I feel like there's a shift in kryptos itself I don't see well this is just my opinion but I don't see the typical you know project coming out that's just a coin they're almost coming out with new projects that are actually joining or bundling themselves with a service or incorporating defy or utility with you know some of the fan groups like Facebook Amazon and Oracle and that's what seems to be popular now is coming out with actual platforms a lot more so which to me is kind of a signal that maybe we're getting closer and closer to that adoption which I definitely think is a true statement so I just wanted to ask what do you guys think are you seeing any indicators or you have any beliefs about a potential shift and what you see in the cryptocurrency definitely like Huawei just today he was coming out with their they're announcing their competitor to Libra corner so yeah well didn't the Chinese government like pressure them into doing that though yeah they did but what does it matter I mean it's it's a the one of the biggest companies in the world it's it has all the patents on 5g so that's kind of interesting is is the fact that you know China seems to be positioning themselves who kind of face off with us more and more maybe as a result of the trade wars but I know they just started up a new exchange as well as I think Alibaba is also starting another IPO over on their new exchange as well now is that Alibaba the exchange and their own coin separate from Alibaba calm because that correlation got a lot of people confused the Alibaba exchange mm-hmm-hmm my understanding it's it's actually the company that they call it the Amazon of China yeah well the other thing is coming out of China was that cryptocurrency movie called the last thieves right no I didn't see a trailer I know there was one that came out not too long ago that looked kind of sad does this one looked like his decent this one looks pretty decent and I'm actually surprised that China's letting them make the film really interesting well what I was interested about lately here this week was in Iran that the tariffs they were starting those the trade tariffs with Bitcoin you see that in this didn't see it there but Iran also basically said that mining is a legitimate business now yeah I did hear that I miss them they set the fees now for what the electric rates will be they've completely completely regulated as like a legitimate business wow that's huge from the Central Bank of Iran Wow yeah that's pretty nice I mean it's it's tough to do that here considering you know your mine and then if you want to take what you're you're mine he rewards and you want to mama yeah well thing we've got Bitcoin right that's right that's the regulation right and that's kind of the fear I think that's going to have to be faced by the privacy coins if they yeah well I mean it's it's all about the transactions right they've instituted the requirement that they want to know the sender and the receiver in every crypto transaction with that being said that kind of puts pressure on anyone trying to do it Dex right it's pressure on anyone doing privacy coins right wallet wallet software designers to I mean what happens if they pass into legislation like every single crypto currency wallet has to maintain some sort of kyc or external ledger that verifies like identity it's possible yeah yeah but what would we do if if your wallet required kyc I mean people would obviously most people would would work around it they wouldn't they would just download something that didn't have that in there but that doesn't stop them from making the law like what my paper wallet does not require kyc well I think most people would just be like okay that's how we do this well why do you I don't think that the US Congress can force code implementations on to Bitcoin core and if everyone's just downloading Bitcoin core which is like Bitcoin software by definition you'd still be able to use it non KYC well going with that logic right there you also wouldn't think that they could force you to buy health care either get fine for not happy not anymore not anymore they've took that away the mandates are well California now reinstating it so that they could pay for health care for the illegals but that's different story altogether I I did see a thing on Reddit how a bunch of people are getting letters from the IRS right now apparently people think it was like a coin base audit or something and they're just sending out letters to the vast majority of people who trade cryptocurrency but this is according to the reddit narrative I don't I I didn't get a letter I don't know if anybody here gonna let it know basically certainly apparently they went to like over 10,000 people recently and they're gonna do it more and like they're coming much as well for like that cactus what was the parameters like somebody who had bought in early or if they had made you know X number of dollars I mean you know the letters aren't really specific they basically just say hey we know you own cryptocurrency and we don't think you did your taxes right so stand by that they wonder like MnPASS returns and pay back taxes interest and ultimately penalties so they're finding they're somehow finding these transactions taking place and tracking down the person who owns the currency and then finding where they live and then sending them a letter don't know how they're doing it but interesting well hmm I seen that a ver Queen so everybody cannon over there at the marketing team over coin they applied for a Duns a Duns number and it got approved so now they can submit software to like Microsoft and Apple so they can use like the one-click minor can be submitted to Microsoft as an advil a quotation being flagged as a virus every time you try to choose right with yeah that's huge mister in the mining world because you know that means oh I can install this miner and never gonna have a problem with it because it's not gonna hit with Microsoft you know shield interesting yeah apples kind of joconi in on their on their rigs for that Apple store no kuhnian yeah yeah I mean I control technology sell it for premium Apple that's same company right well I mean you know there's their companies on there and they're taking a third of their revenue that they're they're generating off of the App Store which is kind of crazy man when you think of just software it's kind of crazy so I put in a chat than anyone get a letter I heard about it but I didn't read the article fully because I think I saw it today and I was getting ready for the stream I heard about that today so let's see who's Harrah's on you say it not me not me forgot the wallets – because / coins are for wallet just like big plans are for wallet so it'll be official app on the store so they can do it for there and then so so common what were you saying about crypto on your phone did you I thought you put that on chat who has crypto on their phone you're still muted Colin oh I asked why anybody would do that because someone said if you put if you have your crypto on your phone it's already KY seed what I mean who keeps who keeps crypto on their phone well Samsung seemed to think it was a good idea so people like in emerging nations use those you know like a trade crypto like an Africa and stuff over their phones through text messages and whatnot probably yeah didn't even like are they it'll use case for sure do they even give a shit about you I see though I know really yeah I mean yeah I don't know another thing I saw in the news today Equifax has been ordered to pay a seven hundred million dollar settlement to part of it goes to consumers it's not all the consumers yeah after it equates to one hundred and twenty-five dollars go to the web be able to get $125 for free and I will say good luck with that because I I got my I made it I made $125 today I said trying your dad wasn't breached I was like oh so the only people know it said yeah your stuff's just been leaked but I did I didn't go through the process I tried to I've been the last six digits of your social and then I will say yes or no yeah it's super quick cuts on Equifax calm how'd you get paid how do you get paid I they're gonna they're gonna send me a check in here yeah check or like prepaid Visa well done you said in five years right you know like yeah I I tried to make claims on a classic class-action lawsuit once and I got all kinds of confusing letters back basically saying I hadn't provided enough information and that the time for me to claim my reimbursement had already passed and I got those like six months after I submitted the claim for the class-action benefits so it's like oh the benefit from class actions or lawyers yeah you know if you do get paid great but don't expect it Wow mr. Harry lasagna said he took Equifax to small claims well nice yeah that's pretty good Wow so he he didn't go with the class accent he just took him it took him itself that's pretty good hmm yeah I mean that's like a small little slap on the wrist and then they're back to business as usual yeah that that is a true state it's like it's like Facebook's fine this week you know they gotta find five billion dollars but that's not even a month's worth of revenue for them they don't give a shit you're gonna keep going business as usual and keeping your data out there and selling your data and you know that kind of stuff it's not gonna change anything they just know that they can operate in a certain manner and still make a ton of profit like they even put that into their earnings call that they were going to they expect it three to five billion dollar fines like who does that ya know in the financial world that's called the cost of doing business so like it really is that's what's going on the risk don't do anything to deter people call or change their business practices oh man that's funny but it's true it's true that's that's a drop in a bucket for them man like you said that's about a month's revenue yeah and it's bad that you know you have companies like that that can just absorb that kind of stuff and just keep moving but I don't I don't know if that impacts you know their cryptocurrency that they're trying to work on though you know the government does that intentionally right I mean you know they put on a big show that oh this is illegal nobody can do this well if businesses can operate at a level where they're still profitable doing that as long as the government gets their cut that's all that needs to be done biggest gangster organization out there it's it's its racketeering you know its racketeering its protection money right right yeah what you're doing is illegal doing it as long as you give us a percentage hmm yeah and then they have their enforcers in all their little areas you know FBI agents police part that's interesting so I mean the people when the people complain and then cause the government to go after it then they're essentially just making sure the government gets paid right when we're the ones that suffer yep so in the long run yeah so I think there's actually projects crypto projects that are coming out that would help I guess the people control their IDs and their identities and you know when they get into situations where they do have to supply the PII or the personal identification information and you have to give that up but if you have you know cryptographically secure identifications I think there's some project coming out I don't know anything off the top of my head but I think that was a good application I actually talked about with a guy I worked with a couple years ago so I just a good alternative to like Facebook I don't know if Clayton knows anything about like a competitor that might be coming out a competitor to just social media in general you know I mean it's a good option who's losing a leg right now the training element I would say like eToro but it's not as social you know it's more focused on trading and and you know seeing what other people are doing into space in terms of money but you can't really communicate with people very well I don't think there's as like well as designed platform you know in the the decentralized space like us right now there's definitely like again yeah I was kind of let's not fall there now in the time that we've been talking just now and now is silence I just filed and I'll be getting my 125 no pretty three minutes is four minutes yeah we should we should make a bet to see who gets it first probably you guys considering I just started I bet you guys a hundred I did it like yeah yeah that's a bet yeah triple or nothing whoever get theirs first good I bet you I'm last place I bet so so you tried it and your years wasn't compromised no mine was compromised I tried it said hey thanks for trying Dan really that's like really I'm the only freaking person in America yeah that's really yeah don't we everyone everyone I gave the link to able to get it my fiancee said hey let's get free money I was like yeah that's not working for me Thanks Wow well the good news is that if you actually were fighting and four against identity theft and all that stuff and you paid and you know all these different you have paperwork trails you can actually claim that and actually get more than 125 yeah which is which is fine at all but since I did absolutely nothing and was really not affected whatsoever I'm glad I just take the money yep same here yeah it's I don't believe that anybody's informations like not compromised it's all out there yes oh it's been compromised so many times if you've been in the military yeah yeah you're gonna trigger me man don't don't don't start one person freaking going postal in the Tagum office they don't delete anything man they do not delete anything it drives me nuts they don't that's considering when you're trying to find something it's never there I know right it's never there but it's your information got hacked but they do like that movie that movie hackers was very you know prophetic in the sense that like he went to the garbage file to find all the good stuff which is kind of like how how the military works you like you don't look work which would make sense to be you look in the garbage and there just speaking out and you so so I wanted to respond to the chat bots River said that he said do not borrow and you won't have any data to steal from the credit companies not necessarily true that's that was my response and like I wish it worked like that yeah there there's so many things that if you don't have any credit it makes things difficult it really does because that's actually a way for them to discriminate against you if you have bad or no credit I mean it's sad to say that but that is just a fact yeah try buying a house yeah I buying a car yeah try buying I get a house man with no credit that ain't gonna work at all unless you can pay cash up front for the whole damn thing yeah I guess if you got cash up front then let me know we can make a deal right yeah some states you can't even get utilities in your house without a credit check that is true yeah that is true it doesn't matter how much money you make well yeah they'll still credit check and then they'll still require a deposit yeah yeah you can't give them your debit card information for that you actually need a credit card so so I wanted to follow up on the the thing I was triggered on this is particularly free for you Colin did you still have the I'm just saying this the dear system once you're in you're in you will never be removed yep he knows what I mean which is funny Murat huh said canon showed up you must him the easier burner we talked about earlier yeah because I mean you know I've got family never served in the military but they're in that military system and they're still there never to be removed let me see I missed a lot of chat so you guys can let me know if I miss anything spectacular those guys put out some good information in the chat I see him bit native um yeah he says when you do a credit check it says has no data I just filled out my thing for their 325 bucks – I would imagine our spouses can do it – so how would have you yeah absolutely mmm yeah that's a true statement because the each social security number is treated as a individual I guess credit reporting identity that is a fact yeah how it works for like your business credit it depends on what business credit bureau you have Duns and Bradstreet is one and there's actually another one and it's it's totally different and they they go on a grading system it's not the typical you have a score yep totally different it usually takes a while to yeah yeah I haven't I haven't even bothered looking for my business credit situation because I'm not trying to leverage anything did you sign up for the credit builder in Duns no no no you don't have credit thing yeah basically I've read through like briefly just like what it requires to build credit it requires your pound of flesh to pay them off right yeah yeah that's what it requires all right so mr. Harrell Sonia says takes less than a year to go from a 550 to a 750 score when you're rebuilding yeah it can go the other direction a lot faster actually you have like a shitty ex-girlfriend or something that's just on your bills or whatnot oh yeah that's the thing is I always say this about credit reporting agencies guilty till proven innocent and that is a fact you're guilty till proven innocent the same with the IRS and asset forfeiture yeah yeah yeah so so that was one of the things that was so funny and I guess I was thinking you know about the hypocrisy of it the cannabis businesses going and paying quarterly taxes and paying it in cash and of course they go and they pay the IRS and could you imagine going and paying for your taxes with suitcases of 1.3 million dollars and then to top it off you can't file electronically so you have to do it in paper too and then it takes days just to count all that money it's just I don't know I don't get it man it's so messed up right now the focus the government has on some of the things those money counting missions yeah even with money counting machines if you walk in there with a million dollars it's gonna take you a minute or two because you're gonna have to do the paperwork so Alan cryptocurrency be a solution if you couldn't unboard that cash somewhere to get crypto I would say that again what I would cryptocurrency be a solution yeah how would be solution if you can't onboard find a partner in your business that you can in a state that allows them to pay taxes in crypto technically would never you laundry yeah that's what I was gonna say I don't think cryptocurrency would solve anything until they resolve the issue of the legalities of them saying it's illegal federally but accepting illegal drug money for the federal government that's the problem well they knew take drug money all the time from the pharmaceutical industry no I said illegal right yes said during a drug they're taking drug money already so [Laughter] that's true that's true it's a good point what were you saying around or when they seized the assets from people doing illegal activities Yeah right if you've ever been to Miami you know they're accepting drug money I can either confirm or deny Miami was built on drug ready of course yeah you watch cocaine Cowboys you get the whole story hey Kayla Kayla's it a check yes brick was laid once nipple at a time all right so Kayla's into chat now some Mexican Charlie Lee should show up here in a minute oh so uh in Arizona you can pay your taxes mm-hmm you can do that here in Sonoma County what encrypt oh yeah yeah that's true that's true we were the first one in the States but it would still be you'd have to onboard that cache some to get the crypto right if you can't use a bank then how are you gonna get it on the system yeah I don't know cash really we go uncle bitcoins and get some guy arrested like hey I got some money on some of your stuff so I can pay taxes well the guy in Miami got arrested for mom can't fall asleep she can join I don't know what's the holdup guys yeah so that guy in Miami he was he was uh running an illegal exchange yeah since Lee that's what he was doing yeah he's run out of these illegal exchange got arrested so uh I forgot what I was gonna say oh I know what I'm gonna say so I don't know if money's gonna mean anything with the current rate that the deficit is growing that was another thing that happened this week holy cow man it's getting really ridiculous as far as the deficit and I guess we essentially don't even have a ceiling anymore right now what ceiling yeah and the Fed was quoted saying like the US government will never default because they'll just print more money I forget which guy it was but it was his actual quote that's is that all you need to do is just keep written it you'll never default holy cow I mean that's the thing is I guess every dollar they print right that is a promise that taxpayers are gonna pay it back because that what is that I works til there's a revolution Americans don't have the balls for so I'm not real worried about it but yeah I think we're we passed that cuz at a certain point the debts kind of come to bear because I look at the global bond market it's red all across the board like global bond yields are red all over the world return rates right there yeah like 25% of bonds on the global market or negative yielding and we only like we only have what like three percent to work with in this country now so you can bet they're gonna keep cutting rates because they're gonna have to and you can bet they're gonna ramp up QE again soon and start buying back more debt eventually like this this systems not gonna keep floundering like it is I mean haha what is it good well exactly well you can cut indefinitely if you're willing to go negative on yield right as long as you're willing to make it to where the banks can charge you for holding your money in their vaults you know they're it's it's a scam that they are not even capable of paying back any of the loans I mean they are well beyond the idea that they're supposed to have so much Fiat on hand to back up a percentage of the loans so that they can pay the loans back if they had I mean we had we had like a millennium of stable lending rates like if you go back and look at data out of the UK like it goes all the way back to like the 1400s stable lending rates for four centuries and then up until 1971 when we ended the gold standard you know when Bretton Woods collapsed that our global bond yields just went nuts like they went up really really high and then they tank down really really low and now they're trending towards zero or below just expect that to continue like it people you know there's like this misconception that I think a lot of Americans have that bonds are like safe low-risk high-yield investment maybe not high-yield but safe low-risk investment and it's just a way to safeguard your money good luck well I had I had my dad explained it to me that you put your money into a a bond this way when you put 20 bucks in and the government inflates it let's say they inflate you know hotter bucks on to it you know so you're gonna have a hundred dollars worth of inflation on to the twenty dollars it's you put into your bra but it's like whenever I stay up here and did the math and I'm like the the the way that they're printing money and stealing from you doesn't match up and he will her what a certain point we the US government won't even be able to afford to pay loan servicing costs on their existing debt it's gonna reach a point where annual revenue for the US government isn't even enough to cover interest costs on the existing debt and that's that's not that far off especially at the rate we're spending then there are the only thing they're gonna be able to do is what every other country has done before them and that's hyperinflation they're gonna print their stuff and make it they're gonna make shit coins just an outright outright currency reset total debt total debt forgiveness and you know it yeah Jubilee or whatever yeah you know in a case of like let's say the US government declares bankruptcy right and and liquidate that all that really means is that the the citizens of the world right because it's not only u.s. citizens who buy American debt there now defrauded on their on their Arab payment that's all it really means well it means a lot more than just that again probably war with several nations yeah I'm not talking about like the second order China's gonna want their money well China's in more debt than well not more debt but China's debt to GDP ratios worse than ours yeah I know but China also owns most of the US is debt and if it's hey it's not sure most of the u.s. is debt is owned by private private investors well the point being if we ever default on it they can actually go after our land yeah but that won't happen oooh presto said outright debt forgiveness is all they got yeah America has more guns than any other like we have like 50 percent of guns on the planet like what China come over and try to take the bland okay right good look I paid for those damn guns and blood sweat and tears wasn't talking about invasion have to take the land to take it away from people you just we're gonna see if they nuke it by me they're gonna see a 74 she fell with the reminiscence of me across the hood baby you know I I won't believe that the US will go into like a civil war or defend itself from you know any kind of invader anymore unless I see something like some sort of sign like you know depending on what happens in area 51 on September 20th there's some shit like that are actually gonna storm the gates there five people are gonna show up wearing furry costumes the other three they're gonna be cosplaying something else and then there's gonna be like four guys and like tactical vests and stuff like ready to go forget the Burning Man the US Air Force actually issued an official warning I thought this was hilarious because in what timeline do we live we're like a nation's armed forces issues a polite reminder that you should not storm military bases like the US Air Force actually issued a public statement warning people not that it was a bad idea well what timeline is this show up with a million people with drones and just send all of them are crossed drones with cameras here is our testing ground for the most high-tech in best weapons in the world and you're gonna go there with what you know possible that will work are like seven ten miles out like you can't get anywhere with an visibility of like or whatever it is oh yeah when you're like coming near the property they knew that the the flea that was actually on their property farted yeah but if they narrow to run then that's true you can dodge bullets well if they get Keanu Reeves on their side that it's all over right yeah no reason there you know but that's neither here nor there the weapons are so immense now there will there won't be a large global scale war because didn't you guys see the movie wargames there's no winner the only winning move is to buy Bitcoin with that way I was I thought it was get nine o'clock but I was Tim innocent no no no no man we can all night talk about Bitcoin right right it would have been a good ending point the only one you know that no that's it is when you think about it I mean we can't we can't go to war with one of the major superpowers that's just not going to end well for anybody it's just not it is not at all so we're gonna just keep doing skirmishes with people we can beat up it's just a fact we just fine find someone we could beat up cash in on it and move out that's what it is you know it seems like America is like most crypto holders they don't have an exit plan they just go there they're like oh we'll leave eventually well I'll leave on the next bull run we we do have a tendency to stick around a lot longer than it seems like it's needed that's for sure and unfortunately you know it's a lot of the youth that suffers from that yeah apparently Ferris says that she's running up in VR over 10k yeah I saw that you know the tickers been running it was red when we started it is mean and green right now so that's a good shit in the bed like 195 taking a dump though Kayla wants to know if we were on the rails or author we haven't actually had a we haven't been on the rails you haven't had a coherent conversation the entire time what what rails is the jockey we're going offroad okay let me see what else crystal say yes do you guys see presto sky life do the Navy is sitting ducks yeah unfortunately I I kind of tend to believe that part where we're very reactive more than proactive we take very long to really get things done sometimes takes a long time to turn a battleship right don't get me started get me triggered on that one freaking out okay all you and Elka I don't know anything about it they're crashing in their edom and dude they sent me to pound sand with the Marines the whole dadgum time I was never on the ship so my Navy we didn't just run into crap it's loud over it watch it it was like oops we won I don't know what the hell they're doing out there now they're just running into stuff and man I seriously don't understand how some of that stuff happens man because you know at all times on a war vessel you have people's station to watch stuff I think somebody's trying to honestly get that lone survivor earring I don't know and to just drift into a day I'm tanker it just makes no sense whatsoever because you can't say you know you missed it you can't miss a tanker but it is what it is maybe they just feel that the you know military has the right of way to do anything that they feel like so the tanker was technically in the military's way did they hit during the daytime hours at night it doesn't matter they have an excuse just like the Titanic they have instruments for that but maybe they were like watching the Titanic they were like you know it would be so romantic if we hit something we were like yeah I just don't see it I mean you bored of those ships right that shouldn't happen in a rowboat yeah nonetheless a sophisticated stay the art warship there's just no way it should happen at all didn't happen nowadays that's for sure yeah exactly it's like come on and was sleeping at the wheel there is no wheel oh oh oh someone else is getting triggered you're my father's teach me the way of Bitcoin ooh that kind of kind of makes me feel like Darth Vader I don't like that here's your shilling XRP to the poor guy here's your answer YouTube ten days of Bitcoin there you go this yep definitely let's see if Kayla link that one like boss River was saying Bitcoin dot or and then look up the white paper and read it like three or four times it will blow your mind definitely click that link that Caleb posted blue barn farms echo chambers Cohen's podcast definitely take a look at this about that call oh yeah so so here's a question for you if the IRS is sending out letters and notices to people about crypto is it safe to say that you know if you work for someone that pays you and bitcoin is that safe to say yeah if you if you work for an organization that you get paid in crypto I guess is it safe to say I guess it is if you do your taxes right well the agency said that their mailing what's called education letters education yeah so what are they get who the IRS said that according to coin desk so there's a better first warning thank you no but I I mean it's not like you know demanding it's like the first time they've ever done something like this the education is they're telling you to get the Vaseline ready you try to sugarcoat that it's not working well I I actually work for the IRS okay so so it's it's a warning letter or is it education well they're calling application letter but I feel like it's a warning letter because it's literally just talking about requesting to pay for back taxes and penalties and stuff that you didn't you know you they you know even know you yeah yeah but it seems like since of 10,000 it's probably people that have been moving a lot of money around you know from exchange to people 30,000 are above but my volume traders yeah it might be easy they're looking at for the they're going up through the easy fish right now a big big people so if all you're doing is buying and buying and buying you never cash out you know if to worry about it just yet but but calling it it depends if you trade if you trade or swap then you're gonna owe capital gains right because the way that they're they're trying to look at it is like how taxes I mean how stocks are where in order to move 1 stock to the other you have the Fiat intermediary and that process where you get to a stop so yeah they're they're hopeful it's like I hate deceased what was gonna happen huh yeah calling calling it education though is this like 1984 news speak nonsense yeah is it specifically addressed to you personally yeah I would at whom they didn't show an example letter so there's three variants of the letter there's one that basically says hey you might have filed your taxes incorrectly you might want to go back and check and then another one that says hey what we think you filed your taxes incorrectly prepare and then another one that says hey you filed your taxes wrong we're coming for you like that no no that's like a is the underlying depending on there's three different form codes I'd have to look him up there was like six one something one is like a – a and one is the next number in the sequence and depending on which form you got kind of determines the severity of what they've got on you so so someone pointed out that we glaze totally over something that was said and it was Clinton in his statement that he works for the IRS if I work for the IRS I would get fired again and probably the IRS so speaking of yen what's happening uh things are happening like the george RR martin you know joe like you know the next book is coming now platinum dolphin is going to be released definitely early september hopefully a little bit earlier but yeah that's what this overweight on so we're almost there we're pretty sure we're going to start testing with a few select people and like I like core employees in mid-august um so so yeah things are happening I volunteered yeah that's definitely definitely but hopefully getting the majority of the bugs out and going completely live with it in September for sure across the platform and that's the one minute spill all right faster faster faster chat you know better group pages more group pages no yeah I like so much different UI yep yeah all you are but I'm what I'm most excited about though is it's a pastor chat because i chat with about 400 different people site a chat with like three people because I'm just not yeah yeah it's easy if you do a chat with like three people you know you know you don't like the you know the three or four second load up time each time you want to refresh it is that is that more of a problem promoting or on desktop it if you have a lot of chats open right now it's a little slow but that would be exponentially the speed will exponentially increase once we roll the new new feature out Brian if you want to speed it up clear out the 300 tabs of on you got on your internet on your phone every tab he's got open man he's got that damn thread Ripper he's good he is good Oh Brian I did get my my June 3 end man oh I got it in and put it together and freaked out cuz that first power up dude it took a while for that first power up to to launch I don't know what the deal is with that but yeah issue izing everything on the board yeah come on come on yeah eight once it wants to sit there and check that everything is there in in place like it needs to be and it's like whoa whoa you're going to slow down this is greatness yeah no well that's the thing is if they gave you some because there's built on Diagnostics LEDs if it at least lit up one of those I would have felt better but with nothing lights up and you're just sitting there okay the ceiling fans not spinning what the heck yeah but it is what it is it's up and running we got it we got a monster in the house yeah well I had to put Windows on it so still works out with moat with XMR stack I know you know I haven't used X mr sztyc I've got somebody that is using it and I'm almost wanting to download it so that I can help them configure everything on it yeah it's just a process man you have to put so much on it to get it where it's really functional and comfortable to use yeah but you don't have to do sudo app update you you never usually have to you can use synaptic or you can actually go into the UI that's built in whatever flavor whatever it is and they always have a software manager so you can just say update everything right search for whatever and install it my thing was install reboot install reboot install install okay use it use it use it oh it just flagged me for an update I'd rather get done because it you know come back and then it's rebooted itself oh I forgot to change the setting so it won't force reboot yeah oh that's the soft one hmm yeah oh I gotta go change the network setting so I can see anything yeah you're gonna get me triggered on that too so I'll stop man all right so so yeah we definitely over an hour you guys you guys have anything else cool that we should definitely throw out here in the chat see if anyone in the chat or if you guys want to talk about it let me see 30 seconds for them to respond right I gotta catch up well you you guys too you got something you want to throw out there I can go ahead and throw out an update I was trying to get some interviews for the DCA Friday podcast and the interview that I have is going to be postponed to next this coming Wednesday so there is known brand new episode but I wanted to go ahead and thank everybody who has been listening to the podcast the last episode the interview with Murphy and sorry has just shot up to the top of my leaderboard so thank you very much nice like a whale the best listener one had like 22 listens and his jumped up to like 46 like everybody's been listening to it so if you haven't yet please do definitely check it out making money is one of the trendsetters for surely for sure every time everybody wants to know about making money if you need filler just hit me up well that that's what car that that's the interview with Google car on sorry this is his little brother riff raff a that's the one that ended up being the the big interview Wow nice all right there thanks for everybody in a chat if you haven't hit the like button already go ahead and hit the like button smash the likes definitely stay tuned for tomorrow join us here or Friday night in the mines right yeah well you know lay down mines on Saturday oh yeah nice Friday today's makes up you know but yeah join us tomorrow night late nights in the mine Saturday me nemesis will be there we're actually gonna have a friend on who's in the chat right now in the Farias we're gonna have him on just Jen up about what's going on all that good stuff so join us tomorrow guys right should be fun yo I have one last thing I have been blind away at doge lord calm so it's almost ready so if you guys want go ahead and you know sign up for the newsletter and definitely stay tuned for some really cool merch oh nice you said doors those Lord mmm links into the chat box here we go yeah speaking of a million tabs that's what I got going right now how many tabs alright alright so since we already beat Clayton up on yen unless you got anything else to add I do not um I'm actually still I feel like jet lag from my flight was so enthused that I like touched up at work I'm like feel like man it's like 9 I shouldn't be tired but I am but but yeah nothing much had I mean we still we have the meetup global meetup happening on the 28th of September if you're interested in getting involved definitely DMV onion worse than me an email I'll put that in the chat but other than that platinum dolphin is coming out late August and so we're super excited for that but link in the description in the chance you can check Clayton out at or just google his social security number that's right my phone number is 9 1 1 yeah you came in here you said that but yeah let that would slide by – we almost did did because you know I think that first time you came in the chat and we were talking and I was talking about you know what I was doing and and the work I've been doing getting my business up and going and you're like well is it a legal business you know it illegal no I would be here on chat talking about yeah that's real smuggler my cover you know Clayton has not been blessed with the wrench has anyone here have the ability only Peter can do that yeah well Peter doesn't love you as much as he loves us so have to go to the Peter gonna become a quartermaster that's right all right we got to stop pick it up actually I think Kayla's working on she's got someone that's coming in a week or so or two am I gonna spoil it but she's working on it I do know that so that would be good coming to we're coming here yep coming to the live stream so that's gonna be awesome so how to stay awake for that now because she said she was too tired to chime in today it's not well I definitely know the crying man she's busy she's expanding she's broadening her business as a candle and it's being burned on both ends yeah I mean I haven't even started a ramble about my dealings this week but I had to deal with the government the US Patent Office and working on trademarks yeah that was big fun oh yeah it's somebody patented something close to what you've got well we'll see we'll see to find out yeah yeah so we'll see when the search comes back but yeah it's all part of the launch I got going on so I'm definitely happy about that and continuing the grind man and definitely a lot of what I'm doing is directly attributed to a lot of what I learned from the people here in this community and support from this community so I appreciate everybody for tuning in Friday night for the Friday night DC TV livestream anybody else want to go we're gonna go go gone got a green out at moon boy TV or Netflix and kill calm and I cover a lot of horror content and it's about to ramp up like crazy because the haunt scene is starting so I'm gonna be covering a lot of the local haunts in the southeast area of the United States as well as some more in-depth coverage of Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios yo what time do you do the Netflix and kill it's just gonna be basically random whenever I had a time right now I'm so slammed with getting howling Hornets off the ground bit it's really gonna be whenever I can find that Oh right I forgot that time of year for you man roof yep that is cool though holy cow that is definitely a cool job man you're 41 days out right now so you you get any new PM's I know you were slammed cuz you're PM's weren't there no yet yeah we've got a one kind of maybe two weeks out if these signs contract but no Wow Wow one-legged man story there right one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest all right thank you with the nubs I saw your post Rob yep Tuesday night's 9 p.m. on YouTube over at digitality live streams where we do reviews that are picked by the viewers so that's gonna be Tuesday and we do that every Tuesday yep all right I guess you guys will be back tomorrow on Saturday in the mind with a special guest that's in the chat all right all right we're rolling out guys have a good night everyone eats out guys peace

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